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What's the point of backing in their cars?

Posted by Gone2Hell at December 2, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Environment

I live in an "upscale" neighborhood where the houses are anywhere from $300 to $500,000. Last year the neighbor directly beside me rented out his house to a black family of four. I don't have anything whatsoever against blacks in particular but I don't like anyone who doesn't take care of their property! They constantly have their rap music blaring in their cars, don't cut the grass and don't own a weedeater. They allow newspapers to pile up in the driveway/yard. The property has gone down a lot since they moved in and obviously effects my property value.
Their garage faces the four windows of my bedroom. They come in/out at all hours and they MUST back their damn cars in! Wtf? They spend more than five minutes backing up, readjusting, backing up until they can get the car in the garage - in a space it was clearly not designed for. What's the point? Isn't is SO much easier to pull in the garage when you come home and back out, drive off when you leave? I just don't get it! Why do black folk have to back their cars in? Crazy! They don't consider their headlights blaring into my bedroom windows at all hours, the loud music which intensifies between two brick walls etc. I HATE THEM because they are inconsiderate idiots who could care less about the property they are renting much less the rest of us who actually own the houses here.


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By anonymous at 07,Jan,12 06:16

u fucking suck dick... nobody cares about ur upscale rich problems. people are suffering in this terrible economy worldwide and all you can think about is your greedy self-indulging lifestyle. nobody cares that your mercedes got hit. and its so obvious your racist by just mentioning " I don't have anything whatsoever against blacks in particular BUT".. but what?/ you're a fuckin racist . i hope those blacks terrorize u haha

By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 17:56

Uh... First of all, I'm black and just by you categorizing all of us as having to back our cars in was racist or at least somewhat prejudice. I park my car whichever is best depending on the situation I'm in. I don't always park my car backwards. Secondly, it shouldn't matter that they're black. That was a specific detail that you could have left out and still vented about your problem and it still would have been the same story. Them leaving their newspapers in the yard and not taking care of their yard has nothing whatsoever to do with their race. It could just as easily be a white family. I'm sorry about your predicament but it sounds like you need to just need to grow a pair and address the issue.

By anonymous at 28,Feb,12 13:33


By anonymous at 10,May,12 14:33

Oh, boo hoo. There are people losing their houses and their jobs. You call this a PROBLEM? Get a grip. I suggest you end this little tea party and be THANKFUL that you live in an UPSCALE neighborhood, with the nice things that you have.

By anonymous at 25,Jul,12 12:08

This seems to be a case in which the home owner made a bad choice in choosing the applicant. Or, perhaps a property management company that didn't care as much. Hopefully the homeowner will take these actions in consideration and not renew the lease.

By anonymous at 30,May,13 10:22

No good drug dealin' niggers move into upscale communities and fuck it up. Just like THEY do in the hood. If I were you, I would gather all of my neighbors and start a petition or anything that will get THOSE assholes outta there. If you don't pretty soon there will be roaches, rats, and other rodents crawling all around.

By Hombres & Mujer New Balance 574 at 04,Oct,14 23:09

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