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Posted by liddy at December 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Family  Justice  Poverty

Well for starters, I am typing this off the public library computer about 8 miles from my parents existance. Parents- dont have any- dead as far as im concerned.

My fiance just got put in jail and is looking at 10-30 years in prison. Once he was taken to jail I lost our apartment. My parents will not take me in and will not even answer the phone for me. My son was taken from my custody when he was only 5 1/2 weeks old. He is 9 months almost 10 now and I am pregnant again. I am homeless, have no money, no food and nowhere to sleep. I have a bookbag and a blanket, dont even have a jacket, now tell me my life doesnt suck!

Im not asking for a pitty party, just letting everyone know that just because your parents dont let you do this or that or school is stressful, think again, because does it really suck? Are things the worst they could be? Nope, not even for me. Im sure theres still someone out there who is worse off than me.

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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Jan,12 20:10

It sounds like you have made some poor choices and your parents are tired of helping you fix them. It is time for you to stop the drugs or whatever thing has put you in this situation. There is no time like the present to clean up your act. You are young. You are having a baby. You may not be in a position to take care of your child but there are wonderful, loving couples out there who would do anything to be able to have a baby. Perhaps you can focus on your children instead of yourself and try to do what is best for them. Be a responsible person. Your parents will probably be thrilled to be back in your life if you turn it around. If that sounds harsh, I apologize. By your grammar, I infer that you are relatively bright and have the opportunity to turn things around if you really try. Best of luck to you.

By anonymous at 08,Jan,12 21:20

YOU made your bed YOU sleep in it..
By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 20:58

who ever u are ` youre a rude selfish person, n i sure hope u hand over ur entire savings account n wallet 2 the next desperate person u see, ur judgement 4rm god will have my hatefull grin on ur rude comment, "YOU made your bed YOU sleep in it.." some beds have un welcomed guests ass whole, i guess i should re=phrease that ass whole part cause most likely u r a aboeis fat nasty stinky bitch trying to degrate some1 else just because u yourself r a disgrase........
By anonymous at 10,Jan,12 12:04

You also made your bed so you sleep in it too. And YOU ALSO JUST PUT A CURSE ON YOURSELF..YOU HIPOCRITE..
By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 22:14


By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 12:03

You need to stop hating yourself and learn to love yourself .
Take control of your life and stop looking for others to take care of you .
Do you not know if you have sex you have a 50 chance of getting pregnant ?
If your child was taken away then it means your not a good parent .
So now this poor baby is going to have to deal with your sins .
Stop having sex
Go to a shelter and ask for help
Turn to God for God is the only one who can save you !!

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 20:54

been there, im fighting more now, expecially 4 my kids, re-read what u wrote............... how much of it was sorrows on u n ur junkie b.f.????????????? god bless ur un-born baby, n bless ur baby that was taken, im not saying it is fair its not, i got 2 kids lost n found heart, seriously ur actions speak louder than words, ive slept on the bathroom floor of the grocery store many times n fyi i was 14yrs old, da' plenty of ppl have it worse off, be thankful 4 the blanket n spot to rest, stop the greed n maybe you'll see, it is very hard 2 feel important, but hunny u r more important than any 1 judging you, ur heart is abvioudsly big u been sucked in by negative prison guys, n so on, YOUR LIFE DOES NOT SUCK!!! become a grater n more knowledgable person 4rm ur expierence's, move on, n protect urself n ur babys, xoxo

By anonymous at 04,Feb,12 00:33

Good Luck ma'am

By anonymous at 05,Jun,12 00:01

how come you pregnant again? I used to eat ramen noodle for 5 only a dollar I got jacket from salvation army for a dollar. To get a dollar I just dancing on the park .. just keep USA foodbank is everywhere. If you have internet access you will find a way..

By Mir at 27,Nov,12 14:57

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