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im still young

Posted by Doblado at December 7, 2011
Tags: Independent circumstances  2011 December  Family  Juvenile problems

I'm only sixteen and for the most part Ive had a great life. But not at the moment. I know the beginning of my story may seem not bad at all, but keep reading. A few months ago my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me and I still love her. At the same time my parents began routinely fighting and are now getting a divorce. While this was happening, the biggest role model and best friend I have in life, my brother, became addicted to heroine. Eventually he was put in treatment but recently relapsed and got a DUI while at it. My family that used to be so happy is falling apart. My best friend outside of my family tells me that he considers killing himself everyday and is thinking up new ways to do it. This puts me in a hard position and I can't persuade him to get help. My other friend Dev died last week in a car accident. My nest closest friend Brian, was diagnosed with cancer in his rectum a few days ago. I try my hardest to cry but i can't even force myself. All my emotions are inside me but i have no way to get them out. I thinking I am becoming depressed and drugs have become more appealing. My life is pretty fucked up at this point.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 23:01

I'm really sorry about these things that have happened to you. I was, once, in a very similar situation and had a similar state of mind. I'm older now, 31 years old. My life is much better. I tried different escapes, much like you are. I tried drugs. I broke a lot of hearts. I quit a lot of jobs. But I woke up one day, and I stopped blaming my life on all of the bad shit that happened to me. Here I sit, on my laptop, in the house I own...with my wife, my son...with a great job. None of this just happened. I just got sick and tired of carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders by blaming everything else. Once I decided to change my luck, things got better...a little bit at a time. I never gave up. You sound strong. Don't give up. Things may not get better, but they will make you stronger...or they will destroy you if you let them. Get up. Make a change in your life. You will be ok if you want to be...and try to be. I promise. Oh...and stay away from the drugs. They don't help...use them to have fun...not to escape pain. And definitely stay away from the addictive stuff...learn from your brother's mistakes dude. Forget the girl too. It won't ever stop hurting...until you find someone to love even more. And then it will be worth it.

By at 10,Jan,12 11:35

Honestly? Not to be rude, but your life is fucking sunshine. Your arents divorce, a sibling's drug addiction, your girlfriend issues, (all of your problems) ARE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL COMPARED TO OTHER PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS. Okay? A divorce is nothing. At least your parents don't abuse you. Come on. It might seem like it's difficult, but your life is beautiful and sounds fantastic compared to mine.
By at 10,Jan,12 18:51

hey come on dont be like that, there are diffrent kinds of pain. and everone has diffrent levels that they can handle.

By at 12,Jan,12 17:00

I agree lilith, you guys talk about your lives but you forget the REAL point -you have a life-. Every breath we take we have a chance to make something of ourselves. What happens around us will never change trust me its all about that mindset.
i have learnt all about what drugs do to you physically - yeah allright you get a high, euphoria great but eventually u get hooked loose control dont give a crap about life - something just small to push u over and then soon enough you will do anything to get that high - steal, hurt the ones you love or even strangers. you would take drugs up to the extent you dont have a feeling of euphoria anyone just something to make you feel normall help you function just for a day a couple of hours!!! is that what you want. Herions is bad real bad i feel for your friend.

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