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i am definitely a peice of shit...

Posted by coop at December 8, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 December

where do i begin...

so i started college a few months back and since then everything has taken an awful turn in my life. i had a gf who was two years younger than me and we had dated for just over a year, then we broke up shortly after college started. i was fine at first then i started to miss her but she didnt give a shit anymore and said she lost feelings for me. its apparent to me now that she must have gotten bored of the relationship: i sucked in bed always cumming early or not getting it up, i realize how boring i am and how shed just rather fuck other guys and be single. i helped her through so much and still have intense felings for her but its apparent to me now that she never loved me and only loved the attention i gave her when she was down on herself. it was the only serious relationship ive had and i now uunderstand why girls never wanna date me. im just awkward, boring, innocent, overly emotional, and naive.

i have nothing to offer, it hurts me overall socially as well, ppl just think im weird and awkward. i remember being happy but since this has happened shit has just gotten awful with me personally. im such a negative source of energy and all i do is bitch about how much my life sucks and how depressed i am, people must think im a loser but thats fine cuz i know im a loser. i now understand why i got picked on a lot in school. the semesters about to end here at school and ive lost all motivation to do anything besides sleep, smoke cigarettes, eat, and bum around lazily. smoking weed doesnt even make me happy anymore it only makes this shit worse. im a failure at everything ive ever done and am not special at all, plus i have no ability to deal with this petty shit even though those around me have been through such worse shit, i dont think im cut out for the real world. theres so much more i have to say but fuck it, i cant even fit it all here. suicide is definitely an option, i just see no purpose to anything anymore...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Jan,12 21:45

coop...i read somewhere it feels better when ya know somebody else out there feels the same way you do...but im 27...whatter you like 20>? mannn you gott the best years of your life ahead you...20-25...sit back dude chill out. at some point youll give less of a shit about being socially acceptable trust...lifes a struggle. did you read the other shit thats on this website like ppls family dieing and awful places in the world and all that shit your in college ya aint done so bad so far so know whats scary wakin up and your 35 THIRTY FIVEE going on and on doin some normal life shit as some old dude in a job ya dont like thats some scary prison shit right thuurrr so hit them books and stop smoking weed i still smoke and that ish about it being a mental addiction is true so stop it i been tryin but its been an epic fail besides its makes you stupid im living proof i was smart i have a college degree but im one dumb mother fucker but am a genius in my own mind at times...suicide no but shit i dont wanna get old man fuck im almost thirty what i would do to be 20 man make the best of it life sucks but it might work out dude...idk what else to tell ya but dont live your life according to anothers expectation do you

By anonymous at 10,Jan,12 21:50

an my girl left for greener pastures too dude for all them reasons you done listed above honestly thats the only reason i read your post...i need therapy...
By anonymous at 11,Jan,12 00:13

no pasture is just looks that way from the other side. Once you get there you realize it's just as green as the otherside. If you need therapy then go and get it...otherwise move on. No girl is worth putting your life on hold. Move on, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone gets dumped...the real winners learn from the mistake and move on.

By anonymous at 11,Jan,12 00:10

honestly, get the fuck over it. Here's a little secret, you were smart enough to get into college, be smart enough to not let some girl get you kicked out. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize you HAVE something to offer others. Make new friends, you never know you might find someone who will make the high school chick look like the dumbass she clearly is. WAKE UP!!!

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