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Is this as good as it gets?

Posted by Afterrain42 at December 25, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Health  Job  Loneliness

I worked hard to get what I have, a single mom, I worked my butt off to finally move up in the corporate world, buy a house, take our first family vacation. To get cancer and have everything thrown away. Now I may lose my home, and no one to help, no person,county or organization. I have two part time jobs that suck, and it doesn't pay the bills, and I'm a student. My brother got leukemia and I was his caregiver until he died watching as his wife didn't visit him in the hospital and started seeing someone else. Then my dog died, and I thought how can I keep the Christmas spirit? So I tried and went to my moms, where all of us siblings gather. The topic of my brothers widow came up from my other brother.( who is friends with her) and I said sarcastically she is a hoe. He got mad and defended her, a woman who won't let anyone see my brothers kids. He called me a bitch in front of my grandson. I finally decided I'm not pretending anymore. I lost it , started crying and told him all I wanted was for Him to be a brother, since I had already lost one. Even though years ago this brother told me that he didn't love me or my sister or care about us. I still tried. My mom, step dad, sister and brother just sat and stared at me not saying a word. I sat and cried, not one I'm sorry, or hug, anything. My family has always been dysfunctional, we are supposed to pretend everything is fine and don't make anyone Mad. so by expressing my feelings, I have defied the family roles. My daughters have never like my family functions either, and I have yet to tell them we ate soon to lose our home. So you work hard, love others and treat others how you want to be treated give of yourself and I sit here Christmas day at home. But I would rather be here with my family, then with my extension and have learned thAt staying away is the best for me no matter how disturb g or sad it is bc it is best for me. Yeah, my life sucks big time. And I am going to have a personal pity party for one day!


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By at 24,Jan,12 20:46

There are two problems from where I see you - Money and dysfunctional family.

Money is not that much of a problem considring that you can always relocate and spent less on things that you dont need. In addition to that, you can and your daughter can make some handmade staffs that are uniquely designed and sale them door to door together in rich suburbs.

Dysfunctional family? You may as well let your brother burns in the real living hell, but remeber to tell him that he can always call you for help. Get a smart dog and a smart cat, and a smart bird that can be trined to walk together for busking performance. How? Just google pet training. Once the training is completed and you are earning, then you can have youtube videos made for you and your new family, and then you will be a worldwide sensation. You may even go onto animal planet or the like one day.

By the way, do use more of your corporate world sense with your new family. Money come!
By chris at 25,Jan,12 18:48


By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 04:49

You are not alone. We are all short on money all the time. I hope you dont lose your home. The whole world is a dysfunctional family. She wont let anyone see your brothers kids. Why not? And then see someone else? Hoe is correct. You love your brother. But the others hate you big time. I have the same problem. Just ignore them and hope for the best.

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