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My life thus far...

Posted by Life sucks, eh? at April 5, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Loneliness  Sexuality

Had a good life once until high school - all down hill from there. My best mates started spreading rumors about me behind my back and then started to ditch me at recess and lunch. Made a new friend but he went off to Lebanon to visit family for 6 months, so there I was, alone in high school. I used to pretend I was going to the toilet so people didn't think I was a loner.

I was at an age where teenage boys were discovering girls, well I wasn't, no, I was discovering boys. Alone and gay can pretty much sum up my life.

I have a few friends these days but they ae preoccupied by their girl friends which I do not resent at all because they accepted me for being gay but still I feel alone. I need someone in my shoes, someone I can relate to. I think about what my future holds and it scares me, I would love to have a wife and kids but that can't happen for obvious reasons.

I would feel a lot better if the world was more open to gay people but allas they world stil won't accept me.

I'm 19 so have another good 60 years of my life to go according to the Australian average life span stats. What am I going to do with all that time? Am I going to waste it because I hold back and can't take anishitive ( can't even spell ) I'm to much of a pussy to act out my hopes and dreams.



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By anonymous at 05,Apr,10 10:52

U need to occupy on other things in life, besides being gay, get a good education, and a good job and everything will fall into place. When i was 19, being gay was 100 times worse than it is today, at least everything is out in the open, back in my day, it was hard to find someone who is just like u and worry if anyone found out about u. so, just let life go on and u will be ok. :)

By anonymous at 05,Apr,10 16:00

being gay has nothing to do with having a tough life. There will always be people who love u 4 what U R and they don't judge u by yoour sexual orientation. Have goals in your life, gett a good job, find a boyfriend and be with him, have your friends nearby to spend time with and you'll be fine. Just like a straight guy. The only tough period in a gay's life is highschool actually. After that everything's fine!

By anonymous at 05,Apr,10 17:43

The posts above mine are right. I am gay and very happy. I have a great loving long term relationship that means the world to me. You can have a great life if you just focus on what is really important, and other peoples opinions of you are NOT important because you cannot change what people think.

By anonymous at 05,Apr,10 23:53

I love and accept you :)

By at 06,Apr,10 02:17

"being gay has nothing to do with having a tough life"

Could you be more wrong?

I could go into facts of how people are executed for being gay in some nations, or how the government of Australia made sure gay marriage was never legally valid in an act before parliament in which both parties agreed. But know, all I have to say is 'homophobic father'.
By anonymous at 06,Apr,10 04:18

first of all, im talking about western countries, where there's no death penalty for homosexuals, but for your information i was born in a european country but lived in an asian country where gay people where sentenced to death, but still had a boyfriend there, met a lot of other gay people having bf and nathing ever happened to us. Ofcourse we were not kissing in public, but we didnt even need to do that. Now about the ay marriage. Why should i care if i can get married or not? Even if i were straight i would NEVER get married. The important thing is to have someone who loves you and u love him back and you're having a great time as long as you live. No marriage or government stuff is important for me, the important is to be with the one i love. And about the homophobic father thing, i too had a father who never accepted me being gay. What i did? I tried to fix my life depending only on me, and here i am today, having a job i love, a boyfriend and plenty of friends. My dad is not part of my life anymore, but i have my collegues'friends and bf and ofcourse my mother, and they fill the empty space my dad left. Just telling you all that, to show you that there is a gay guy out there who loves his life despite all these homosexual 'problems'. Its all in your mind and you can change everything and finally improve your life!
By anonymous at 06,Apr,10 04:35

AIDS medication is costing taxpayers in the USA over $9,000,000,000 a year through Medicare and Medicaid programs. I do not appreciate the perverted gay lifestyle or the government subsidies for your diseases.
By anonymous at 06,Apr,10 10:12

I hate to disappoint you, but aids has gone down among gays and has increased 70% among the str8s and yrs ago, gays contracted the aids from str8 guys who were drug addicts that needed money for their addiction, so don't blame them, blame the drug abusers, tey r the ones that developed the aids virus from using drugs, breaking down their immune system by sharing needles. so get your facts right u fucking moron. u know nothing, and sound ignorant.
By anonymous at 07,Apr,10 20:28

AIDS was first reported June 5, 1981, when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recorded a cluster of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in five homosexual men in Los Angeles. The disease was first reported in the press as GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency). Annual incidence peaked in 1985 at 130,000 infections a year, dipped to 49,000 in the early 1990s, rose to 58,000 in 1998 and has now stabilized at about 56,000 a year. Infections acquired through homosexual sex, which also peaked in the early 1980s, fell to a low in the early 1990s but have risen steadily since then. The infection rate is now 56,000 cases per year.The CDC's portrait of the American AIDS epidemic today shows that gay and bisexual men -- especially those who are young or black -- and their female partners are at particular risk. The CDC spends about $750 million a year on AIDS prevention. More mones wasted to educate people on a disease that is 100% preventable. Let me repeat, 100% preventable.
(Yes, I am uh fugging moron, I no nothing and sound iggorant)
By anonymous at 06,Apr,10 12:58 Fold Up

Medicaid spends more money on birth control and Viagra than they do for AIDS. Not to mention sxually transmitted diseases amongst heteros. How much is spent on abortions? Taking care of foster children? Right. Go take your Viagra for your flacid old small weener and try to find someone besides your hand to have sex with.
By anonymous at 06,Apr,10 13:56

By anonymous at 07,Apr,10 20:33 Fold Up

Medicaid was invented for elderly retired people. WTF are they doing paying for birth control, Viagra, abortions, foster care? But for the record, 10 inches is not a small weener, I am not flaccid- I am a steel rod, and I make love to your sister, your girlfriend and your mom (the horny slut) every week. And I do not take Viagra.
By anonymous at 23,May,10 11:18 Fold Up

you are one lucky son of a bitch,you know that?
you have a loving bf,mother and loads of friends.
most of the rest dont even get accepted,let alone loved.
you dont know what its like to be humiliated and live in fear of being raped 24/7.
i envy you mate.

By anonymous at 07,Apr,10 01:02

Gays have all the fun these days. I almost wish I was gay. You people seem to get laid so easy.
By anonymous at 07,Apr,10 19:01

We do, by straight guys that wish they were gay!!!

By anonymous at 10,Apr,10 08:30

"I would feel a lot better if the world was more open to gay people"? WTF? I wish gay people would be more open to heterosexuals! Gays do not know how annoying they are, prancing around like a bunch so fairies.
By anonymous at 10,Apr,10 21:43

Nice stereotype. I don't prance around at all. I don't make a habit of telling anyone that I am gay, yet the breeder men all want to know, why? Am I sexy and they want me? Do they want a reason to hate me? Funny thing is that when you do come out, so many supposedly straight men express an interest in you. Some of them are the ones that express their hatred for gays often. You wouldn't believe how many married men have given me a BJ. They love it!

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 03:55

all gays should be thrown in an oven so i can hear their screams

By anonymous at 13,Oct,10 19:25

Look man. Cheer up and move to a big city so you can find some other gay guys to make friends with. Once you have loving friends life can be so much better.
Keep your head up.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 23:25

Life really do suck for you. I know being gay sucks but just accept it. Life will get better, trust me. If you ever feel that life sucks, email and talk to me. I can talk to you and share with you my personal stories too. My life sucks as much as you, but not gay. What u need to do is to refind a new goal, set yourself a target, find new meaning to life. Perhaps be a kind soul and help people? Studying hard and become a great doctor and help many people? At least you will end up in heaven when you die. There is life after death, trust me. I am a taoist, AND THERE REALLY IS LIFE AFTER DEATH. NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. COS YOU WILL BE A ROAMING SOUL FOREVER WITH NO PEACE!!!!!

By top seo guys at 26,Oct,13 09:00

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