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live alone die alone

Posted by cody gibson at April 7, 2010
Tags: 2010 April  Relationship

my name is cody allen gibson and i wanna die soon as i can. i wanted to die every senes i was 6 yeas old. most of my pain come froms 3 girls that i love. let me tell u about them, one is my ex gurlfriend and i love her so much. i dont know why she left me i would have give her my last breath. anyways after 4 months she left me and the same day i got her a ring. ok before i start to cry let me tell u about my other one. the other gurl i am still going out with but i know she does not love me, no one does even my mom. my mom told me to go die like 4 or 5 times and i would be dead rite now if it was not for my gf. anyways my gf hates me i know it and she is cheating on me. ok now im crying,anyways the 3 gurl is one of my best friend but she is mad at me rite now and i dont know why. well let me tell u about my life. im a loser and every gurl in the world hates me. all i want is to have someone to hold and love but it wont happen ever uselly what i say is i live alone i die alone forever. and it hurts alot my heart is broken and it will never be fixed ever. i have to cry myself asleep at nite. im only 16 and my life is suck cause of 3 gurl and i tried to let them go but they are apart of me tht i cant let go. well really i cant think of anymore things to say so i hope every gurl in the world is happy forever cause all i feel is pain,pain, and more pain. i wish i didn feel like this but i wish i was dead. i have tried to kill myself like 3 times cause of thoses gurls and i told them gurls tht but they said they dont care and i would always be alone. u know how bad tht hurt me. well anyways i wanna die rite now but if there is a good gurl tht has a good heart like me plz try to find me i live at 7135 stoney fork rd wytheville va. my cell fone number is 2762840086. ok bye now i hope every gurl has a good life.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Apr,10 20:01

Love is an illusion. An illusion you get from watching too many movies and too much TV. You can not fall in love until you have been friends for a long time. You must meet a lot of women before you find the right one for you. The hardest part is realizing that the girl you are in love with has nothing in common with you and you two must part. It hurts. You can only find love when you are ready to get your heart broken again. Join an organization of some type that has lots of people your age with lots of opportunities to socialize. A friend of mine found his true love while working in a volunteer group, they did butterfly surveys at a nature preserve.

By anonymous at 08,Apr,10 01:08

spell properly and get a life Dick head

By anonymous at 08,Apr,10 11:02

since u r not having any luck with girls, maybe u should try a guy, he will love u, and give u what u need. :) BUT, U should not give out your address and phone number, lots of weirdos out there.

By anonymous at 08,Apr,10 11:04

girl i spelled with an I instead of an U.

By anonymous at 08,Apr,10 19:19

i think you're very sweet and will do so much. sadly you have only encountered the type of girl that wont give all their heart you. i say you deserve someone fair and sweet to keep you away from suicide thoughts.
good luck :)

By anonymous at 09,Apr,10 19:17

It doesn't help being a weak spazz, really. Do you think girls are attracted to guys that cry all the time and threaten to kill themselves for sympathy? Do you want someone because they feel sorry for you? Does your behavior say "lets have fun" or does it say "stay away I'm fucked up"? I'm guessing the second one myself. Move on. There are millions of girls out there. Just because these three touched your weiner doesn't mean that you have to marry them. I think you are confused too. How can you be "in love" with 3 girls? Come on, get a grip.

By anonymous at 14,Apr,10 06:10

don't mess ur fucking life just for some 3 fucking shithead girls. anyway, i like tougher guys.

By anonymous at 24,Sep,10 17:30

life sucks when you have no real friends.. people say they care about you but I havent had a real friend since college.. I have made some real mistakes in my life and I am paying for them dearly.. and some people in my family will never let me forget it..I keep hoping that I will find some love and companionship

By anonymous at 12,Nov,10 14:12

love = fake
get some real friends and then you can think "he, i want to die alone!"

By anonymous at 16,Mar,11 04:46


By anonymous at 03,Jul,11 15:13

start smoking pot watch some chris rock stand up and dont wear youe heart on your sleeve. Women see that as a way to control you and will use it to there advantage. Most women are controlling by nature. It is usually there way or the highway. The only time they will not show this charactoristic is when they need you for finance support of some other positive gain. Fucked up ain't it. That is what our society sees as natural. There is no half and half it is always one sided. Either you are the controller or the controlled and the people that don't believe it are the controllers. A women will never change. They are one tracked personalities. If you see problems after a few months go ahead and cut her lose it will only get worse. They will try to make you think you are the problem but if you step back and think about it you will see that they usually have some fuck up issues thereself. And remember like momther like daughter. If the mom is crazy then some of it has rubbed off on the daughter. Take this advise and hopeful you can avoid making any other mistakes

By anonymous at 07,Feb,12 11:59

haha this is bent, im sorry

By anonymous at 11,Apr,12 13:26

Well Atleast you have someone in your life. Im 26 male, my mom passed away when I was 19. Iev lived in several appartments. Two in which I lived alone. Such as now. Haven't had a girl in three years and my last gf did not love me. I have a full job but no money caz I have $1000 IN BILLS a month. No Internet (on my phone) no tv even tho I have a big flatscreen. But those things don't concern me. Screw money. Its waking up every day alone. Not talking till work cuz there's nobody to talk to. Making mac n cheese for one. It gets old. So you may not have it as bad as you think. I should get on one of these forms. Could do me some help.

By chocopie at 25,Oct,19 23:57

OfzV7S Very informative blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

By suba suba at 07,Nov,19 13:37

P4dWJ1 Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It as on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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