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Broken heart

Posted by anonymous at December 31, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Relationship

My life is not as bad as most people here but:/ it's New Years Eve and I'm sitting here thinking about my ex who broke up with me 3 weeks ago:( he's soo happy and I think already had a new girlfriend:'( it really hurts sooo much! It's so hard to keep the tears In and I can literally feel my heart hurting. I loved him so much and I thought he loved me.. How could it be so easy for him to just forget=\ all I wanna do is cry and cry .. It really hurts and I really love him... I don't know what to do anymore and I don't know how to stop thinking about him... While everyone is having a great New Years Even I'm over here praying and hoping that I can just forget about him too...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 01:27

I know how you feel my ex gf is out having the time of her life while I'm condemned because of the lies she made up about me now nobody will even talk to me

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 18:25

Yeah I feel that still too. My ex went back to her ex who she was best friends with during my relationship with her. She had the nerve to tell me I was being insecure when her "best friend" was telling her that he loved her still on her fb wall when she was constantly texting him. Even on our dates. I made all kinds of mistakes and she did too. I've been alone since with no real prospects and depressive moods every week just about. It was worse back then but now I feel like I can function better though however broken I feel when it comes to getting a girl. I always doubt them and I always doubt the idea of it actually happening. There are times where I think of love as a dream or something that really doesn't even exist. I have nights where I cry myself to sleep thinking about the coldness of my bed and the emptiness of my days. I have a good time during them but ultimately it leads to the self questioning of being without another. I also get ugly feelings when I see couples at times. It feels awkward or like I'm in the wrong place. It also seems like whenever I try to reach out to someone that I am taken as a ghost though I am very outgoing and kind. I like to make people laugh and there's not a damn thing wrong with me but I still feel overlooked. It makes me feel different. I also have this hunger in me. Its a sick little feeling that craves pleasing. I know it is wrong and I don't want to just do it openly with someone I barely care about either so I often feel trapped in it. Sometimes I wonder what life will be like when my closest family members die, and I realize that it would be far emptier. What ulterior purpose could I serve other than myself really. Then you get to realize how truly selfish we are.
By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 06:25

You might feel trapped by an empty life but you certainly are not by an empty mind!

Reading your entry, is somehow reassuring. Feeling like you do is normal, actually!

It seems, from my point of view, that you are going thru the motions. Realizing about perceived selfishness or looking at different angles of a problem or state of mind is healthier than it feels.


give yourself a me!

By anonymous at 06,Feb,12 06:34

DO not worry. We have gone thru the same mess. I was dumped in 2009. i couldn't sleep for two days since 15th December 2009. My beloved girl married another man. Healing took two years and now i have a great life with someone who interested in me. Your life will change. Believe me... You'll get over it and find a better person to enjoy the rest of your wonderful life. It could be that the person was a pest and God just saved you to lead you to the BEST. HOLD ON

By anonymous at 14,Feb,12 00:20

dick is a dime a dozen get over it. no man is worth fucking up your new year. I spent my new year in the hospital a banged up mess. So you didn't have it quite so bad

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