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I wish I had a better mother.

Posted by anonymous at January 3, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 January

I was born into a nice loving family and everything was perfect, until my mom screwed everything up. She started drinking. To her, drinking was the solution for everything, and soon my mom and dad got a divorce when I was 2. Divorcing didn't make anything better at all. My mom started drinking even more. She was always drunk and not the good drunk. She was MAD drunk. She would swear at me and abuse me. She soon then started taking medications that made her even more high and she acted even worse. When I was about 10, I started noticing how she kept getting worse as every day went by. She would pass out on the couch, and I would have to make dinner for my brother and I. She would then get up and yell and swear at us for all the things we did wrong and all the things she hated about us. I was so desperate everyday when I had to see my mom to go to my dads house and sadly I had to see my mom a lot more days in the week then my dad. I also never told my dad about my moms problem. I actually never told anyone about it because I was embarrassed about it and so was my brother. But anyways, as everyday went by she would drink more and more and she would get sick and sleep while I took care of my 8 year old brother. It was horrible and I sat in my bed everyday and would cry. Then one day, I had to go see my dad so my dad picked me up from school and my dad told me, "Your mom was forced to go to rehab because she showed up very drunk at work and she has too many times so they forced her to go to rehab and you will be staying with me for a month." I was happy that I wouldn't have to see her, but it would just only be a month. I told my dad later that day that I didn't want to see her anymore and he contacted the courts to settle this so I wouldn't have to see her and he won. So now I don't have to see her for now but after rehab she went right back to drinking and and she is still a wreck. She also got a second DUI in the summer so now she is in jail for that and I saw her jail picture and she looks like a very old person and she is only 43. Also I have to worry a lot because the courts can change their mind anytime about me not seeing her, and my mother is crazy. She calls to talk to my brother but I don't talk to her but when she calls my brother, she is crazy drunk and she can't even talk really and I am scared that one day, she will come and get us because she has tried to do that before. But I'm very sad and I am very scared and nervous and sad everyday and I wish things were better. I am very jealous of people that have such a great life with a awesome mother and father that are together and their mother isn't crazy and there is nothing I can do about which is another problem. I hope god will help me and make things better.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 21:05

Just keep on telling the truth about the condition your mom was in and how you absolutely dont want to live with her, and that you're scared. I don't think they will be so stupid as to give her custody considering the amount of trouble she's in.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 05:13

the only problem i see with what you've written is the silence you seem to award your mother's behavior.....your mother has a disease, it's called's buried deep into her mentals as well as her as a kid will not be able to cure this for her, so the moment she comes near you, RAISE not allow yourself or your brother to be anywhere near her for any reason, PERIOD....think of it like this, in her drunken state, she couldn't even make the necessary basic decisions a mother would need to make if your brother were to choke on some food, or cut himself badly, or any emergency.....she has displayed a detached and unwilling spirit towards her children that is the most important thing to ANY mother in her right mind.....i'm not telling you to hate your own mother, because there is a hurting person beneath all of the addiction and she's using alcohol to mask it.....i'm telling you to not allow this behavior in your presence or your brother's presence, under NO circumstances......patience will be your toughest test, but don't budge, not even for one second, until she's cleaned.....

By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 06:06

my lifes like that part from i have to live with my mum still while she gets fuckin high on pot

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