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untitled story

Posted by L at January 22, 2012
Tags: Abuse  2012 January

I don't know why I'm doing this guess... Guess I want an emotional outlet. So where to beginng, well I'm a teenager first of all. I know you're probably thinking that every teenager has their depressing "stage" but I can assure you, this is not the case. Do people know that children abuse actually happen very often? I'm one victim. I don't get beaten up every day only when I "misbehave" or he gets really mad. I can guarantee you that there is more horrible children abuse going one then mine but still... But I'm not sad about that, it's that I don't get any freedom, it's so depressing and sad and patethic really. You don't know how many times I've had to turn my friends down or when we comeback after an weekend my friends describe how fun they had and I can't be apart of that? Isnt it pathetic that I get tears in my eyes every time I think about. While my friends have sleep overs and go out, I'm locked in my room while crying my eyes out. I just wish... I just wish I could get out or runaway, I really can't take it any longer. Why did it have to be me that was born into this family? why do I have to cry myself to sleep everyday ? It sometimes feels like everyone around me is happy except me. Remember when we were like little kids we would pretend to cry when sleepy to attract your mom's attention, it's funny cause now we pretend to sleep when crying silently into my bed to avoid question. I mean I know life is unfair but this is freaking ridiculous. Oh and you know what I hate? I hate that feeling when I'm about to cry and somebody asks me if anything is wrong and I try to smile but physically can't do it and eventually the effort of trying to smile for this one person has the tears spilling over. It makes me feel so defeated by life when I can't find the strength to smile in those moments. Music is my escape... More like Eminem is my escape.. I admire his strength and courage for going through that shit in his life and still be able to come home to his daughter and be the best father a girl could ask for. Respect. Be strong everybody


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By anonymous at 10,Feb,12 19:10

this does sound like what every teenager goes through, weve all been there but trust me, running away is not the answer. being a teenager is a short part of life, you wont always be trapped in your parents house
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 09:50

did you not read the part where there is beating involved! not every teen ager goes through this.... everyteen goes through a depression stage biut not abused. I was abuse from the age 5 -14 its been two an d a half years since and im still trying to deal with all the emotinal baggage that came with it.... so dont give advice to a person if you havnt been there!

By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 09:56

i ran away from my abusive parents twice but they always found me then things got worse... Its crzy to say this but at times i still loved them dispite all they did but one day i knew i needed to get out becasue i just could not handle it any more... i was at the breaking point.. so i got FACTS involved and now my dad has custody and even thought its been a while i still hurt.. my advice to you is to get out before its too late! even if you love your parents , and maybe you dont ... Dont run away do it right .. go to he police or anybody, then tell them you know your not safe at home and they will figure out a place for you to stay! it maybe hard for you to actually say something out loud at first so write it down in a note and hand it to the person you know can help you and it makes things alot easier :)

i love eminem too:p
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 09:56

opps FACS not FACTS

By anonymous at 11,Mar,12 11:11

I agree with you, its not like every teenager goes through. Oh and darling.. sometimes it shows ur stronger when u cry... i know that might not make sense.. but showing u have emotions and feelings makes u stronger, I know without a doubt that Eminem cried during his life, cry all u want tell ur friends, ask for help, it doesn't make u weak when u do. Plus being emoitonally strong (by holding those tears in for so long) is harder than bein physcially strong enough to hold the tears in, whilst emotional, whilst trying to make someone beleive ur happy.

By at 20,Mar,12 18:58

I stumbled upon this sight and i just feel glad that my parents love me and I have friends by the way I am a teenager to 13 please email me cause you look like you need a frieind who will listen

By anonymous at 22,Mar,12 18:04

I am 13. My mother abused me from age 2-11. I too have gone through so many things similar to yours. Just remember we all love you and this will make you stronger. :)

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