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Joke's on me

Posted by Blah at January 26, 2012
Tags: 2012 January  Job

55yr old male. worked same job since 1988, which was apt management/maintenance for the same apts. several different owners over the years. 2007 a neighboring church buys the place for the land. keeping it open til it pays itself off then they will demolish and expand the church (supposedly). they asked me to stay on and run the place for them, I agreed. 1 week before closing they call me and tell me to come meet the new mgmnt team. the lady is the church pastors cousin, her husband is a church board member and was their finance director. I now have to interview just to stay on as a maintenance guy. I get hired, it sucks. they are nutty and really have no clue what they are doing. they immediately start trying to recruit me to their church. he tells me I am stealing from god because I am not giving them 10% of my salary back in tithes.

a year later, he builds a new shop in one of the buildings. I am told to put my tools there, not where I have had them the past 19 years. he doesn't believe in deadbolts. you guessed it, the place is broken into and every one of my tools is gone. welder, compressors, nail guns, saws etc. high dollar shit. they say, oh well, too bad. I say turn it in to insurance, they say no, deductible is higher than your loss, sorry. a year later, the church hires a new GM for the properties. guess who gets fired, me. No tools to work with, age, finding it very difficult to find a damn job. unemployment ran out in may, have child support to pay and bills. have kids with this wife, 3 still under 18 and living at home.

ask my 20 yr old son in June to change plugs in my truck. sees himself as a mechanic. long story short, totally fucks it up, now have crap stuck in the cylinder and truck won't start. now no way to go look for a job. he has a ft job and still lives here, refuses to pay for what he broke. child support getting ready to toss my ass in jail because i can't pay it. so to sum it up.... no way to look for a job, no way to work with no tools. the GM of the property fired my old bosses, sorry "retired" them. They are both in their 60s and walked away with very nice parting gifts. a years salary each, he got to keep his work truck and they both keep insurance.

new GM tells them he has to run place alone and will just call contractors for maintenance. Day after they are gone and he takes over, he hires a maint guy and his wife as mgr. Yeah and I live right across the street from the office. that's my story. been out of work 2 yrs, no transportation, no nothing to look forward to but child support jail.


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By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 20:28

Lost my job in 2009, I went back to college, and achieved my associates degree, and now I am finishing a Bachelors degree. Sounds great right? Wrong! My wife basically hates me for ruining here life. She expected to be living a more comfortable at this stage of our lifes. While she pushes me to finish college, I am a loser for not completing a B.A. in two years. I should have had a job last semester along with college, and a back surgery that put me flat on my back for 2 months. Hmmn, No one in Michigan seems to want a guy in his forties with a associates degree. If I didn't think it would crush my kids, I would take a pistol end my so called worhtless existance. I just cant take much more of the down grades.

By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 21:13

Gotta love them Church folks. I got nothing against God, but those church folks sure do their best to turn us away.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 21:14

from God through their poor example.

By anonymous at 12,Feb,12 01:01

Let's expand our facility so we can reach more people with the love of God. Haha. What a joke, and we'll put this guy out of business to do it. No God, worthless religion. We are gods my friend, now if I could just figure out what the hell that means in real life. Good luck.

By anonymous at 12,Feb,12 11:02

i dont have power to write what you should do - but a little :

life sucks - you live from a good moment to another

allways try to improve even if you dont succsed

try mindfulness - its great and you can find it usually for free - its not a religoun (part of buddhism - but no belith)

try to find hobbys - free ones - even if your angry and dont want to

try to make money from new places and try to sell lemonade - go crazy

it sounds you can get out of it - but it would be crazly hard - but it will be satesfactury

sry for my english im from israel

By anonymous at 12,Feb,12 15:35

Some religious people. They are a bunch of facitious assholes who think they know what is right for you. And the best part is the reward, punishment factor where they scare you into believing by saving that you will burn in Hell forever if you don't join their cult.

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