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really shit of a life.

Posted by why? at April 26, 2010
Tags: Abuse  2010 April  Family  Health

I'm 17 was born with a birth defect that at the time my mother did not speak English and i was made in to a girl by a doctor that also made my fake blader.
so as i grew i had know idea that i was really born a boy. then i when i was
6 years old i started to get molested by my father in till i was 10 why i let this happen was because he told me he would murder my family but at same time he crazy and he did abuse my mother and my family and because of that when i was ten my sister called the police when try kill my family. after i told my mother what had been happen to me in years leading to the day but she didn't believe me and kind of went crazy for some time and my family had to go to foster care for some months but i don't think she believes today its kind of sad but the court did and went to jail for a long time.when
i was 10 i was told by mother that was really boy at birth so that really made world a shit hole.also in most of my life i had to have a lot of surgery's so my body under has a lot of scars plus i don't have anything down stairs then after that i was really school stupid and i had diarrhea almost all my life that gets worst every year but after having test done on me doctors say nothings wrong with me .so those two things made drop out school this year and i don't think i can get a ged. and i don't think i can live off of social security benefits and i and most of my family members are ass holes or have a life because their are 9 of us and i am the middle child and most of them are older than me.also before i drop out i loved this guy that i knew but deep inside i new he would not accept me and knew it was wrong even if he did .i don't think i will ever get i don't do anything all day and don't have any friends and kind of poor. also most night i will cry my self to sleep some days but most night i don't get any sleep because of the diarrhea and i don't have dreams anymore in sleep or in life and i cant look in the mirror .life really sucks!!! at least for me. if god does exist hes one sick fuck!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Apr,10 20:33

everything happens for a reason. there is historical proof that god exists, like bones found from drownded soldiers when the water closed behind moses, but just keep ur faith in god and things will get better, i PROMIS.
By anonymous at 24,Sep,10 09:23

Fuck off dumbass.

By anonymous at 26,Apr,10 20:41

Some people get the raw end of the deal through no fault of their own. Welcome to the club. There is always a positive outlook to anything. I keep exotic pets, really exotic pets. I once taught a friend how to catch a butterfly by holding out your open hand and wishing them into the palm of your hand! There is a world of wonder out there. Donate your television to charity and cancel your telephone service. Discover the world of wonder by yourself.

By Angel at 09,May,10 20:38

Youíre parents are terrible people, and Iím so glad your father went to jail for what he did! If you have diarrhea all the time, there is something wrong, either it is your diet or digestive problems or both. And you need a doctor who can help you.

You should get your GED and continue with education. You probably have a learning disability, but that doesnít make you stupid. And just because you had feelings for a boy doesnít make it wrong. Donít be so critical of yourself, youíve had a lot of bad things happen to you! Now that you are nearly an adult, you can try to make changes in your life. Start by finding help for the diarrhea. Change happens one day at a time. Donít give up!

By anonymous at 30,Aug,10 03:33

Wow. Life DOES suck. Yeah. If God does exist, He's one sick fuck. lol . . . Fortunately, God is definitely not any more a he than a she, but that's another topic altogether.

Anyway . . . yeah . . . Life definitely sucks.


By I HATE GOD at 24,Dec,12 10:06

I just want to say the GOD does not exist, even if this entity exist it does not do any good to us.. GOD only support inhumanity and enjoys to see us in pain... GOD is just the one full of shit bloody asshole fucker !!! I fucking hate GOD!! and I hate fucking religion

GOD made us to suffer.. !

If GOD is listening to me .... I would say "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!"


olo Fuck you GOD! olo

By anonymous at 24,Dec,12 10:07

I want to piss on fucking GOD

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