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untitled story

Posted by Ryan-- at February 3, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 February

I hate my life for the following reasons:
For starters, if you are posting on this site like I am then you are just as pathetic as myself.
I hate community college.
I have loved the same girl for the past five years. She has been leading me on for the entirety of that time, and recently she told me never to talk to her again, and to grow some balls and tell her to fuck off for jerking me around.
I hate the majority of my friends.
I hate the lifestyle I have created for myself.
I fear that I will never accomplish any of my career related goals.
I have an account registered for an online dating site, although I know it won't work with anyone I meet.
I have an issue where I get bored in a relationship after about a month, even if it's going perfectly.
Small things turn into big problems in my head, and I break it off. I raise being bored to despising my significant other for no apparent reason.
I called a suicide hotline just to talk, and the woman told me that the line wasn't for talking about things unrelated to suicide. I hung up. Thanks, bitch.
I was meant for nothing.


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By anonymous at 16,Feb,12 21:37

Yeah I called the suicide hotline once and the dude didn't want to talk about himself. Then less than a minute later he informed me irritatedly that his shift was over so he connected me to some other chick who gave some crap generic advice.

By anonymous at 10,Aug,14 12:42

Your right. I hate my life too. I had the opportunity to do what I wanted and it scared the shit out of me. What if I failed. Then I would of dreamed for nothing. I never had the guts to do my original lifes calling to be a veterinarian. I was poor and that's all I knew. I didn't think I could pass all those classes or get all that money I would need. I was shamed since the age of 4 and every time I was successful in school my father made fun or embarrassed me somehow
he did not wants. He

By anonymous at 07,Feb,15 20:05

What is dis suicide hotline do they just say don't do suicide because it is bad for your health?!? Srsly I think why do you need a suicide hotline? To pick up yor dead body? That is a total rip off! Because for suicide to be suicide you have to kill yourself and in your "afterlife" see how long it takes for someone to realize u r gone so u can see how many people loved u so no need for hotline! If u really want to do suicide talk to me my life sucks the boy who might have had a crush on me left as soon as I started to hAve feelings for him. But I guess I'm just a kid I'm very mature for my age though

By cbd oil washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:00

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