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who the fuck cares

Posted by born loser at July 2, 2009
Tags: General  July 2009  Unemployment

My life sucks because my life sucks....what more can i say. i am a total loser piece of shit. Had a good job and got laid off about 2 years ago, havent worked since then because no one seems to want to hire me. living back in my home town with my wife and 2 yr old boy. My neighbors are bigger losers than i am and they bother us constantly. I want a job. I want to move. I want a life. I can not handle the ....oh fuck it ...who cares anyways


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By anonymous at 08,Sep,12 01:43

It seems like my life should be okay but for some reason its not. I mean I'm a healthy 36 year old white American male. I have 2 beautiful heathly little girls and a wife with big natural 36D tits that's good at giving head. I make over $100K a year. I have a bigger than average schlong, and I get to jerk off at least twice a day... Now that I think about it my life really isn't all that bad. Fuck all you losers. Who the fuck cares?
By anonymous at 19,Sep,12 01:34

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Learn some fucking grammer you rambling asshole. I didn't overstate my dick size. I just said its bigger than average. Its not like I said I have the biggest goddamn schlong in the whole fucking world. Its just a little bit bigger than average... nothing to be way too proud of, and nothing so small that it makes my life suck... just something to be happy with. Fuck you and your miserable life.
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By anonymous at 05,Mar,13 20:26

I don't have a job or a way of getting one because I am diagnosed bipolar, and I'm kind of out-of-control most of the time. My wife has gained 100 lbs after our second son was born, she is fat and ugly and does nothing to change it, she hasn't worked in 7 years and she has a college degree. I routinely visit prostitutes, and have cheated on my wife over 200 times. My girlfriend is gutter-slut that will let me do whatever I want, she wants to be married, and keeps trying to get pregnant by me but doesn't know I'm snipped. My other girlfriend is a compulsive liar I met in a mental health facility who wants me to abandon my family and move to Texas, also wants a baby by me, also doesn't know I'm snipped. I don't have any friends because I am an asshole that likes to tell other people how to live and I make horrible moral decisions that no one thinks are acceptable, and I like judging people more than I like small talk. My only friends are a misogynist from Idaho with white-supremacist leanings, his black friend who is a paranoid anti-government survivalist and a girl who's a rape victim who fantasizes about dying while she cuts herself. My best friend was schizophrenic, but he couldn't take the delusions anymore and offed himself. I failed to kill myself three years ago after drunk driving my car into a wall on purpose, I was ejected and unharmed. I just got my license back a few month ago. I recently got tested for STD/STI, I am miraculously clean. I have been to rehab for alcohol five times, including detox and lock-up for 5-60 days at a time. My family hasn't spoken to me in 10 years, they don't even know where I live.

So it's not as bad as some, but I just thought I'd throw in on the shit that sucks about my life.
By anonymous at 22,Jan,14 21:09

will u share wife or gutter slut?

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