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Posted by anonymous at February 10, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Philosophical  Society

Life sucks, the main stream is fucked up. I'm tired of watching the fucking MILLIONARES on tv talk about BULLSHIT while people in Africa starve. Greedy basterds. I don't understand how people can be such liers and cheats. I don't understand how people can believe in fairytales such as religion. The rich people use it to make you think that theres a fucking after life so you'll be good and let them have all the fun with their fucking money. People are disgusting! The rich are always pitting people against each other and waging wars on helpless countries. The worst thing is that PEOPLE are stupid enough to follow today's "leaders" and are unwilling to fight for what they deserve.
About me, I have been screwed over by girls quite a few times, they end up apologizing and want to remain friends but I would never talk to someone who's screwed me over. I'm very cold and get annoyed by all of the stupid things people do.I spend most of my time on the computer and I feel like I live life only because I have to. I can't find a job, seems like no one is willing to hire + I don't want to work for $9 an hour while the fucking company makes tons of money off me. It's comparable to slave labor.


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By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 22:36

Dude, we are two of a kind you and I.

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 11:06

that's capitalism, it ruined the world

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 11:55

This world & its heinous people are what have driven me to being a hermit. I literally cannot take it anymore.

I used to believe in god. I used to believe in karma. But after seeing all I have seen, & knowing we live in a world where the wicked prosper..I know better now, & I love being free in my mind.

I abhor liars, & I don't think I can EVER forgive the fucking fundamentalist christians that dug their claws into me before I could ever even begin to enjoy life as a child.

They rob everyone of the enjoyment of a being human being. Fuck you religion! I detest you!!! And fuck govt too! Evil Bastard Liars!

I know I will never be free in life, and I am an american.

George Carlin said we only have the illusion of freedom, & I couldn't agree more. There is a dollar sign on literally every fucking thing we see.

Another comedian said (I can't remember which one) that, at least black people knew they were slaves...everyone else remains clueless!

I'm amused/disgusted to admit that everyone who says that most people in america are dumbed down & stupid, could not be more correct.

Most americans will roll over on demand, & believe literally anything they're told! It makes me loathe so many people--just for being so fucking stupid.

I used to be proud to be an american. Now I am only embarrassed for this backward ass brainwashed country...& Like George, I am no longer a patriot. I have divorced myself from my country...& my species. I am Done.

I am just going to take his advice, & sit on the sidelines of this cruel joke we call life, & watch the freak show. I like to be entertained.

In a way, I am glad for all the hurt this life has caused me. It has taught me, not to have an emotional stake in a damn thing.

Honestly, I think the best any one of us can hope for is to die in our sleep.
By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 23:02

I feel you anon.

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