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Nice guys finish last

Posted by SUCKER at February 12, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Friendship  Money

One year ago, I was living with my parents and working 2 low age, hour jockey jobs that I hated. But I had about 10,000 saved up, so I was doing pretty good otherwise. My friend and his wife had decided they were going to move to Texas and thought maybe I should go with them. My frined had a job all lined up so it would be no problem for me to live off savings until I could find a job, so I agreed.

Well, after about three months my friend lost that job and I started working off and on helping another friend of ours install security systems and datalines. We use my car because I'm the one thathas one. Well, after awhile the friend I moved in with starts doing this too, and since he has a wife and kids to take care of I tell him to take the majority of the hours. The majority soon turns into "all"

I'm paying my bills through savings, and getting more and more depressed as I'm watching my dwindling bank account disappear. My friend and his wife are getting assitance through their church to pay their portion of the rent and bills, i'm paying mine entirely out of pocket. Then my car breaks down and I'm looking at a 2600 bill to fix it. I borrow money from my parents to do so, because i don't have that much anymore.

Well, a week ago, my friend has informed me that his wife has stated that if I'm not out of the house by the end of the month, she will take the kids and leave him. Understand that my moving down here was her idea. She practically begged me to do it. Also understand that I have paid my rent every month, while they get assitance for their. Not only that, but I pay the cable and internet bill entirely out of pocket to offset the fact that they buy the food-with foodstamps. (speaking of the cable bill, before I took over payments on it, they were 108.00 in the hole thanks to interest- I paid that off entirely.)

I gave them money so many times when they needed it, no questions asked. And now, now that I'm almost completely out of money, halfway across the country from any family that might be able to help me, with no job and no credit, she's going to kick me out. hy?because apparently I'm "ruining her marriage" She does nothing all day, I'm in school. She doesn't cook,she doesn't clean, she plops the kids in front of the TV all day.

The only bills they have to worry about are cell phone and car insurance. Everything else is paid for by their church or the government. My car needed a complete new engine, she bitches about the fact that theirs has a low idle-easily fixable.

They've had chinese food takeout three times this week, I've been living off ham sandwiches and ramen ever since she accused me of "stealing" their food.

I just dont know what to do anymore. The only bright side is that everybody in her life, including me, can now see what a raging bitch she is. Fortunately some of our mutual friends have my back, but I'm not sure it'll be enough.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 22:57


By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 23:39

leave and let them realise how much you actually did for them
By anonymous at 30,Nov,14 13:51

right just leave them she is just a mean cruel person soon she will be begging you to come back cause she as no money left

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 01:19

you are a jewel among man. very rare to find someone like you. you already know what to do. leave. why let them treat you more badly? they will get theirs.

do NOT pay anymore for anything. just leave ASAP. go wherever. back with your family/parents until you get yourself together.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 01:21

these people are NOT your friends. you should have left after he took your job from you. what are you waiting for? LEAVE!

By anonymous at 08,Mar,12 05:42

Move out, get a job, continue with school, graduate, get a better job, and do it all the while with a smile on your face. Don't let others get you down.

By anonymous at 03,Oct,12 21:13

its true... nice guys DO finish last, just like a friend i had who was a rich international student that would get leeched off by other students, he even lent me $5000 for fucking nothing!!! i didnt ask him he just gave it to me (of course i gave it back) but if i could and still had it, i wouldnt mind giving it to u since it looks like u need it more... haha but seriously just leave 'em that woman's such a bitch now i feel bad just for being FEMALE... thats how bitchy she sounds. period. women are evil vultures who like so suck men's souls (except me) just kidding BUT LEAVE THAT HOUSEHOLD AND IN A FEW WEEKS THEY'LL BE BEGGING U TO COME BACK AND PAY THEIR INTERNET/BILL ;)

By All Products at 29,Oct,14 13:00

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