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Please God, I will do anything

Posted by Robert Louis at February 14, 2012
Tags: Childhood  2012 February

I was born in a women's correctional facility and immediately put up for adoption. I never met my dad or any of my real family members really. I got molested by one of my foster dad almost every day until I was 15. I tried telling cps but they never believed me and he would beat me once he found out that I told on him so I stopped after the 2nd attempt. I feel like maybe it was my fault though, like maybe if I wasn't so quiet and weird he wouldn't feel the need to mess with me. He's all I had though, so we grew close in a really weird way. I never had friends, ever. I had some myspace friends but they deleted me once they realized that they didn't actually know me. I ran away from home when I was 15 because I was tired and wanted to start fresh, plus I was failing high school and got bullied to a point where I thought of suicide on the regular. No one would even notice or care. I haven't seen my foster dad since then nor do I care to. I hope he's dead. I'm homeless now but I've been applying to different fast food places because I want to be able to have money and spend it on stuff like clothes and food. But until then, they're just pipe dreams. Sometimes I want to start doing drugs or something to get my mind off of things, but I can't even fucking afford to be an addict. all of my food is either found, free, or stolen. I want my life to be better than this. Please God. PLEASEEEEE.


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By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 20:54

its not your fault..keep your head up and look into your local red cross

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 22:16

This is one of the worse stories I've read.

Some catholic convents where the religious people like nuns and brothers live, have a room or two where they let people stay for a retreat when they are trying to find themselves.

This is free to my knowledge. You should look on the Vocationnetwork dot org and see if there is a place where you can stay for a retreat and maybe, join the religious life.

Or you can go to the department of Transitional Assistance

Or You can look up and try to find an Intentional Community thats what they call communes or places where people work together to live. Sometimes you can live with a kid with down syndrome free if you help him with his day to day life. Or sometimes the communities are about living off the grid and in nature so look around and find a community or commune.

I really truely hope this is good advice for you.

By anonymous at 22,Feb,12 22:55

Sounds like you've had one helluva go with what you've been dealt. Thing is, keep your head above water and ask for help. Go to the Dept. of Social Services, Red Cross even local churches. Right now in your life you need to focus on positive things and what "can" be done... not what can't. I'm with a lady that had the same situation with her step-father and it started when she was 2 until she was 17. She got counseling and it hasn't always been easy with the two of us but we've worked through it all together. There are good people out there that are more then willing to help you and sit with you while you talk/cry about it all and get it out. You just have to look... :)

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 03:43

I would have to agree with the other comments. You could probably go to any church and ask to speak to someone about your situation. Someone can get you a place to stay, and get you on the right track. Have hope, life is not over, the future can hold great things for you. Jesus said "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls". Matthew 11:28. Take him at his word, he won't deny you.

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, don't give up. You are loved.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 08:57

Do you have any education?

By Mister B-Don at 23,Feb,12 10:59

I don't know what he or she was into, but God layed some heavy shit on that person....find a church and get baptized and say 3 Hail Mary's.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 12:25

I wish people would can it about this god guy. Obviously there is no god. NO ONE!!!!!!!!! Deserves this okay? Thankyou!
By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 21:24

Your so rude!Did you even read this?Your fucking rude!
By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 21:27 Fold Up

Just because you don't belevin god doesn't meen other people not!

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 12:36

Why would anyone in their right mind turn to a church for help?

They are famous for hiding behind their blood soaked robes, building palaces, & leaving starving people to die in the streets every single day. Don't bother with a church. They will send you out the door with the same thing you came in with. Nothing.
By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 15:03

I said a convent not a damn church. A convent almost always has a guest room for retreat. I agree the church down the street wont help you, thats why I gave him the website to find a convent.

By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 15:07

Who would want to subject themselves to so much stupidity? There has to be another way.
By anonymous at 23,Feb,12 21:30

I feel so bad I wish I could do something but I'm only 11.

By anonymous at 24,Feb,12 03:35

I damn near cried when I read so sorry you had to go through this. No, life isn't fair at all. I even hate the bastard who molested you as a child. No child should never have to go through what you went through. My heart goes to you dear.

By anonymous at 29,Feb,12 18:36

you can purchase "herbal incense" from the gas station for around 10 dollars a bag. smoke that shit. it will get you high AND its legal!

By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 22:35

what did you do to make him molest you?

By at 14,Apr,12 01:49

dont give up try gettin help churches offer free food also those grocery stores with free samples anywhere u can find free food go for it depends where u live there are apple trees ect i been homelss in past in 2 homless shelters trry that dont give up u need someon to talk to im here ur life is worth livin reason u alive still ur journey is not over believe it or not ur story put me to tears i too have gone tru tough tinmes

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