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hate everything

Posted by anonymous at February 16, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 February  Health  Sexuality

I have a bad case of eczema (rash on my skin) on my whole body so it is visible in t-shirts and makes me feel even more like a freak. I have some very evil thoughts sometimes and I really hate myself for them. I am often lazy and don't do things the way I should, in short I really hate myself. Also I hate my job, it's shit and even a monkey could do it but it is also very stressful sometimes, however usually it's just boring. A lot of the staff I work with are also complete idiots and very annoying. I had some gay experiences years ago so I hate myself for them as well, and occasionally I still have some gay thoughts which make me hate myself even more. I am very paranoid about people from work finding out about this as well as most of them don't really like gays and I would definately have problems if they found out. Just to clarify though, I am not really gay, not even bisexual really in my opinion, the gay incidents happened when I was very young and it was only because I was horny and drunk the first time then I became confused because of the first incident. In fact I said that I was gay when I was younger because I was so confused but I really was not however I disgraced myself in the process.

When I was younger I always thought I would eventually become successful, not massively successful just in a job that pays relatively well, at the minute I'm working in a job which I hate which is very demeaning dirty work wiping bums. Also me and my girlfriend argue quite a lot, it's got better recently but still she stresses me out a lot. Also I have a few issues with her, one issue is her past she admitted with me after we'd been going out around 1 year that she'd had 20 previous 'boyfriends' and that I'm the 21st. She said that she had most of these when she was at university which wasn't for long, i.e around 2 years. So basically she's just admitted to me in my opinion that she was a slut. She denies this and gets very angry if I say anything about it but it just makes me lose a lot of respect for her. Although I don't say anything to her about it because I have no right to question her as I have done many disgraceful things sexually such as seeing prostitutes and some homosexual encounters. I really hate the area I live in, it's full of crime and immigrants. Basically my girlfriend digusts me, I disgust myself, and sometimes I hate her, I hate other people a lot of the time, but number one I hate myself. There are a lot of other things as well that I can't write on here.


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New Comment

By at 24,Feb,12 22:15

Disgusted in a relationship? What happen to one should love one-self? She is a slut and you are honest with you need? Perfect match dude.
She is someone who does not like to be judged for her pursue of happiness, and you are someone who fails to see the fact that you get a boner almost every morning and prositution has been around almost since the invention of money.
Just drop that disgusting point of view. Then life shall be better. look at the bright side, she is experienced and do better than most who has less men in their life. Your life really does not suck, but you think it sucks.
By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 00:56

kifi you and meow meow should get together that is terrible advice.

but those two deserve each other because they are perverts who dont respect themselves or anyone else, let alone love.
By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 00:58

but op you can change yourself at least and hope that inspires your gf to change...
By at 25,Feb,12 10:42

Perverts huh? Yeap, when you dont like it, you just insult away. Self-respect is not judged by others, and mine is different to yours dude. Love is for reproduction and I actually trasure it more than you ever know all about you incomplete life.
You stand for nothing, you dont even have a name. Insult and disrespect, these represent what you have ever done here.
By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 13:19

Im talking about respecting others. Its not always about self love and gratification. Love is not for reproduction unless you plan on having sex with your mom and having an inbred child. My life is incomplete because I dont fk everyone I get an opportunity to? I'm not attracted to someone unless their soul is as attractive as their body and if not the sex is always lacking so I don't bother. I stand for nothing? How would you know? You have a random email address you can shut at anytime, hardly any less anon. having sex with hookers and members of the same sex is a perversion. How the hell would you know what I have done here? You have just said there is no god, don't care about anyone, pay for human traffic slaves (hookers) to have sex with you. You're pathetic, that's not an insult that's a fact.
By anonymous at 25,Feb,12 13:23

Before you claim to have not said those things, just remember you're one of the few egotist who stamp their name on their bad advice so I know what you are doing trying to drag others down to hell with you, me you don't know. You have no idea how much you are screwing yourself when you mislead others, because you will be held accountable for every soul you have misled and every sin they commit on your account.
By at 26,Feb,12 01:24

At 1319 and 1323

Ah..You and your stupid believe... go fuck your-self with it, u fucking nameless. I have never seen hell, and I know there is no heaven. I do not drag, but leave comments. Everyone has the choice to save one-self from the cost and disappointment of false promises.

By leaving my name here I am acting with the slightest honesty, and you don't even have the courage to set a name for you-self and the ancient teachings you uphold so dearly. What kind of person do you see your-self for such failure?

Don't give me title while you don't know what it is. We don't need to read your stupidity on top of you believe in heaven and hell fiction. That is, you just think the op is going to YOUR fictional hell anyway, and you are so sensitive that you know that must not be mentioned to keep your sorry grace. Also that with all your intelligent you can only say "you can change your-self...."

The op already feels sorry for him-self! That means he must be changing, and of course you can't realise that with your religiously ethical ego. Because is just blocking your view.

-Homosexuality is not perversion, but the design of nature in mammal.
-Random email address? Contact me, do you dare? Then is just a fucking prejudgment out of your dislike
-If I don't care than I would not had done all those comments.
-your fictional understanding has no monopoly over that God and what is REALLY good for any individual.
-Love is for reproduction as in the need in us, fuking moron. That is a scientific fact, just as I know the OP get a boner almost every morning. Go, Shove that example up your family tree to the root.
-Your life is incomplete in this situation because you showed no sign of having lived a hard life, you refuse to recognise what is normal in this cruel world, and I am happy to prejudge you, just like you have done to me.
-Everyone on lifesucksbigtime is supposed to be pathetic, and somehow there is always these happyreligious fuckers like your-self who tries to change others life just because they think they can with that dillusion of theirs.

You force your own moral and religious teaching onto others with insult and judgment. Fuckingly bravo and shameless. You disgust me to my core. Your bring your religious moral into people life where they don't life in situation like yours. Y
By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 17:37

You don't know me at all and everything you surmised is wrong. If you have anger within how are you going to help others? Remove the stick in your own eye before you remove the splinter from someone else's.
By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 18:48

P.S. Just because animals do something doesn't mean a person should copy:
Lions who breed with a lioness who has cubs with another lion will kill her cubs and get her pregnant with her own does that mean that's what you should do?
Monkeys eat bugs off each other, does that mean that's what you should do?
Some animals mate for life. Which animal do you want to pretend you are?
If "love" (SEX) is only about breeding then don't you ever use a condom with a hooker (because thats NOT what the animals do!) and you should make her your girlfriend to protect her from STDS and other violent men and make her the mother of your 20 children.

Id email you but I guarantee it is a waste of my time and you would stop responding.
By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 18:48

*his own*
By anonymous at 28,Feb,12 21:31

Hi I am the OP. In reply to some of the responses, I am not religious and I am not going to convert. I already think that being promiscuous (having sex with lots of people) and homosexuality are wrong. However when I was younger I did lots of things that I regret. I have also done quite a few things that are illegal and this makes me very paranoid that one day I will be caught. I honestly hate gays and prostitutes or sluts because they remind me of my own weaknesses in the past and the things that I hate about myself. Honestly my life is not terrible because I have a fairly good standard of living and I love my girlfriend and she loves me, but sometimes my self-hatred becomes intolerable. To clarify my girlfriend is not a slut anymore she had one relationship before me that lasted for years, so I am the only person she has been with for years, although she slept around a bit when she was younger. She claims to have no regrets although I think maybe she just won't admit this to herself. I also hate myself for still being in this dead end job and not having the motivation to try hard to get out. I try a bit but not half enough. Also I have never really had any close friends, I had one or two around 10 years ago but I lost those long ago. Now I find it almost impossible to become close to anyone, even my girlfriend, although I love her I rarely feel close to her.
By at 29,Feb,12 06:45 Fold Up

That is so not the point, you were calling it perversion, so I explain that the animals are not pervert by nature, and human doing it is not always pervert. Which animals will one chose is out of topic. That out of the point example about lion is as BS as your family tree's example. By the way, the Persian empire and Mongolian army used to do it the lion way on the nations that they defeated. Wrong? is ok, I can be wrong.

Scientific fact is not to be applied on a personal level, but used to understand what is needed in an individual or human nature. And I have done just that. You on the other hand, apply the fact on someone life with mocking examples just becasue you don't like it. Shame on you, you motherfucker's descendent. You insult me, and I insult you as that is what you asked for. I am really curious to find out how you call homosexual men or women on the street "pervert" For you to do it here is because you have no name and can hide. I do my comments it here to make people understand that is their nature and should not be ashamed of.

If you email me to tell me how wrong I am, then I will block your address. If you email to ask me if I am real, then I will give you a yes. Your non-sense interests me not. Beside, you are the one who always started criticising in the first place. I can give you any reasoning to tell you to stop that, but you deserve not of my reasoning on that. I will just give you insult the way you gave to me, and point out your false arguments. That is your karma, that is fair.

I do not have an anger issue. Because I did not type with capital letter and insult before you started it. You on the other hand, have ideology-hating issues with those who have ideology contrasting to your-self. With it, you respond to my comment with insult and disrespect. I say it again, that is all you have done in my eyes. Of course, on top of all the out-of-topic examples, illogical arguments and wrong understand with a hating mind. You disgust me to my core.

By Loradae at 05,May,13 03:58

That takes us up to the next level. Great potisng.

By Christiana at 05,May,13 03:58

Articles like this are an example of quick, hlefpul answers.

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