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Just Feeling Lonely And Need to Rant

Posted by lonelyguy at February 25, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Loneliness

I'll preface that my life is probably not nearly as bad as a lot of people's... in fact, in a lot of ways I am pretty well off... I live in a wealthy family and my parents are still together. My problem comes in that really... nobody likes me, and the worst part is that I have a hard time understanding why.

First of all, I really don't share any interests with anybody. I like video games and spending a lot of time on the internet... and... that's about it (not that I have a whole lot of free time). I hate sports and I don't do drugs, smoke, drink, or party. I don't really even like television or movies (though I'd prefer that over going outside because it gives me an excuse to be lazy). However, even when I join gaming clubs or anime clubs... nobody wants to talk to me. I'll joke around with people and yet people just have no desire to be my friend. I'm not even fat or ugly (I'd say I'm like a 5 or 6 out of 10), so I don't really get it.

I've joined some dating sites and I'll message people, but almost never get replies (and if I do get replies you can tell they're just replying to be nice because it'll be like one tiny sentence that's kind of a nice way of saying they're not interested). I guess I just assume that a lot of girls who are more active wouldn't want to talk to me, so I don't bother messaging them. Heck, if the ones who say they like video games and anime aren't even replying to me, why would anybody else, either?

And even when I do meet somebody... I'm not the type who wants to have sex right away, which is what seems to be the norm. I have a low self-esteem and suffer from pre-mature ejaculation, so it's embarrassing to have sex with somebody anyway.

I'm just going through one of those cycles in my life where I need to rant. I'm sure eventually somebody will come enter my life... and then cheat on me a year later, so that the cycle will repeat. But until that day comes where I find somebody who pretends to love me for my money, I'm all alone, and I don't foresee that changing for a very long time... Maybe it's just easier this way... on the bright side, at least nobody is leeching me of my money...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 11:16

don't understand, you seem allright .. and if on top of that you have money you should have many girls interested around you.. try pushing yourself a little bit , take more risk in talking with girls and start living

By at 17,Apr,12 22:26

Your lonely post made me feel not so lonely, so thanks :) I am not typing this to be mean, it's just that I like the internet too (as in I wish it were my job and I happen to like the job I have), but when online all the forums I join I end up with no friends. I don' get "dating", be yourself they say, "I want something real", but when you're not some superpowered sex goddess that can walk in 10 inch heels, then they're like "Why can't you be more like XXXXXX" DA HELL... I also lauhed a lot about that whole somebody will enter m ylife and then cheat on me a year later! I think that too! At least now I know someone else is as fucked as I am. :D

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