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why my life sucks

Posted by anonymous at February 25, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 February  Juvenile problems

1. im a 19 year old virgin

2. ive never had a gf

3. i've always been rejected by everyone

4. i was beaten by my mom up until the age of 18 for reasons ranging from not following directions going outside when im not supposed getting bad grades and too many other things to count

5. always been the bitch of the family who just takes it

6. i work my ass off but i dont get to keep ANY of my money . it all goes to the house

7. i have anxiety and im not sure whats happenened to my body

8. ive had at least 5 panic attacks at the job because of my anxiety but my mom wont let me quit.

9. everytime i go to work my anxiety seems to shoot up and it gets really hard to breath

10. i find young/teenage girls attractive so i guess im a closet pedophile/hebephile

11. the only girls that due find an interest in me are illegal or fat

12. i have no social life

13. i have no freinds

14. i have no social skills which keeps me from getting a normal girl freind in the first place

15. the most i can do with a girl is be nice to them a couple times before i withdraw from fear of rejection which ive experienced my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE

16. i wear jacked up fucking "Malcolm X" looking glasses

17. i have no nice clothes money or car to take a girl ....who would ever want to be with a broke ass guy like me?

18. my hair looks like shit

19. did i mention i have no clothes except raggedy ass shirts and jeans?

20. my brothers and sister get treated better then me always have always will.

21. i never had a real father figure.

22. all of the chances i ever had with a girl were squashed by my mother / sister aswell through fear ....

23. i was always discouraged at an early age by my mother an sister mainly to stay away from all things sexual and sensual with the opposite sex especially white girls ..they said "you could rape them and go to jail" even though i dont know how a 12 year old boy or a young teenager can do that by simply liking and trying to talk to them

24. im a loser...a pathetic nobody

25. i was always the wierd one in high school...

26. i dont trust anyone really.

27. i never received the love i needed from my parents

28. i took 50 milligrams of a drug called 4aaco and ended up having a BAD trip a few minutes after ingesting i told my mom i needed to go to the hospital.... instead of taking me there she beat the shit out of me and told me how much of a dumb ass idiot i was before finally taking me to the hospital which made things a HELL of alot worse then they could of been.

29. i am a bitch because i take this shit and she is "the only one that loves me"....she always told me this after she wooped my ass

30. i masterbate to porn until my dick is dry everyday because this bicth cant get a girl

31. the beatings are done but the damage is done the pain will always be a pathetic little stupid insecure bitch because of it.


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By at 02,Mar,12 23:47

19 is very young and it's certainly no surprise that you are a virgin. you have a lot ahead of you. i don't think liking 15-16 year old girls at your age is pedophiliac but some state laws say otherwise, so you should really stay away.

your mother is obviously abusive. you should save up $ and move away from home. you are too old to get beaten up by your mother. you will turn 21 soon and will be entering adulthood. i think you need to take some anti-anxiety meds. they help a lot and start getting your life together. you should definitely not give up. you just have toxic people in your life like your mother. really go to college, keep working, save $ and just get out of your mother's house. she's not good to you or for you. first solve that situation and then you can get to talking about getting a girlfriend and all that.

good luck.

By at 02,Mar,12 23:50


By bob at 03,Mar,12 02:15

Get a job at a warehouse or something along that lines. A labor intensive job. They pay better than retail does in the long run.

Move out when you make enough money and save for a car.

Malcolm X was awesome, and I quote:
"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 09:39

Did school let out early when these were posted? TIRED of the whiny little kid sht.
By bob at 03,Mar,12 20:55

I hate it when kids whine about being abused.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 17:16

Sounds a lot like my life bro. I hate it too. Ive tried killing myself.
By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 23:25

Everything except 31 29 and 28 sum up my life almost to the tee

By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 19:21

1. for now
2. find one, any...there are many fish in the sea....all sorts...even if she's not ur type
3. figure out why and fix them
4. stay kool and get out of ur moms way
5. stop worrying, stop being scaried, find a source of confidence and have faith
6. save a little after each week and hide it, even from yourself research on how to control anxiety
8. its a hard to find a job in general, be happy you have some source of income, but keep looking for a better one
9. breath and fake confidence...fake it till you make it
10. find a young looking chick, but of age, or a underdeveloped young adult
11. find different social mixes that you would like to join, there will be a different mix of girls, clubs, library, parks, comic events, strip club, coffee shops, be creative...even grocery stores
12.find what interest you and find pple that share your interest...fbook,twitter...utilize social media...shit even craigslist...whatever
13. friends from simply basic sparks...convo...interest...whatever
14.stop worrying about a thing you like...or think you would there trust me one will find you..or vice versa
15. stay nice...until you are steps count
16.swag...its not what you wear...but how you wear it
17. start creative...the have fresh shit there all the time...once again be creative...shiit walk...take a bus...or bike...shit like that is romantic to we are in a recession pple understand not having a car....but bumming your attire is your choice partna
18. cut it, wash it, getl it up, or swag it up
19. refer to #17
20. change the way you look at thing, and the things you look at begins to change
21. watch the cosby show...or find a role model online...and begin learning
22. stop listening to them, act like you are...but think differently...make your haters your motivators
23. stop thinking sex...start thinking intimacy...or just good conversations...or finding someone with similar interests
24. no your are not...unless if you want to be
25. wierd is cool from a different perspective...
26. you don't have yourself...make righteous God
27. make sure you provide others what you lacked
28. drugs are the easy way out...mediate if you need to....but try not to escape...if you do chose drugs keep it natural...weed...moderation
29. utilize that energy and be a BOSS
30. masturbation is normal....once again in moderation
31. the past is the past...the present is in your hands...and the decisions you make determines your future


By anonymous at 29,Jan,13 13:08

1st of all your mother sounds lot like a slave driver to me. Get out. When I moved out I was pretty glad as my mum was known to hit me around even over 18.
I am socially awkward.

I have very similar situations as you too. People think I am more of a thinker or a dedicated type of person to something.

I don't have girlfriends either nor I really want one.

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