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Fuck Life

Posted by anon at February 26, 2012
Tags: Abuse  Childhood  2012 February

Ive been raped and beaten in fostercare
moved in with my mom again, she beat the fuck out of my sister and I.
Went to a mental institution, suicidal, cutting, ED.

PTSD out the ass. Flash backs that put me into panic attacks regularly.

You people say your lives suck when you dont get a damn Ipod. Go choke on your own stupdity and walk a mile in anothers shoes.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Mar,12 20:23

That aint right. You should have told on those people who did it. The world may suck but there are laws in place that punish people for being scum so thank God for that. Yeah some people up here are annoying spoiled jackasses. I guess its natural to complain but you have a reason. You should go to a rape or incest survivor group just for the interaction. I have ptsd from my childhood too, its dictated my whole life and made me a prisoner of my mind and my life consequently suck. I dont even bother opening up to anyone, but anyhow, I wanted to drop you a comment because meaningful comments can be sparse up here. I know I sound like just another person, but I really feel for you.
By anonymous at 05,Mar,12 10:43

oh so its that easy, I think you need to read the book ''broken'' by shy keenan. she had to fight to get a little bit of justice!
from the age of 3 until 11 i was repeatedly raped by my biological sperm donar(father)and then i thought it was over until 4 yrs ago i was set up by so called female friends that i knew for about a year who spiked my drink with rohypnol and I was ganged raped by 4 men, I believe there were more, I was out for hours and held hostage when I came around completely, i'm left with emotional and physical scares. yes the law has got better but its not that easy to get help. when I went to the police about the child hood sexual abuse i was told it still goes on so i dont get prority. i was 3, 3 years old, what 3 year old can fight off a fat cunt that weighed at least 18stones! i was left with blood pooring down my leg!i was told if you tell i'd do it again! i'm so angry, I hate my own race! i feel sick! oh and yes when I told my granmother his mother, i was told its my fault! and of course he lied, and then bastard punched me in the face, and raped me till i was torn and bleeding, oh and my grandmother listened to me SCREAM THE HOUSE DOWN!! and did nothing but close the door, so she didn't have to hear the screams, sick right!! FUCK LIFE! there is no justice, i'm still left with scares I hate him so much all them bastards, they have ruined my life!
By anonymous at 05,Mar,12 21:35

I am not real big on wishin god to heal you but... GOD ! you deserve a friggin break from the bastards that dont wish to be part of a way to find a happy soul in you ... sheesh...
please ... hang in there and i know i really dont know but please just ... hang in there ...
By at 14,Apr,12 01:17 Fold Up

wowe u have gone thru a lot im here if u need someone to talk to i was abused by my biological father as well at least it was vaginal sex it was anal sex and forced me to give him oral sex have been raped 3 different times three different ppl life sucks but its getiing better for me im here to tell u try gettin closer to god he will help u
By anonymous at 25,Apr,12 23:45 Fold Up

You liked all those penises pumping in and out of you, blowing gallons of jizz on you....admit it. You loved it and asked for it
By anonymous at 04,Oct,12 12:12

It is clear from your comments that you are the kind of person that does these horrific things others. You must be demon possesed and deserve to die for saying such things.

By anonymous at 04,Mar,12 15:18

thats a rough story. sorry. if you ever need to talk to anyone.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,12 21:33

I am not real big on wishin god to heal you but... GOD ! you deserve a friggin break from the bastards that dont wish to be part of a way to find a happy soul in you ... sheesh...
please ... hang in there and i know i really dont know but please just ... hang in there ...

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 19:56

i will walk in your shoes the difference is im too quick to get caught and raped in them
By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 20:13

fuk u
By at 14,Apr,12 01:18 Fold Up

wow hope u never have to go thru what many ppl have gone thru because if u ever do then KARMA is a bitch and suck it lol

By anonymous at 10,Mar,12 10:55 life is simalar where are you now and how old are you?

By anonymous at 11,Mar,12 11:03

Talk to ur friends about it and the police, trust me they will help :) Goodluck darling! I was molested and bashed aswell :) Don't think why me, just think that it will help u be strong and that u can help others like u :) Talk to someone about it. xo

By anonymous at 20,Mar,12 10:26

To the smart ass who says she is too quick to get raped...hon you probably already have been raped and don't know it. Date rape drugs are more popular than you can imagine.

By anonymous at 20,Mar,12 10:31

To the person whose advice for this person, is to talk to friends & police ~ I wish I could be so naive innocent. Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

Maybe someday I'll join you in never never land. I wish we lived in that world...

By at 27,Mar,12 20:28

rhoda247 / I've watched you since your atiduions in American Idol, & honestly I still can't believe you were here in the Philippines for a tv mini-series. I watched Nandito Ako. You're a natural actor, your eyes tell everything. Thank you again for sharing with us your passion, artistry, your love of music, your gifted talents, your kindness & genuine personality. Thank you for doing an OPM album, it means a lot to us Filipinos that you appreciated our musicality. We will surely miss everything of you your smiles, your tweets/vlogs, specially your music. FOREVERMORE you will be in our hearts, & we are just right here waiting for you. All the best in your next chapter in life.. We love you, David! Philippines will wait for your return.And i hope you get to read this message, too :)

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 21:13

Dang,I thought my life sucked.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:58

And my final comment to all you motherfuckers who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 29,May,13 09:59

OMG ilove ou so much

By 【CALVIN KLEIN】 at 25,Oct,13 13:35


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