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I feel suicidal...

Posted by ME at March 3, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Juvenile problems  2012 March

I have a depression and I always end up with bad boyfriends one after another. I pretty much raised myself, moved out, ran, kicked out, and now a homeless. Always have been. Never had my own place where I can call it a home. I have poor self esteem, abused by my mother, father and mother made a mistake making me, he wasn't around, died when I was 15 I think. My ex keep putting me down by saying my weaknesses, calling me names, harassing me. I have no one to help me. I feel stuck. I have a puppy who needs a better owner. Feel sorry for not even having a water/food bowl for her. I have nothing... I am getting to the point where I am thinking about the easy way out. Killing myself... What's a girl gotta do all by herself? No place to call a home, no job, no one to talk to... I feel stupid, numb, worthless... Once I had a dream but now I am afraid of everything. Literally everything...


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 19:35

Your homeless and you have a puppy???? WTF??

By Cursed at 08,Mar,12 14:46

You have your dog. Stop communicating with that idiot (the ex)and find some friends. Get a job. Find some work. Stay busy, distracted, there must be things that you like to do that are not expensive?
Read. Find some books (free). The library is usually a good place. Read up on your interests, it will distract your mind. Try to reach out for friendship. No one is going to just "drop in your lap". Do you have an addiction? Going to the addiction meetings, there are usually a ton of people that can help you and they are usually very supportive. I don't have much else to give you- except an internet shoulder to cry on...
Don't kill yourself. It isn't worth it. There is a part of us that wants to keep on fighting, after all, we're only human... And try to capture that instinct to survive- if you have to get angry.... Scream at the sky...
Eventually, you will find peace...

By anonymous at 11,Mar,12 01:45

u could suck cocks for things like phone time and cigarettes.u dont have to beg for cock,seeing how your a female and all. question:you cant take care of yourself but NOW you have a innocent mouth to feed besides your own.thats the problem right there:YOU JUST DONT CARE AND FEEL THE NEED TO GIVE A SPEACH TO sypathetic morons who will play on your misfortune with words of encouragement that should be playing out in your own head. quit feeilng sorry for yourself,because when it comes down to it,there isnt anything anyone in cyberspace can do for you that YOU cant do foryourself physically.REMEMBER:these are the choices and descisions YOU chose on your own.everyone has choices and making the wrong ones ie; having children accidentally,not being a good parent, promiscuous behavior, cheating,decieving or misleading those who are close to help you ARENT GOOD DESCISIONS and are BAD CHOICES! Walking in front of a bus-BAD CHOICE. you know this already why is it such a big mystery to you? Try being a single parent to the most wonderful little boy, that just wants to have his mother in his life and she selfishly decides to be a HOOKER literaly, as opposed to being a mom at home with her family that loves her.think about it. the only ones we hurt when we feel its the world job to set our ability to cope is the same that EVERYONE has to contend with deal with it OR ask the guy your banging to do sumthin about it, after all what guy off the streets is going to say NO to a girl that makes bad choices? its his duty to be captain SAVE-a-HOE and you willingly follow will f$*k any female,you dont have to be hot to figure that one out.Men tell you what U want to hear because your voulnuerable and seen as prey, you, ignorantly,have made a connection and found your soul mate.You can make a good living sucking cock, ask my ex, you can live well!


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