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Lonely is taking over my life

Posted by Steve at March 6, 2012
Tags: Death  2012 March  Money

I'm 52 and was married for 27 years. Five years ago my 17 year old son took his life. It tore out my heart and soul. My wife and I vowed that we wouldn't become another divorce statistic from losing a child. Things seemed to be getting a little better until I found out she was seeing someone else. That tore out what heart I had left. Money is tough too. In 2008 I made $116,000 and in 2010 I made $10,000 at the same sales job. I live in my sisters basement with my two best friends (dogs). They keep me alive but I'm wondering how much longer I can do this. I'm seriously considering taking my life but I don't want to hurt my girls Bella and Ginger (my dogs). I'm just so tired of being lonely and don't know how much longer I can do this. My guess is I'll die alone and be happy with my last breath.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Mar,12 17:19

desperately sad. have no social skills. freeze at prospect of interaction. am boss of a lot of staff.but cant speak to anyone. everyone knows i am shy and a loser. I cant go on like this. Havent got what it takes.
By anonymous at 10,Mar,12 01:01

Have you been tested for ADHD? If not, you should consider it. My bf thought he was bipolar or severely depressed and it turns out he had ADHD. He wasnt hyper so youd never know but its something that affects you rmental state of mind so much.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 02:20


I have 7 and they keep me alive everyday. Ultimately dogs are far better than people anyway so don't think you are missing out on human friendships anyway. they suck!
I understand the loneliness but most of the world is lonely so it is not just you.You can learn to live with it,and eventually you accept it and before you know it ,it is no big deal.Trust me I know! 54 years old, never been married ,live in a foreign country I hate ,cant get back homer (trying for 11 years)don't speak the language,no money etc etc. But I have been blessed with the care of my dogs that would otherwise have been dead by now and totally forgotten about by everyone.
Despite what most people think and are taught sometimes life really isn't about "Us" .
Life sometimes is just about everyone else and we have to do our best to take joy and comfort where we can i.e our animals.
I think the trick is (It worked for me ) is just to try to accept things as they are and maybe next time around it will be better.
Hugs to Bella and Ginger .They love you .

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 11:16

I understand what you are going though i lost why husband 5 mths ago after being married 33 years, then 4 mths later i lost my mom these are two of my very best friends i have two adult chidren one lives with me . my world dropped out when i lost my husband he was the greatest then i lost my mother 4 mths later and she was always there .you feel so alone and disconnected from life has thow life is not there anymore you do your daily funtion of things you need to do without motivation al the excitement of life has been taken away i feel i will die lonely also hope things get better for you maybe they will that is the hope we have got to have.

By anonymous at 28,Nov,12 13:23

wow sounds ad ell argongthogh tmsatem impossabl to endoure and a frind can never be found hope make it i caint really help i have to figure out my owen problems.caint sleep or eat ihrt all over.feel like giveng up all together

By anonymous at 28,Nov,12 13:32

im siting on a fallen tree in the woods behinde myhouse iam so depressed ill be 42 the 30 of nov.everyone around me s so see i gave everythng up and my parents sai they needed my help so i move from mo.and at first things were great but they dont need me as bad as they say they are useing me.i o all the cooking cleaning iam stuck here no wa out if i do go to the store or something they call were ar you come back...utthey an leav when ever they want leaveing me al there responsabilitys no thank r nothi from huband aid hell ithit and left me now i have nothingbut two selish pepoe who only care about there selves..

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