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Too much bad luck

Posted by anonymous at March 10, 2012
Tags: Bad Luck  Childhood  Family  Health  2012 March

My life started with violence and by the time I was 13 I was living on the streets. Stealing food to survive. Never finished school. At 19 I finally decided to work hard and life looked like it was going well.
At 23 my wife suffered a stroke and I had to give up my life to look after her. Had 2 kids and a wife to look after, no job, no friends no life. We were so poor we could barely survive. No family help and my parents are both millionairs, yet they never helped me once.
I was 28 when I finally was able to get a job and become part of this world. I studied hard and graduated University as a teacher. My luck I haven't been able to land a job as a teacher. At 43 I was electrocuted at work and have been in pain for the last few years and can't get any work due to my injuries. I'm back to getting welfare and handouts from charities. It is a vicious circle for me.
There is a running joke in our house that everytime something bad happens it is the family bad luck. How much bad luck can I have. Everything I do ends up going wrong. I always help people and end up being stabbed in the back. All I have ever done is good, yet it seems if you are a bad person to others things go well. Why do they have the luck and I don't. This is a glimpse of my bad luck. If I wrote down all of my bad luck it would take me years.
I don't know why I go on, my life sucks and i wish all this bad luck would go away and take me away from all this.


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By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 21:03

Wow, I don't know what to say, accept I admire your strength and determination, and the amount you have achieved despite the hardships you have lived through, the only thing I can say os that there has to be a bonus pot at the end of that for you, you practically raised your self when you was 13, you didn't finish school, but you studied hard and graduated as a teacher, a family of your own. I don't want to diminish anything you have said or experienced by trying to write some sugar-sweet advice, I just wanted you to know i found what you wrote and survived through very inspiring, I have been readin a lot of entries, online forums but you are the first one that inspired and motivated me to make a comment.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 22:17

Thanks to who ever you are. You have made my day. I hope I do get something foor my hard work, but as we all know life sucks.

By Truth at 15,Mar,12 01:14

Here's what I would do...

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next...catch some garbage flies...big ones, and put them in a jar that you collect out of the trash. The one with metallic green asses are female, and the big ones with vertical streipes down their ass are males. Next, drop a few drops of cheap vodka, like popov, down int he bottom of the NOT get any of the flies wet.

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..then...Go outside and yell "THINK YOU CAN'T WATCH FLIES FUCK FOR UNDER A BUCK???!!! WELL COME ON IN!!!"

Then, beat the ever living shit out of singles who come into the tent, and steal their monthly bus pass.

By at 14,Apr,12 00:59

ur still alive stil here so stay possitive be thankful for the things u do have im a single young mom so i cant imagine what its like to watch more than one chid and then ur wife good luck im here to talk if u need to

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