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it just sucks rite now

Posted by eve25 at May 23, 2010
Tags: 2010 May  Relationship

I feel like every thing I say and do for him, he just doesn't even appreciates anything I do, or even takes notice of me.....i'm his wife, He should make me feel wanted, make me feel like I'm his best friend.....I don't know, we don't hardly ever talk any more, it's the same old routine, come home from work, sit and watch tv, have dinner, then watch more tv, then bed time.....WHY WON'T HE TALK TO ME? life sucks.....


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,May,10 11:10

Maybe you do not listen.
I had a few girlfriends who would hear me, but not really acknowledge what I was trying to tell them. For example, I like to start out my morning with a fresh cup of hot coffee. No cream or sugar or decaf, just simply a fresh cup of hot coffee. My girlfriend would always offer me cold cocoa, or instant decaf, telling me it was better. My morning coffee is not up to discussion, I like it the way I like it and that if final. The waitress who serves me coffee during my first break at work has it ready the way I like it every morning, no problem.
Guys are easy to figure out, they just say exactly what they mean, no hidden messages or implications. Girls have a tendency to talk cryptically in a way guys do not understand.
Of course you want to feel wanted, but many guys do not know how to express their feelings in a way that a girl understands. Guys just do not know that a girl needs to be told every day that she is wanted. Most guys with that girls came with a user's manual or something.
Girls will never be a guy's best friend, that is, until they know sports, know the difference between good beer and good ale, enjoy watching bikini beach volleyball, etc. To a guy, a friend is somebody you can talk to honestly without and judgment. On the other hand, a girlfriend (or wife) is somebody you love and cherish and have a lifetime of sharing the important things is life.
By anonymous at 26,May,10 11:40

ur comment is not helpful.
By anonymous at 28,May,10 11:26

Yeah, but only if you are a high-maintenance chick. Most chicks are so self-centered that they do not listen to anybody, they just live in their own world.
If eve25 wants to get attention from her husband, she should find out what turns him on and act out on that fantasy.
When he comes home from work some day, greet him at the door wearing a bikini and high heels and holding a cold beer. That will get any man's attention.
If you want your husband to be more of a man, you must be more of a woman.

By anonymous at 23,May,10 22:42

goddamnit i wish i had a wife like u..

By anonymous at 26,May,10 11:46

Honey, u r not alone. Many women go through this and it usually gets worse. I assume you have shared ur feelings with him. Guys use TV to avoid intimacy and there are many reasons for that. He is unhappy in the relationship but he will probably deny it. This is definatly not ur fault. Some men are never satisfied and some start out this way and turn abusive in one way or another.

By Brandy at 15,May,17 01:34

Th&27#8t1a;s a good point and one of the harder things about considering getting a pet together is that you have to discuss what would happen to the dog if the relationship didn’t work out. I know I’ll be treating the dog just like a kid of my own!

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