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YEA OK.....

Posted by anonymous at August 24, 2009
Tags: August 2009  Family  Job  Relationship  Society  Unemployment

i lost my job, i have a brother who fucks with stupid broads and i always get caught up in his crap, which currently i live with him and hed rather kick me ouut over FOOD than kick out his skank ass girlfriends. i have a kid on the way no job no money, i have never had my license i have no friends, and everyone who says they are my friend only come around when they think i have somethin from me. i have moved about 6-7 times in the past 2 years, i cant afford college even though i have tried and enrolled, i have no clothes, i barely have a place to stay.the best part of my day is goin to sleep in hopes i DON'T wake up. my mom has never done anything for me, i spent most if not all of my childhood in the custody of the state, so my childhood was spent indoors, i never got to go to parties, or school events, or anything at ALL.i live month to month on my foodstamps.....those who have em know thats not actally possible unless you got like 10 kids. i dont have anykind of income, we just got a 5 day notice to move out and no way to pay the rent and cant get rental assisstance cause the motherfuckers think the 253 dollars per month we get is enough to pay rent.the only real friend i had went to prison only to come out part of the arien brotherhood and now hates me cause im BLACK W>T>F!!!! i live in a filthy house that me and my pregnant girlfriend live in cause i cant find a job. my depression level is through the roof! im really close to just takin my own life just to end my suffering. i dont care if its the easy way out or a cowards choice ppl with good lives say shit like that, t o live in my shoes one day they would shoot themselves. i cry everynight because i cant do anything else or at least dont know where else to turn. all of my family doesnt talk to me due to my mom and my dad i cant even find to ask to help girlfriends parents hate me and i think in a short time here my girlfriend will leave me in which i wont be able to see my soon to be born son.....which will then be the end for me. i will kill myself. i am only posting this so that my story was heard in some manner. im not crying for help that time has passed. ive been dicked around so much by the ppl who say their HELPING me that i dont want help, if thats what help is about. to all those that think life sucks..... it does no matter if your rich poor a convict a prepie, or a jock, movie star anything. all of it doesnt matter cause in the end it comes down to this. friends are the ppl we trust to stab us in the back. family is the ones we tolerate the most BULLSHIT, and coworkers are the ppl we vent our frustrations on. FUCK LIFE FUCK THE WORLD FUCK HUMAN EXISTANCE!!. LIFE TRULY SUCKS!!


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By anonymous at 13,Oct,09 00:41

True man. Life does suck. I don't have it quite that bad, but I too lost my job and have no money to pay the bills and shit. I hope you haven't done anything bad though, because just think about your baby. Poor thing will think you killed yourself because of him or something. If nothing else, just try for that little guy/girl. Seems like that would make it all worth it to me.

By anonymous at 01,Jun,13 20:44

I hope ur still aroun. I just found this site not too long ago. I'm just reading ur story today. I really feel for you, ur gf, and child. But plz don't kill urself. I truly hope ur still living. Will u at least post to let me know how u r.

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