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Life just sucks in general. (formal christian's point of view.)

Posted by Ray at March 12, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Philosophical  Religion

It doesn't matter if you're some starving little child in africa abducted by Kony and whatnot, or if you're this 13 year old girl that thinks she will never get a boyfriend.
If you're one of those people that have been educated about the holy God your whole life, and how there is a heaven, You're bound for dissapointment.
The littlest things can make you severely depressed (well that's how it is in my case) because, i am constantly comparing the shit that happens here with the heaven i have always believed is real (?). See, what i'm getting at is, why is God putting us through this. (from a depressed formal christian's point of view)

The main question i had was, why would God create a world where people suffer. He knew that Adam would eat the apple, and that he would let sin in. for all of us to suffer in. so, I stumbled upon this on the internet.

(don't get me wrong with the next statement, i am very low faith)

"If God knew that we would sin, why did he create the world?Our tendency in answering this question is to look at it from a man-centred perspective: whatís in it for us? Wouldnít it have been better for us never to have sinned?

But the answer that the bible gives challenges us by taking a God-centred perspective. And it makes us step back and ask an even bigger question:

Why did God create the world at all?
God didnít create the world primarily for our benefit, he did it for his glory. He created a world that would display his glory most fully and most perfectly. That is to say, every aspect of Godís character could be shown in its most extreme form.

If God had created a world in which no one sinned, what aspects of his character could he have shown? His creative power, his loving-kindness, his provision for his people."

I guess that's reasonable right? Well i wasn't too sure after reading this:

"Why did God feel the need to prove anything about His character to Himself or to anyone, particularly the likes of His created sub-beings like angels and us? Why could He not have been satisfied to know this about Himself and leave at that? Why the big need to create a world and beings to whom you can show your glory? Was He not satisfied to just know it about Himself? Is He not all-sufficient? If thereís a true answer to this question, then the follow up question is Why, then, does He feel the need to create these very real people to show His glory to and expose these very real people, who He loves (?), to sin and evil and then send these very real people to hell to a very real suffering without hope for all eternity just to prove and display His glory to those who, by His won choosing, will not meet the same fate? Who is He doing this for and why? Isnít He really just doing all of this for Himself and real, not imaginary, created beings burn in hell and suffer unending misery for all eternity because of it? Weíre told that nothing in Him is lacking, but apparently, He was not just pleased just to know this about Himself and be satisfied with that."

When i finished reading that i was speechless. i thought God was selfish, and i was coming to hate him.
The only fucking thing that's keeping me from committing suicide is the fear that i will go to an eternity in hell, I WOULD PERSONALLY PREFER NOT TO EXIST AT ALL.
But no, I'm stuck here in fear. Bearing through each day.. wishing i could just be in heaven or not exist at all. Why should committing suicide be a sin, in the first place? Like, We're exposed to so much sin and evil, if i ever committed suicide, it would be because i'm sick of living here and i just want to be with my creator in heaven. I would like to think that if we had all the right intentions when committing suicide, we could go to heaven.

But having said that ... Nothing makes sense. I'm starting to believe God isn't even real. and when a full pledged christian starts to believe that, your whole life just seems like shit. I mean like, any bad thing that happens to you, you automatically blame it on God. There is no 'manning up' or 'suck it up, it's life' when you've been in my experience.

I just want to either not exist at all... or be in heaven. But the risk of an eternity in hell just scares me too much, and this bad life doesn't compare to what hell would be like.
So I'm just stuck. I'm just waiting here, for my time to come. My self esteem is so low ... I mean like, about a month ago i got a girlfriend, and she was kind of the person i would lean on in God's place. I guess that rubbed off as 'too clingy' and now she's just fucking ignoring me. I thought girls liked having attention, i would call her every day. just to see how she is, yenno, and chat. I didn't think i was being annoying, i just want to feel equally missed and loved.

But over all, i want to meet my creator...


New Comment

By anonymous at 17,Mar,12 13:32

no we dont worship anyone but allah- that aint true yh we have our own gods we dont want some allah to take over! no offence im sayin this in the nicest way possible
By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 00:16

Non-Muslims interested to learn about Islam can now dial toll-free

By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 13:08

ENOUGH! if somebody wants to know about Allah they'll go to a friggin mosque and ask! stop shoving religion down people's throats!
By anonymous at 02,May,12 18:27

By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:36

Wow, you just explained Atheists perfectly! Good job!
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:35 Fold Up

How is posting a number shoving it down your throat, idiot? You're the one who came here, that's your problem.

By anonymous at 02,Apr,12 19:26

I understand, Im in the same place but as a Christian I KNOW that ALL things work together for good... Lets start thanking him for allof th ebad stuff that has happened to us and see what happens somehow, we may never know why but somehow this disgusting life and all its trials and circumstances will work together for good. THank you Jesus I dont know whay this---- has happend but I give up and thank you because it will work together for good. This too will pass THank you Jesus I feel better already.
By anonymous at 19,Jun,12 05:33

You know that all things work together for the good...
i hope reality hits you soon.
I wonder how many of those million jews hitler executed were complete and faithful christians that died anyways
By anonymous at 21,Feb,13 13:29

None of them, you moron. Jews are not Christians, complete and faithful or otherwise. Also can't help but wonder what happened to the other 5 million Jews...?
By anonymous at 04,May,13 09:46

up to 50 millions were slaughtered and only 1 million jews are remembered, half of them dead is a made up fable anyways. Jews are so annoying with their bullshit.
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:16

Someone else is annoying with their bullshit...

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 16:47

Hello Ray,
There is a God and He does love you. His name is Jesus Christ. He died for your sins so you could be saved if you repent and believe in Him. I know there is a lot of bad stuff happening around, but it is not God's fault, these things are made by satan and his demons ( evil spirits ). When was Jesus on the earth He was casting these evil spirits away from people, they really do exist, ( for example a spirit of suicide, the spirit of adultery, the spirit of pride, the spirit of hatred, the spirit of murder.. etc.) All these are bad and they wants to find human bodies to make their plans like wars, divorces, suicides....But Jesus showed us that He is the Authority, the Only God who can cast them away, look in the Bible! Since Jesus rose from the dead, he is now in heaven, but Christians ( those who accepted Christ into their heart ) they have Jesus Spirit inside of them so they can cast those evil spirits away as well in Jesus name. I am a Christian and I have seen them leaving a person many times, it is all real! Jesus loves you. You have to personaly invite Him into your heart, only He can give you eternal life. He is awesome :-)
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 00:31

Well, I was born again when I was 18 and now I am 41 and my life has turned to a total shitpile. Thanks God. I agree with the author who talks about wanting to commit suicide but too won't do it because I have a fear of burning for eternity also. For the past 15 years I have wanted to die but yet I am still here so now I wish o die in my sleep every night or develop cancer. I hate this world and want to move on to an exsistance of peace instead of living in this hell hole called earth. But knowing my luck I will live to 100. I would rather be in heaven then in this shitty world I live in now but I like everyone else, have no say over my own life. Thanks again God.
By anonymous at 02,May,12 17:44 Fold Up

By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:18

Hey, you're the one who navigated to this page to this post and to this comment. That's YOUR problem, wise guy.

Just wait till Christ comes again. You will all see.
By anonymous at 21,Feb,13 13:31 Fold Up

Blah blah blah...prove it.
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:17

You skeptics and your petty proof. God exists and that's all there is to it. Deal with it.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 16:56

Hell exist, it is a reality. Many people who was clinicly dead have seen that terrible place of torment, people there are in the fire crying being tormented day and night without any minute of peace, they only cry why they didnt receive Christ, but in hel it is too late.... The Only Way to escape such a place is to repent of your sins and give your life to the Lord Jesus! He is the Only Way to heaven!
By anonymous at 02,May,12 17:37

your so wrong THATS NOT TRUE AT ALL. YOUR A CHRISTIAN YOU HAVE BEEN FED LIES ALL YOU LIFE OF COURSE YOU WOULD SAY THAT. and you are right about hell but what they are seeing is not hell its there imageination. AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW HAS IT HAPPED TO YOU. HAVE YOU BEEN THERE. I HAVE.AND I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT YOUR GOING TO HELL. WE ALL ARE. EXPESICAILY YOU. BECAUSE I HATE CHRISTIANs THEY CANT THINK FORE THEMSLEVES AND ILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU LIVE IN THE WORSE PART OF HELL. how is that possible? how could some young little girl like me know anything about this? ITS BECAUSE I AM HELL. DONT BELIVE ME. FINE YOULL FIND OUT ENVENTYLUALLY. AND JESUS HE DOSENT EXSITE ITS A LIE WHY CANT YOU SEE THAT. i probaly shouldnt get so mad. you are human. but i just hate it when people like you seem to be spreading there religon everywere. and its as if your trying to get people into the worse parts of hell STOP KILLING PEOPLE. stop telling people these things all your doing is scaring them then they feel as if they have tobecome christian or any religon becaue THEY ARE AFRAID. AFRAID OF THE UNKNOWN.JUST KNOW THAT I HAVE NO PITY FOR YOU AND YOU WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. EVEN IF I HAVE TO COME UP THERE AND DO IT MYSLEF. THEN YOULL KNOW THEN YOULL REGRET. WERES YOUR PRESCIOUS LITTLE GOD NOW
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:19

Oh, death threats now? Stay classy Atheists.

What a load of hot air.

By at 02,May,12 17:20

dont listen to people about this stuf. they dont know ethier
i larned the real answear. i learned the truth at a early age, so im not going to tell yyou everything mostly because im still putting the last details in and even more imporantly its dangrous. dont ask how i know, its a long story. you can never live the way you used too. since i was so young i had no idea what i was getting into. you live in fear. you lay awake at night and you can never talk to people the same way again. i will tell you small details like things you probaly want to know most. for one, there is most defintly a hell. and sorry for the disappointment but all humans go there. olny the pure faces make it out. you might be a pure face but its still uncertian. (by the way im not pranking you and im not crazy, what im telling you is real) i am a pure face. but im staying in hell. i went to far , learned too much. dont do the same just stick to what im telling you. i also did a few things i was warned repeatly not to. (my curiosity got the best of me) so they'll make sure im punished. im not afraid . i dared them. told them to do their worse. and i know for sure they will so please dont make the same mistake. and dont do anything they wont like . ex: burning a black feather during the full moon then shoutig im here come get me . biggest mistake of my life. there is no heaven. there is a place that you go to when you escape hell. its amazing , been there so many times intill they closed the gate i opeoned. there is no god. there is a creator , several of them. then thee is this most powerfull creature in the entire world. if it wasnt for her sacrifice the world wouldnt be here. she is nothing like god. she dosnt rule any body or anything. she is very dangurous. could kill you with her own eyes. she is supposed to be in hiding. its said she is pretending to be a teenager or some were along that age line. i hope to find her. maybe you will. she is supposed to talk weird. quiet, keeps herslef hidden yet she stands out way too much. anyways suicide wont quiken the proscess of meeting the creators. you just float in darkness intill you real life would end. so dont do that its miserable. and besides maybe you can make a diffrence. maybe you csn get people to think more and whatever you do get out of christianity. they get punished worse. everything about it is a lie even about hell. one day youll understand
By anonymous at 21,Feb,13 13:50

WTF are you even talking about? You just wasted 200-300 words saying nothing except some crazy ass bullshit that only you know. Know what, Mr. Mystical? STFU before you do some real damage to epeople who are lost and scared.

By anonymous at 30,Jul,12 03:12

fuck religion man do what you want religion does nothing but fly planes into buildings
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:20

No, those are terrorist extremists, idiot.

When was the last time a Christian blew a bunch of people up?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

By anonymous at 22,Oct,12 00:15

And all the cruelties evils and horrors throughout history and prehistory is the price we have to pay for free will as the theologians and religious folks point out. And I would like to point out that this experiment with free will has ruined and fucked the creation from the angelic creation to the natural world and human beings. Rampant evil sin suffering death and extinctions are the end results of this free will over thousands to millions of years of history and prehistory. This is fucking sick cruel immoral insane. This is a fucking travesty and a fucking CRIME. Free will my ass. Take back your free will theologians and SHOVE IT. Enough with your free will and enough with your Adam and Eves sin. What the fuck kind of fairy tale is that? Because two ignorant humans disobeyed a cruel unjust unreasoning unforgiving irrational God 6000 to 30000 years ago by eating forbidden fruit all creation has to be cursed punished and ruined. So all humanity has to have a sinful evil nature and animals have to suffer and die as well. This is the most unjust cruelest most asinine and stupidest and most insane travesty ever written by man.The creation was set up to be screwed by Adam and Eves free will. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. Someone help me retain my sanity. This is the INSANITY AND STUPIDITY which religious folks are stuck with. So the creation gets fucked and the Devil wins and gets to rule the world. What a God we have. I can picture Satan laughing at this incompetent God and laughing at humanity. This God is a lousy horrible caretaker and is a FAILURE. Its an embarrassment for me as a Christian. This God has no common sense and has no reasoning and has no mercy and does not know how to forgive. This God cannot see the sin and the wrong in His cruel unjust disproportionate inhumane punishments. Its pitiful. Im embarrassed to call myself a Bible believing Christian. Look at the hellhole the world is in. Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. Sooner or later I will just sign myself in a mental hospital. Satan the Devil rules this fuck up for a world and not a loving God. There is no hope for me. FUCK!
By anonymous at 21,Feb,13 14:15

By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:22 Fold Up

Well when you're THAT pessimistic, no wonder you're so miserable.

By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 00:39

Many kinds of unexplained phenomena such as ghosts hauntings seances spiritualism out of body experiences near death experiences poltergeists clairvoyance anomalous cloud formations are believed by Fundamentalist Christians as Satanic or demonic deceptions. For example if one sees a ghost it is really a demon in disguise and if one has a near death experience it is really the Devil or demons who are behind it. If one sees words or a face up in the sky formed by clouds its really demonic acrivity. U.F.Os space aliens alien abductions are also believed to be fallen angels in disguise.Tarot cards ouija boards seances channeling crystal gazing dungeons and dragons and all manner of the occult including Wicca witchcraft are believed to be doorways to the demonic and the Satanic.Demonic possession still occurs. The Exorcist Beyond the Door The Rite and The Devil Inside are about demonic possession. In Beyond the Door released in 1974 a San Francisco woman is giving birth to a demonic baby and becomes possessed as a result of dabbling in a Satanic ritual years earlier with a man named Dimitri. Dimitri is suspended in time for the last 10 years. The demon possessed woman throws her husband around the room by telekinesis. The womans two children a boy and girl are alone in their room when the dolls and toys come to life on their own all through demonic activity. Are demons and Satan in every unknown phenomena? If something cant be explained logically or naturally then its believed to be supernatural and all too often its believed that demons and Satan are behind it. Of course clouds cant form words or faces by itself so its either the Devil or demons who are doing it. I think its frightening and very depressing if all unexplained phenomena are Satanic or demonic deceptions. If thats the case then researchers are wasting their time wnd effort studying near death experiences and telekinesis if its all Satan and demons who are behind it all pulling the strings and deceiving people. Why does God allow Satan and his demonic cohorts to manipulate and deceive people?Remember the movie Carrie where the religious fanatic Fundamentalist Christian mother of Carrie says to her Witch. You have Satans power.....Dont you know he(Satan) doesnt let you know hes working through you? What this means is that Carries mother thinks Carries awesome telekinetic power is coming from Satan. Is it? Nobody knows. Some things are always going to remain mysteries.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,12 07:38

Hi that's really sad that uve lost faith not hard considering the way the world is, u have to realize tho that god gave Adam and eve free will, the choice to serve him out of love for him, they made a choice to disobey god, and if u think about it this way if god stopped eve from eating the forbidden fruit then they might of started to think that god was truly holding them back from something better. God has the perfect sense of justice even tho the world is utterly miserable now u have to realize that the world is under Santans influence and that since his sovereignty was challenged he has had to take a back seat n show how the world would be like not under his rulership to prove a point, we need god... In saying that god has made a way and that soon this world will be under gods direction again after Armageddon when the righteous will inherit the earth and since all sin is paid in death there will be a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteousness.. I mean god can't lie so if his original purpose was for man to live happy on earth why would that change? Plus point god never Said to Adam and eve if u sin u go to hell he said from dust u were made from dust u will return. If he did create a place called hell and wanted people to be tourtured forever wouldn't he be working with Satan instead of against?
By anonymous at 17,Nov,12 19:05

Free will and Adam and Eves sin does not justify allowing eons of evil and suffering. Thats immoral and insane. This cruel unreasoning unwise unjust unforgiving God flushed the ENTIRE creation down the toilet because of free will and Adam and Eves sin. The world is a hell. And if most poeple are doomed to go to hell in the next life then thats even more reason why this experiment with free will and Adam and Eve is wrong cruel and destructive. The world is a fucking horror movie because of free will and Adam and Eves sin. This is the stupidity and insanity were stuck with. Satan the Devil rules this fucked up world. A loving wise God does not. Ive known this for years.
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:25

You're absolutely right. If God really ruled, He would force everyone to be good and do what He wants. There would be no suffering and no joy. Then everything would be BETTER!

By anonymous at 21,Feb,13 14:18 Fold Up

If it comforts you to believe this nonsense, then power to you. Just don't ask or expect any rational person to buy into it.
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:24

There was nothing and nothing ever happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded creating everything for absolutely no reason and then all of that nothing that suddenly became everything evolved into dinosaurs and then something happened that we really can't seem to figure out and now here we are for no reason. "rational" people are too smart for us.


By MJ Ultimate at 15,May,13 04:44

Remember one thing,

If ur a religious person then understand this way. God needs us as much as we need him because first we r part of him and he gave us pain to punish himself (hahahha...Really don't understand why this line came to my mind, but if it is then it must be true or atleast somehow true.)

He gave us pain just to make sure that we will believe in him because this is the only thing what most people do when they r in pain or afraid of something specially death. People will stop believing in him if they have nothing to afraid and so the existence of GOD will end. This time or era is very right or the best for him to do so..

Secondly i don't believe in those stupid religious story, hell or heaven. I am kind of person who understand both science and religion but don't believe in both truly. As far as i understand those story can't be true, they r just made by cleaver people to make other stupid people to believe in religion and to worship GOD so to make good fortune for them. And this is the only thing i will do if were in there place. Also if those stories r true somehow then they have no good anymore, because now there is no GODS, Demi GODS, creature, stuff just the humans or mankind. Those may be existed and now they r gone, they r gone for good, good for mankind and for there kind as well... so stop believing in those stories and thing anymore.....

There is one more thing about hell, heaven, sin, good, bad etc stuff... First how it is good if someone gets punishment for their sins after life or death because he don't remember what they have did also not going to remember in new life as well.. Secondly if someone hurts other, do sins entire life, in end he may die worse but i don't thing it really matter because someone is already hurt because of that person and he spend the only life he can remember he spend it in good fortune and the 5-10 min of death won't matter in front of that.........

So thing is stop believing in everything what people or religious people says, first understand thing (Because everyone has a brain which function the same way as other), secondly don't just live ur life running for stupid things..
By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:27

Why don't you get rid of the HUGE straw man and try again? Thanks.

By anonymous at 30,Oct,14 16:35

When an Atheist claims to know that there is no God, he is claiming to know everything about the Universe. I mean, being people who are entirely dependent on evidence and proof, Atheists can't POSSIBLY say that God doesn't exist without searching the entire Universe, checking every nook and cranny, and coming to the conclusion that He's really not there.

Me, I just take the Universe itself as evidence that there is a Supreme Creator.

Did your house just appear where it is? According to an Atheist, by PURE chance, a bunch of trees and rocks were blown by the wind and broken and pressed together in just the right way to create a house. Makes perfect sense.

I believe it was built by and architect, but hey, I'm too far gone to listen to reason, right?

Bad things happen to all of us either as a result of our choices, someone else's, or something out of anyone's control. God is still here to help us overcome those things. Some people think God isn't real because bad things happen, implying that if God was real, He would force everyone to do everything right and good and everyone would be happy because no one would feel pain. Even though you can't really have happiness without sadness, nor pleasure without pain, and so on and so forth. What a huge flaw.

God is real. You can shout that He isn't until you're blue in the face, but the fact remains, God exists.

Good luck, skeptics.

By Lonely guy at 16,Jan,17 21:27

My belief is between Deism and Dystheism. I believe in a deficient, dysdunctional God/creator/deity. He's not so good, not so moral, not so loving, not so merciful, not so powerful, not so intelligent, not so wise. I also believe He is irrational, insane, indifferent, mentally blind, morally blind. Cruelty, carelessness, negligence, stupidity, insanity, incompetence, irresponsibleness, dereliction of duty describes this being we worship. Immoral, amoral.
Creationists and Fundies who insist on taking the Bible literally word for word have to accept all the stupidity, defects, flaws, and cruelties are all part of God's creation. So if you believe God created all things then that means He created mental retardation, execrement, mold, mildew, centipedes, widow spiders, ticks, fleas, lice, predation, hurricanes, tsunamis, cancer, ebola, heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, tooth decay, bubonic plague, rabies, harlequin ichthyosis, etc. The list of embarrassments is a long one. The creator of these horrors is a criminal who has allowed thousands to millions of years of pain, suffering, death, and extinctions from Nature alone.
Human evil and human cruelty has greatly added to the pain, suffering, death, and extinctions. It seems this God is more concerned with human free will and with the free will of Satan and demons than He is with the welfare, well being, safety, and happiness of His creation. This is immoral, insane, cruel, unwise, irresponsible. This is not love. This is not mercifulness. Plus we dont have total free will. Nature and nurture also dictates and determines human behavior whether bad or good. This God seems not to notice this, and neither do Fundies and creationists. We worship a cruel, unreasoning God. Its a God who has no common sense and no reasoning.

By Lonely guy/sad man at 20,Jan,17 04:37

If a conscious creator or God made this misery filled, evil filled world, then this being is either a monster, a criminal, an insane lunatic, or an ijcompetent bungler. Or its mentally blind, morally blind, impersonal, amoral, indifferent. Heartless, pitiless, merciless, and with no conscience. Do we really want to worship such a being? I sure dont. Its unfit to worship just as execrement is unfit to eat and just as a rattlesnake is unfit for a pet.
The most diabolically cruel, heartless thing about this God is that He allows our loved ones to suffer and die, or allows our loved ones to be taken away from us, whether its from some horrible disease, accident,injury, crime, war, starvation, dehydration, pollution, heat stroke, hypothermia, poisoning. This is utterly evil, cruel, heartless, despicable.
The Fundie God killed millions of people and killed billions of animals in the Bible, and it doesnt make any difference to Him whether His victims deserve it or not. He just blindly, recklessly, stupidly, indiscriminately punishes and kills. He killed 70,000 men just because David took a census, He killed 50,070 people just because a few touched or peeked inside the Ark of the covenant, He threatens people with turning into cannibals and with eating their babies, He killed thousands of peopoe just because they were complaining?! He punishes and kills innocent snimals for the sins of human beings. His punishments are overkill, monstrously cruel, inhumane, disgusting, and beyond what we csn imagine. This God is a blind hypocrite who cannot see sin in His own behavior, who cannot see sin in His monstrously cruel, inhumane punishments, and who cannot see sin in the suffering and evil He allows. Hypocrite.
The belief in hell is monstrous beyond belief. According to Fundie Christians, billions of people are doomed to hell, including many Christians who didnt believe the entire Bible word for word or because they chose the wrong church. So salvation and interpreting the Bible and choosing the true church( if there is such a thing) becomes an eenie minie mo guessing game, and if we guess wrong, then its hell. Its beyond sick. The Bible is vague, ambiguous, unclear, and full of hundreds of contradictions from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible has caused centuries of mass disagreement, mass division, and mass confusion. Each church and denomination thinks only that they are right and everyone else is wrong and headed to hell. What a hopeless mess.

By Lonely guy/sad man at 20,Jan,17 05:06

This God we worship has shown more cruelty and has caused and created and allows more suffering to His creation all because two ancient humans ate a forbidden fruit which He orchestrated for them to eat. Its an immoral, cruel destructive experiment with Adam and Eve. Why alllow Adam and Eve's sin to spread to all future unborn humans? Why corrupt and ruin human nature? Why further corrupt, punish, and ruin the creation with Natural evils such as cancer, tooth decay, stroke, aneurysm, heart disease, birth defects, miscarriages, centipedes, widow spiders, etc? Why turn the creation into a hellhole? So the world was corrupted and rujed for the sin of two people??? Does this make sense? Its beyond stupid, its beyond insanity, its beyond disgusting. No common sense, no reasoning, no pity, no mercy, no heart, and no conscience describes this God we worship. A clam has more sense than this God.
Fundie Christians such as Bill Wiese, Mary Baxter, Terry Watkins, and the sick, demented David J. Stewart describe the horrors of hell as having fire, worms, a sewer like stench, suffocation or inability to breathe, giant spiders and giant snakes, being mutilated and sliced by demonic monsters, and being buried alive inside a claustrophobic, coffin like environment. See David J. Stewart's sick disgusting website:Buried slive, alive in hell, where he says that victims in hell will suffer claustrophobia forever as they burn in fire at the same time. Imagine being buried alive forver inside a closed coffin and burning in fire at the same time. Claustrophobia forever, suffocation forever, incineration forever. I cannot imagine a God being anymore evil than this. Its monstrous, diabolical cruelty infinitely worse than any horror movie. What kind of monster inflicts such tortures? What kind of criminal does this? This is overcharged, supercharged cruelty and sadism on steroids. This is so monstrously cruel the human mind cannot even begin to grasp it. We worship a nasty monster.
Fundie Christianity and especially Calvinism worships a cruel monstrous insane God. "I make peace and create evil," Isahaia chapter 45, verse 7, King James Bible. Thats God describing Himself. It sounds like a deity with a Jekyll and Hyde personality who is full of contradictions and contrasts, and it sounds like a hypocrite.
Gnostics believe there are at least two Gods, and the God who made this screwed up world is the Demiurge, a cruel,inept,incompetent,insane, immoral, amoral, hypocritical being who made both good and evil, andcwhose intelligence goes hand in hand with His stupidity. There is snother God who is good and wise but weak and unable to help us. Gnosticism is a Dualistic religion, whereas traditional Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism are Monistic.

By Lonely guy/the Sad Man at 14,Feb,17 22:11

If a conscious creator God exists, then He is a criminal. He has allowed eons(thousands to millions of years of evil, sin, suffering, death, and extinctions since prehistoric times. Religious folks try to get the creator/God off the hook by talking about free will and human sin or they lay the blame on Satan and demons, which is known as the Devil defense. This argument or execuse fails. First of all, how do you explain Natural evils such as ticks, fleas, lice, centipedes, box jellyfish, widow spiders, the horrific Sydney Funnelweb spider, and a thousand different diseases which torture and kill? What does human sin have to do with ticks which torment and kill both animals and humans by feeding on their blood and transmitting disease? According to Fundies, God created all things, and not Satan and demons, so therefore God created this evil arthropod. What does this have to do with human evil, Preacher? We're talking about an evil Arachnid here and not about evil humans. Ticks have been tormenting other animals and tormenting humans for millions of years. Why would God create such a horrible, disgusting organism who sustains its perverse nourishment by causing misery and death? And isnt the creator/God also responsible and at least partly to blame for human evil and sin if He created us humans? He allows us to remain in our sinfulness which He supposedly hates so much, He allows Natural evil to continue, He allows us to suffer and die by one horrible means or another, He allows Satan and demons to tamper with, corrupt, torment, and ruin His creation, and He allows mass division and mass confusion over the Bible, over Christianity, over religion. This is un-Godlike behavior. This is criminal cruelty, criminal negligence, criminal carelessness, criminal insanity, criminal stupidity, criminal incompetence. As a creator He sucks, and as a God He sucks. Its criminally embarrassing, its heinously embarrassing. Its a crime and disgrace what the condition of the world is in. Satan the Devil continues to rule this dungheap world. There is no Superman to save us.

By the Sad Man at 17,Feb,17 17:08

I see evil everywhere, whether its human evil or Natural evil. Human evil is worse and more serious than Natural evil. Human evil, cruelty, stupidity, degeneracy, carelessness has added and increased the misery and death on planet earth by a million fold. Humans have made a hell on earth for themselves and for animals. Humans cause as much suffering and death as ten thousand animal pests. Only mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, flies, scorpions, venomous snakes, jellyfish, ants, and rats can come close in terms of inflicting misery and death in the world. No other animal can match humans in the infliction of cruelty, misery, and death. With that said, Nature is still to blame for much of the evil, cruelty, misery, and death in the world.
My beloved father died in 2011 from heart disease and stroke and my beloved mother died in 2015 from a stroke. The sadness and grief I feel is indescribable. What kind of God allows this? Theres no way an all good, all mighty, all wise, loving, merciful, rational, sane God would allow such horrors as disease. Disease ruins lives and snatches away our loved ones. Disease is a crime, and the creator of disease is a criminal worse than Hitler and lower than sewer bacteria. Whoever or whatever created diseases is a cruel, heartless, demented, insane, stupid, careless monster, criminal, fiend, lowlife, degenerate, maniac, idiot.
Im alone in the house which is badly decaying and theres mold, mildew, and vermin everywhere I look. Repulsive vermin such as spiders, earwigs, clothes moths, ants, flies, etc abound. What kind of sick perverted demon creates these things? The creator is a sick minded, degenerate idiot. Immoral amoral scum.
On those occasions I went to the hospital for my parents, I witnessed horrific suffering. There were people who were screaming, yelling, crying, groaning, vomiting and crapping. What kind of God allows this hell? Where is the God of love and mercy? Theres not a trace of Him here. In late 1977, I went to a nursing home for my grandfather shortly before he passed away. The atmosphere of the place was utterly sad. One woman who was afflicted with dementia began babbling incoherently and then without warning, vomited on the floor. How anyone could work in such a place is beyond me.
The entire world is a slaughterhouse where people and animals have to kill and eat eachother. 90 percent of the animal kingdom are meat eaters, and 95 percent of humans are meat eaters. That means theres violence, carnage, killing, death, and gore everwhere. Witness the horros of factory farms where the victims are chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs, sheep, cows, and bulls. Its like something out of a horror movie. But Nature and the creator is more to blame for this for making us humans meat eaters and for making us violent, cruel, savage. The creator is more to blame than the creation. Its the creator who deserves a slap in the face. Its the creator who is really responsible for this disgusting mess.
Horrors such as stonefish, centipedes, widow spiders etc cause horrific, torturous pain with their venomous bites and stings. Victims of stonefish sting are said to scream and writhe in pain thats worse than kidney stone. What kind of sick, perverted, cruel demon creates such horrors? Theres some kind of evil, demonic, Devilish, Satanic force out there that thrves on and which enjoys inflicting suffering and death. Cruel, sadistic, heartless, evil, malevolent supernatural scumbags who feed off of suffering. How else to explain this dungheap, horror movie world, and how else to explain its Satanic nature? The world is a toilet bowl, a trash can, a sewer, a haven for vermin, a haven for criminals, a warzone, a slaughterhouse, a hospital, a funeral home, a haven for mold and mildew, and horror movie and hellhole ruled by the Devil.
By anonymous at 20,Oct,17 20:57

No sir you are all wrong. First buy Clorox. Clean the mold and decay... Have the house fumigated for the rats and insects. Paint and fix up the house. No one can live in that and feel good. God didn't create the disease. It developed like bacteria & virus developed. It is a negative aspect of our world. Spread from the vermin you speak about. Evil is everywhere today. It is why thing are so bad, oppressive, immoral and down right ass backwards. Many have given in to this evil and are so miserable and desperately depressed. They can't see the hope of things turning around. Without knowing God personally like your friend, confidant, comforter, counselor and His Son is our Redeemer. No one has to go to hell unless they have turned away from God. There is a Heaven and a God. Live your life. Get out of your misery. Find good friends. Help others, volunteer or just be kind to them. Making others happy is a joy to your soul. The more happiness you give the more you will receive. God bless you. I sure pray you can change your mind and open your heart.

By anonymous at 20,Oct,17 20:41

Please change your attitude. You are negative about things. All of us feel hurt lonely neglected and depressed when we look atround our world. Wondering why??? No answer except try your best, love God, talk to Him often and as much as possible & develop a close friendship with Him. He should be our best friend, our confidant, our consoler, He will never leave us. We'll never understand why He made all this and why it didn't turn out better for mankind. That question is in everyone that ever thought about God and our human exhistance. Open your heart now to Him. Ask him to fill your heart with his mercy, grace and love. God bless you. We never can get all the answers or we will be God, that's impossible. Make your relationship with Him first. Others will come naturally at a later time. We all want someone in our lives to be close to. Find out how to be close to God and then closeness to others will come. Give of your self to others, helping volunteering and being kind. Giving to others feels so rewarding. Making someone else happy makes you happy too. Love yourself first. Then you can love others.

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