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my neighborhood suks

Posted by Hood rat at March 22, 2012
Tags: Environment  2012 March

My problem is nothing compared to some here, but thought I'd share it anyhow. I live in a slum. Right now it is one in the morning and all I hear are arguments, and sirens. Twice last night, gunshots and ambulances. My neighborhood is known as the place to come to buy a variety of drugs and it seems like half the neighborhood has either a drug or drinking problem. I own my house and was happy to be able to find a house I could afford with no mortgage. I love my street in the morning and I am lucky that I have neighbors on both sides, but at night this neighborhood is just plain scary. It is full of drug dealers/addicts and prostitutes. They will steal anything that is not red-hot or nailed down. I have to be afraid to leave to work everyday, cause I am worried about my house. I have to park my car on the street and it is a miracle that nobody has smacked into my car while running from each other and the cops, when they show up. The nice weather is just bringing it all out earlier than usual. I can't sell my house, and I can't imagine who would want to rent here, that I would actually get rent from and wouldn't destroy the place. I can't afford to live anywhere else on my crappy job and too old to get another one. This is life in Cleveland Ohio, on the near westside.


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