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Posted by anonymous at March 25, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 March  Meaninglessness  Philosophical

How pointless life is.. People come and go, people who've you've learned the same material with, people who know what the fuck your going through. But no one asks, no one says.. "perhaps he has something to say"... But your body fucks you over, and if you are one of those people who understand where im coming from.. fuck it! Thats where it starts.. and it should spit into a psychologist's therapy session. It should all. You shy motherfuckers what the fuck was shyness before the agricultural revolution.. It was non existent--now it is a psychological condition!!! Fuck me! A psychological condition.. to be afraid to talk to your fellow monkey beings. I mean it doesn't make sense. You need them!But such an overbearing social construct! It makes you, let me tell you, evolutionar-ly stupid! I say fuck this nation! It fucks us over incessantly, without even trying, and then, in the end, i'm subdued to one of its "psychological conditions" if in the first place my "condition" wouldn't exist if it weren't for this fucked up society. It sucks when the patterns of your brain place you somewhere. But don't think i have no respect for you "strongest of the fittest". You guys can adapt beyond me.. And in the fucking ironical end, the human species will be blasted out, but before, the minutes before, there will be an overabundance of socially retarded beings, that during the final supernova of our sun, will have nothing but a tattered "human experience" to die with.. And the "socially select" will enjoy.. But let me say If the fuck you didn't want me then why the fuck did you have me???????????


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By anonymous at 11,May,12 04:52

wow you sound awesome I wish I could talk to someone like you. This is all the same exact shit I am pissed about. I totally get it. You are definitely not alone in this shit.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,12 00:52

i must admit your post made me chuckle XD love your style. wish we could hang out, hang in there

By anonymous at 07,Mar,13 04:19

we make our own purpose in know what your passions are, what moves you. take to the thing that moves your heart, and dont get distracted by what the world tells you you should be. do it untill you find contentment, completetion, or death. WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHAT THEY CALL YOU? why do you care? let go of there expectations of you and go your own way. if sheeple offend you, ask yourself why they effect you? then move on...

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