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My Life is the worst, of all..

Posted by anonymous at June 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Juvenile problems  Meaninglessness

Born on 1992, California.
As a kid I was always fun and cheerful. My life slowly to a different approach around the age of 13-14. I have been to boarding schools in different countries, changed about 2-3 schools a year. My life became a utter lonely mess. I've been doing homeschool for the past 2 years. And now I'm 17. Sitting at home, everyday when I wake up I see the same walls surrounding me, I eat, sleep, work,all at home. Same shit everyday. I never go out, ever. Maybe 3 times a month. I have only about 1 friend that still hangs out with me time to time. But I've just given up in life. I dont want to do anything anymore, I'm failing so hard education wise, I've always been 5 steps behind. College almost in 2 years, idk where im gonna end up. Maybe in a apartment and just dry out there. I come from a wealthy family, but me, Im not capable of doing anything in life.. I wish, i just wish I can go back in time and fix the mistakes I made in life. I just cant hold the pressure. Very suicidal at times. I practically missed out on life for the last 17 years...I feel like.. I've been walking on this empty railroad my whole life...

As a kid, I couldn't wait till I got older. And now, I would give anything to be younger.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,Jun,10 01:37

At 17 your still so so young, isolation can be really hard to deal with and create some issues with social anxiety. You really just have to put yourself out there, force yourself into social situations and dont worry about what others think about you just be yourself and they will accept you, unless your an ass (which is still accepted in asshole circles). Changing schools all the time can be really difficult but your 17 man only 1 year left, then your free.. you can stay in one place all your life if you desire and amass a huge network of friends, if thats really what you want. From my experience i would recommend focusing on your education its the most valueble thing one can aquire in life, not so valueble in highschool, but fuck highschool. good luck man
hope you find peace

By anonymous at 04,Jun,10 01:46

cry me a river. boo hoo. you need to toughen up real fast cause life only gets harder.
By God at 07,Jun,10 19:03

This is God from the Future.
I have bestowed from the Heavens to discover this douche-baggitry?

This must cease immediately, for thy soul & thy buttocks risks the Fury of Satan's "Jewels".
As thou said-eth in thy clinks...
"Don't Drop-eth thou soap-eth".
And trust-eth thy Superior...Satan WILL be behind yee when thou moment happens.

This douche-baggitry must cease. May thy soul & thy buttocks be cleansed from douche-itis by the Furious Jewels of Satan.

By anonymous at 04,Jun,10 03:44

luv just wait until ur in ur 30's when u sit and realises shit ive worked hard all my life to get were 4 kids, house bills, a husband to tired for u to even consider wondering how ur day was look i love my life and wouldnt change it but it is a hard cruel world that we live in today and u just have to deal with each day as it happens u r only young do ur studies and enjoy life get out there and have fun while u still can life is very hard but it is only u who can change it my fv saying is (same shit just a different day)but life will get better its up to u know to ake it what u want can be a bad life or a good life good luck
mum of 4

By anonymous at 04,Jun,10 11:40

Welcome to the rest of your life. Listen to the song by Alice Cooper, "I'm 18". Music always got me through uncertain times.

"I'm 18" by Alice Cooper

Im in the middle, without any plans
Im a boy and Im a man.

Im eighteen
And I dont know what I want
I just dont know what I want
I gotta get away
I gotta get out of this place

Cause Im eighteen
I get confused every day
I just dont know what to say

I grew up on the poor side of town, while my best friend grew up on the rich side of town. I came to school on the school bus, my friend arrived to school chauffeured in a limo. I agree that it is sometimes easier to grow up poor, as you learn self reliance.

By anonymous at 04,Jun,10 12:40

stop complaining and do something about it
By Ms. Cleo (Psychic) at 07,Jun,10 19:10

I'm predicting much ass rape-age in your future my child. You have been warned.

By anonymous at 06,Jun,10 04:40

You're fine. Suck it up.
By ??? at 07,Jun,10 19:12

That's what I said to your mom last night.


By anonymous at 16,Aug,10 03:46

How can you judge a person who suffers? Who do you think you are? Fucking morons!! Shut up and go to hell.

(ndr i am not the author of this story)

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