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Well, Life doesn't suck, but it sure has been a ride.

Posted by anonymous at June 3, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Health  2010 June

Who am I kidding. of course it sucks.

I am a guy who was sexually molested by his aunt who was 18 and i was 7 for weeks
maybe months (hard to recall) received no support from family. it's so fucked up I havn't been able to feel love or really not feel grossed out in some way thinking about sex.

My brother hit me in the head with a big meat hook when I was young too and I
think i have had brain damage in the left side of my brain ever since.Sometimes
I'm almost literally retarded.

And then there is the Blindness, So i'm going blind, bad periferal vision and night vision.

But sometimes I don't really see what's to look forward to in this loveless, sexually gross, blind and retarded world.


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By mary at 09,Jun,10 22:41

did you tell anybody about being molested? she should go to jail..

You do not sound like a retard at all to me, are you maybe too hard on yourself? Molested people usually tend to think they are worthless even though it is not true.

I had problems with my mother abusing psychologically of me and i still wake up at 3 am at night unable to sleep anymore, thinking that i am useless and stupid.

I hope the best for you.

By anonymous at 10,Jun,10 13:19

you are a moran

i am 30 and not a single girl has ever touched me..

you lucky bastard

be glad

By Leatherface at 10,Jun,10 20:32

Get a meathook at, hit your brother in the head with it, really hard. Then watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and use the meathook on your aunt in accordance with the movie.
Legal Disclaimer: My lawyer told me not to make posts like this to psychopaths or others that may actually try this.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,10 10:38

Tell somebody in your life about it.
Look, even if people in your life don't give you support or just isn't there when you need them, doesn't mean they can stop you from doing what you love.
find a hobby.
who knows, you might make the book of records, or you can take a road that leads to a better life.
The hell with what other people think.
I'm sure one day, you will have a better life.
and you could change others' lives. One day, you would be proud of what you are.
there are people I know in situation like yours(one of my friend doesn't have any legs or hands but now he is a great computer technologist, he writes a book and he travels the world... he nearly killed himself but he chose not to), but they believe in their dreams and they will never let ANYTHING or ANYONE stop them from reaching it.
I am 15 years old and I have gone through a LOT. plus I'm a girl, and I believe in myself.I am going to India next month to help people who has no water, no sandals and parents who leaves them out in the rain to die.
I promise you, you WILL have a GREAT life. JUst as long as you think about the bright side and believe in yourself.
Good luck.

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