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Alone for too long

Posted by sad at June 4, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Loneliness  Relationship

I am a lonely guy. I need the warmth of a woman in my life, but I can't find anyone. No woman is interested in me. I have some positive attributes that people admire. I'm smart, decent looking, I have talents, I am capable of taking a leading role, I have friends, I have money, but with all of that no woman has ever loved me, no woman has ever shown signs of interest. I don't understand what women want I guess... I'm 20 years old. It isn't normal to never have a relationship at age 20. I mean some people do and they may tell me to get over it but i think deep down they are just as sad I am...


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New Comment

By mary at 09,Jun,10 22:08

hey! you're only 20! i'm sure you'll find someone!
I don't know how you approach women.. take it easy and not too seriously.
did you ask someone out? Even if 100 tell you no, eventually someone will answer you positively ;-)
I guess it's a matter of experience.

By anonymous at 10,Jun,10 13:23

hey jackass, i am 29 and i have no gf

i paid a hooker to have sex with me

i have loved the same girl i loved for the first time.. 15 yrs ago

i still love her

i pretend that her spirit is with me

tl;dr kill yourself

By anonymous at 10,Jun,10 20:24

"No woman is interested in me."? Wrong. Wrong.
The reality is that you are not interested in any woman. You are self centered.
When you finally realize that, and you finally become interested in a particular woman, she may find you interesting too.
I had a co-worker who dated a different woman every week. He told me that he got to know a woman enough to know if she was the right girl for him. He used a fisherman's term "catch and release". When he found the right girl, he would keep dating her as long as he was happy with her. If a relationship "turned south" he would bid her a friendly good-by and move on. The key is knowing when to move on.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,10 00:56

I'm 41. Youre only 20. Take it from me. Within the next 5 years, some girl will look at you and fall in love and make a move on you. Right now youre too young to just give up and become negative. Trust me. If youre still feeling like this when youre 30, then ok you have a reason. But now, I'm saying, just wait buddy.

By anonymous at 13,Jun,10 04:51

hey dont worry you will find someone. things always happen when you least expect them to. look on the brightside and remember the positives about you - you will get a nice girl one day =)

By anonymous at 06,Jul,10 11:55

dude this is exactly my story.I live my life to help i may have a good life next makes me feel good.i believe in karma.we are all here for a reason..btw im 21

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 00:02

i get lots of pussy from my gf. she like to suck too and swallow every drop. its wonderful!

By anonymous at 15,Jul,10 23:52

Have you ever tried talking to a girl? Woman like confidence, just don't say anything stupid like you see in jock college movies (cause it only works in the movies). Find a copy of this show

Watch and learn. Then you can dump your left hand and get a girl.

By anonymous at 30,Jul,10 20:57

Ignore the stupid comments. I am a 33 F and single all my life. The Problem is I care too much for other people and never have time for myself. If a guy looked at me I wouldn't know what to do, I think that guys and girls are all the same we are both scared of each other. I am a great person but I am the one that "has a great personality" Fuck that.... I can't be mean to anyone, I have tried it's just not in me. I have owned two houses in my life and never had anyone to share them with. I had a fucked up life from an early age. I spend my early years looking after my mum - no childhood I had to grow up quick learn how to pay (and juggle bills) and I never learnt any social skills. Just as my mother got to the stage where she could look after herself I was in a bad car accident and now I am in shitloads of pain everyday and she has to look after me. It's ok I guess, having someone to help around the place but I would love to have a relationship with someone who loves me as a partner and grow old with. I have just flown over 3500km's to see my father who I have not seen in 13 yrs and he's an alcholic who has not changed a bit and dating a woman not much older than i am... from a 2 & 1/2 week holiday I have a week left, I poored my guts out to him the other night and we both shed some tears (Lots of fucking tears..) but he can't remember a bloody thing.... Some times I just wish that I would meet someone who is a great person and who appreciates me for who I am. you know what I have an e-mail address I only check everynow and again its if any of you wanna have a chat or be online buddies send me a note, I dont' check it all the time but hey It's all pretty fucked up - I would love to see Karma come and bite some people on the ass.....

By anonymous at 22,Jul,11 10:52

Hi! when i started reading your post, i thought you were at least 45 years old. The way you have given up is sad. I mean, basically what has happened to you is that you didnt have a girlfriend in high school. That happens to a lot of people, not just you.
I would suggest you take some pressure off it. You said you have friends, go out with them. The place where you will not find somebody is at you apartment. Go out with your friends, to whatever place you like. And be open, try to meet people. But dont just go out there and try to talk ONLY with the girls you want to sleep with, or have a relationship with, or marry.
Talk to any girl. Even if she is not a pretty girl, or doesnt seem your type. Maybe you will later like her, or maybe through her you will meet somebody that you do like and likes you.
Remember that the more people you know, the better chances you will get along with somebody. And, if you dont meet somebody for a serious relationship, maybe you get a good friend that is a girl, and wants to get some benefits. Or maybe you get a friend that is a girl, and likes getting drunk with you and getting in bed once in a while. It is not so bad to have some friends that are like that :)
By the way, I am a girl. And i have sometimes gotten drunk and had sex with THAT guy that no girl wants to date, and for some reason a couple of weeks after that girls start getting more friendly with them. I sometimes dont understand girls, but it is like that. I think they can see in your face that you havent had sex in a while and it scares them. (By the way, sex with a paid girl, wont remove the "look" from your eyes.)

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