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Life is suppose to be hard

Posted by Mister B-Don at March 28, 2012
Tags: Health  2012 March  Philosophical  Poverty

Ok I feel everyones pain and all, but I've come to the conlusion life is suppose to be hard. Everyone shouldn't be born with a silver spoon in there mouthes. I had a hard life and been treated like shit before, but that all that shit just makes you tougher if it doesn't kill you. I'm not saying that you shouldn't bitch and complain and vent about it but it is what it is. I'm almost 26 years old and shit has been hectic, but shit life is suppose to be a challenge everything shouldn't be handed to you on a silver platter. You got to get in where you fit in. Feeling sorry for yourself will get you no where fast. I'm poor and struggling on disability with little to no support, but there's no reason to cry about it and feel sorry for yourself. I work every chance I get, but that's life nothing is gonna go your way all the time. You just gotta deal with the cards you were dealt and make the best out of a fucked up situation. I'm no angel I've done some stupid shit that I regret but hey who hasn't? Your parents don't give a shit about you? Tough shit the way it goes. Your family act you don't exist? Tough shit the way it goes. I'm spiritual and I believe everyone should suffer like Jesus Christ suffered for us. It's time for certain people to suck it up and realize life is a challenge. Everyone that's rich ain't happy and peaceful shit most of them rich snobby assholes are on there way to hell anyway. Life is what you make of it in a twisted sort of way. Yeah you don't get to choose your parents or family, but shit God has a plan for everyone if they choose to go that route. If not then you will remain lost even if you are a billionaire. The point is life is suppose to be hard and challenging then hopefully you can appriciate life more and move on to bigger and better things to complete your life and make the pursuit of happyness happen in your life. Don't give up and keep it movin. Set goals for your life and realize the only person that can make your life better is yourself and if you believe in a higher power then that helps to. I'm going to explain my whole life story, but it is what it is. God will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.


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By Cursed at 29,Mar,12 12:49

Here Here- well said. As JOE DIRT says: Home is WHERE YOU MAKE IT. What? you like to see homo's naked? Well that's your prerogative-
To each his/her own.

By anonymous at 29,Mar,12 18:35

sure sure and when you really suffer be thankfull

By anonymous at 29,Mar,12 22:49

Great insight... great post.

By anonymous at 30,Mar,12 00:43

Just what I needed to hear. Thanks Mister B-Don.

By at 30,Mar,12 02:27

Really? Life is supposed to be hard? Hard how? Societies are created and sometimes engineered to be the way they are. Not all societies are hard. Don't just give up and accept the bullshit system they created for you. Find a system that works for you. One where you're not their slave. They're not the only ones that can create one. Be your own master.

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