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Posted by That One Girl at March 31, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Relationship

After reading everyones story I feel fucking stupid to feel the way I do. You all have pretty good reasons to hate your life.

I grew up in an okay home..with great parents..still, I managed to get into heavy drugs and run a muck. Dont get it twisted im not spoiled by any means but to me..something has always been missing in some way or another. My constant struggle to stay off of drugs and alcohol gets harder and harder as I get older..sounds like an addiction problem right? But when i kepp myself busy or have a high proiority in life (such as a job) the drinking and drug habbits dissapear. But thats the thing I dont want my life to be only about work or hobbies. I feel like there is something more..and I cant figure it out. I see people I gew up with getting married having kids travling or just hanging out with their friends (which I have none)..and it makes me jealous and confused as to why im still in the same rut i have been in since as fa back as I can remember. Like I said, my story doesnt even compare to most of you and I bet you wondering why is she even complaining..and I dont know. I have been in about 3 elationships and looking back every guy has been suppotive and loving but im such a psycho jealous bitch who is never happy. I dont want to kill myself (have tried but chickened out) but where does life get better......
when does life get better?...
Reading these stories make me feel dumb for feeling the way I do...
I just wish there was a website where people can share how there life went from bad to better...
I believe that would help people like us..


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New Comment

By Rangeen at 01,Apr,12 07:58

I am 16 years Old and I feel somewhat the same. There isn't lot I can relate to my depression

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 08:27

Dear That One Girl; I have a suggestion: most people get addicted to their habits and most depression is the result of patterns of thinking. You have a great advantage in that you've identified an issue: you get jealous. The question is why? But another thing to note is that while you are figuring that out you can change things pretty quickly by changing your thoughts. The method is somatic therapy, not just positive thoughts but feeling them. Look at a photo of a champion, like an athlete in total victory - then imagine you feeling that you are that athlete, feel that sense of victory in you. See? You can feel what you want to feel, but there is the years of habit of feeling jealous and depressed. So there is a two prong approach to take : figure out what makes you depressed - this could be a childhood trauma (child hood abuse) and if so there are ways to move forward like counseling. This could be bad eating habits (food can cause depression). Work on that and then second go to youtube and put in Tony Robbins; he explains the second technique that will immediately help. Don't let anyone else define you but define yourself - visualize and feel who you want to be. Love, your friend T

By anonymous at 01,Apr,12 10:11

..ohh what a sad life you have, you ignorant creepy psycho bitch! You're just another fucking attention whore on this site seeking for sympathy and yea i think you deserve some for your gross addiction to meth and man meat, you bitchy cocksucker!
Leave this site to people with real depression issue, and suicidal tendency and quit bitching coz it's really nervewracking you dumbass.
By anonymous at 07,May,12 03:45

Why are there such mean people on this site? People are on here to vent... Cuz they need some sort of support either online or offline ? When will retards like u grow a fucking heart and start caring for the world? Its dumbasses like u that start wars and drama and cause pain and suffering in this world. Care for other humans u selfish fuck. I'm sure if u were fucking miserable u'd like some help so treat people like u want to be treated. And go fuck urself while ur at it. This woman is probably a million times better than u. So go suck a cock and quit bitching to u too.

By Truth at 01,Apr,12 20:25

I knew this one girl who had a great life outwardly, but inside she was never satisfied with the fact that things were great. She only felt happy when she was sad, which is weird because I always thought you could be only one or the other, but that one girl was the exception that proved the rule.

Anyway, I married her after I knocked her up after a first date at the holy roller roller derby rink on freestyle saturday. I didn't mean to, it just that my zipper was down and she was wearing a skimpy little skirt with pretty much a half thong underneath and i ran into her real fast from behind because i was watching some other hot bitch and my cock went in and I was like Huu huuu hUUUUUHHHHH UNNGGG!!! and I blew the beefhorn long and hard inside her.

it was hellish being with her. Nagging day in day out. And I must have some black in me somewhere because our new baby looks like a cross between Al Sharpton and a rhesus monkey. I dunno...

One day I fell off my three wheel bicycle, so you can imagine how bad that accident was, being a 3 wheeler, and anyway, I went to hell for a little while. I was talking to the devil and you have to understand that your voice in hell is like if you yelled in a grover from sesame street voice into a plastic beer cup, so the devil was like "HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE???? YOU'RE NOT DUE FOR ANOTHER 50 YEARS YOU COCK GOBBLING FUCKTARD!! GET BACK ON YOUR FAGGOTY 3 WHEELED BIKE AND GO BACK TO YOUR MISERABLE WIFE WHO FUCKED AL SHA...I MEAN YOUR WIFE." and then I was like 'SUCK MY DICK , THE DEVIL!!!" and I whipped it out and shot fire out of my dick all over him because in hell you can do shit like that, and then he was like "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM YOU MANCUNT SNAIL COCK!!??? AREN'T YOU AFRAID OF ME???" , Nope, I said! "WHY THE FUCK NOT" and then i was like "BECAUSE I'VE BEEN MARRIED TO YOUR SISTER FOR 3 YEARS AND YOU GOT NOTHING ON HER YOU GOAT FUCKING VAMPIRE TEABAG"

...and then I came to, and some shithag was riding off on my 3 wheeled bike.
By anonymous at 07,May,12 03:49

Dude. Tooooo funny. I almost shit my pants laughing. Where do u get this shit???

By anonymous at 14,Apr,12 09:08

I'm sorry but I think that's the best rant I've ever heard HA.

By anonymous at 14,May,12 21:40

Nothing wrong with you. You need to focus on a higher goal to get over this. The problem with most folks is they are too focused on themselves..just look at the number of I's in your statemnet.

Also notice the number if I's in similar posts...

The real solution is to forget the I and focus on something beyond yourself

Finx a higher cause and work for it. You will get over your current problem

By anonymous at 30,May,12 03:02

yer life sucks big nardz biotch , to be a fag on here,,,wen there really are peeps out there with REAL issues....YOUR A FUC KIN BORING HOE, LONELY, NO-LIFE, Ungrateful fag that needs sum suffering

By Emma at 15,May,17 01:57

sei davvero una creativa a tutto tondo!!! scrittura, fofaargtio, grafica, non conosci limiti! e devo dire, ti riesce tutto bene!! io non ho una polpetta, ma un polpettone di 3 anni e un po', ma questo kit carinissimo me lo scarico lo stesso... non si sa mai!!

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