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Reasons Why My Life Sucks

Posted by Roy at April 1, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  General

01. I hate the fact that people have a car and I don't
02. I hate the fact that people have a loving family and I don't
03. I hate the fact that people have there own website, and I don't
04. I hate the fact that my Dad took the $10k from my savings account when I was younger.
05. I hate the fact that my father went and had a 3rd kid, and didn't finish taking care of the 2 he had. Gives the kid everything he needs, wants.
06. I hate the fact that my mother put me on SSI and can't get a job now because I've been on it for too long, no references, no proof of work history even though I did work in the past.
07. I hate the fact that my mother took the settlement check from SSI and spent it on herself and her new husband.
08. I hate the fact that I used to get picked on at the bus stop for having a design on my shirt, or stripes on my shit.
09. I hate the fact that most people get to go to College, but I can't because I wasn't very smart in school. I'd never make it in College.
10. I hate the fact that people drive by me, and saw me walking to work, and never offered to give me a ride.
11. I hate the fact that kids get to live with mommy & daddy until they are ready to go out on there own, have saved up enough money to get a good grip on the real world.
12. I hate the fact that women cheat on men, because they need to fill the hole they have. From what I've seen, women cheat on men more.
13. I hate the fact that a woman would rather go with a black man than a white man because of the size of dick they have.
14. I hate the fact that some people are born rich, because mommy & daddy is or was rich.
15. I hate the fact that my father was drunk all the time, and used to beat on my mother just for the hell of it.
16. I hate the fact that my father used to beat me, and my mother would get in front of him to protect me. It should have never been like that.
17. I hate the fact that most younger females never paid any attention to me, even if I was or am a nice guy.
18. I hate the fact that you got married at a normal age, and I can never get married.
19. I hate the fact that you found someone who loves you, and stays by your side.
20. I hate the fact that I used to stand in a corner for not doing my chores the right way, and used to puke my guts out from false guilt.
21. I hate the fact that my step father pointed a gun at me when I got home from school for joking with my friends during lunch by making my hand into a gun. There were cop killers in the 9mm.
22. I hate the fact that my father killed my moms dog, because the dog was on a zip line, and the tents were in line with the zip cord, and the dog ripped the tents. He stood by the dog, and pointed the gun down, and shot him. Then buried the dog in the back yard.
21. I hate the fact that my father forced my mother into a relationship that she never wanted to be in, married her, had kids. Now look what happened.
22. I hate the fact that my father tried to suffocate my mother when she was laying in the hospital bed pregnant with me, tried to kill her. He couldn't stand the sound of her in pain.
23. I hate the fact that your parents have left you something in the will, and my father and mother wont do that, because I'm retarded and on SSI.
24. I hate the fact that my Father with his new wife, "she's dead now btw", with my half brother went to Disney every year, and never took me.
25. I hate the fact that they went again, but this time, without my step mother, my dad, sister, my brother went to Disney, and didn't take me. Why wouldn't they..? THEY DON'T CARE, that's why.. I'm a looser. I'm retarded. I don't have a job like my sister.
26. I hate the fact that my sister has a job & I don't
27. I hate the fact that my father has a BRAND NEW, Truck, House, and he never earned it. His Millionaire father left him $1M+
28. I hate the fact that he never gave me any of the money because if SSI ever found out about it, I'd loose my SSI, WRONG ASSHOLE, WRONG, you didn't give me any of the god damn money because your selfish, and could care less about me. But you give my sister money for college and give my brother money for Dunkin Donuts, etc. etc. etc.
29. I hate the fact that I love Mechanical/Electrical Engineering and can't go to school for it.
30. I hate the fact that my father gave me a cigarette, and said here, smoke.. Then when I go over to visit, which hardly happens anymore, there's a major problem when I ask for a cigarette, or to pick me up a pack of cigarettes.
31. No, but he sure as hell has absolutely no problem buying paintballs and nice paintball guns for my brother and him. To shoot the money out of a gun and hit people with money. Midas well be.. There's no difference. Why can't I have some money dad? Why can't you buy me a pack of smokes when you come and get me, to come over there?
32. Why did my 62 year old girl friend have to buy me a 2nd Gen i7 Laptop, and when you found out about it, you took my brother to BestBuy and baught him the ASUS Laptop I said was the best. You used my information against me, and got him the laptop. I got one too, but because I'm smarter than him, I researched for 2 weeks, and found the same kind of specs but unlike him paying $1,299.99 for the ASUS, my 62 year old gf only had to pay $889.
33. I hate the fact that a older man, "resident", was messing with my cable wires in the basement at a boarding home, or house with rooms in it, and I got arrested. Long story. Gotta go to trial in June, WOW !!! FUN FUN FUN !!
34. I hate the fact that I have to go to trial in June for beating the guy up, even though I walked away, and he had a stick, etc. etc. BULLSHIT ! The system isn't perfect !!!
35. I hate the fact that the only female that likes me, or cares about me, or will not cheat on me, is fucking 62 years old, I'm 29 btw.
36. O do you got a car, money, a Job..? Next !! That's what females do. Must be the shitty world we live in.
37. I hate the fact that people disrespect the Windows OS. Because they fear Viruses. LOL.. I'm using windows right now, Do I have any viruses.. NO !! Use the fucking computer the right way, and things will be fine.
38. I hate the fact that All the new movies and Tv shows have a Mac in them, YES THEY DO. It's fucking bullshit. maybe they like showing people the Apple logo on the back on the computer or some shit, idk.. Windows is more user friendly. More freedom to do what you want with the machine. I have Deep Freeze Installed Btw..
39. I hate the fact that people don't realize that it costs $300 for a developers license for Mac/Apple and people could just as easy write malicious applications or software for that OS. Yep, VIRUS. Undetectable Virus, Malicious Software. Spyware. etc.
40. I hate the fact that I have to wait for stupid cars to go by before I can walk across the street, sometimes, it's like a fucking circus, CARS CARS CARS, I wish they'd all disappear. Get the fuck out of my way when I'm trying to go to the store, or take care of business.
41. I hate the fact that we will die one day.
42. I hate the fact that there's no time machine to go and sit down and have a little talk with myself when I was younger. OMG !! HOW MUCH DO I WISH. WOW !
43. I hate the fact that my dog hung himself, because of me.
44. I hate the fact that I used to have to rake a 1/2 an acre of land every single day for one of my chores. They were little leaves on big trees. pain in the fucking ass, especially when I got sand mixed with the leaves. and bagged the leaves, OMG, those bangs either ripped, or took me a million years to drag to the end of the yard so the garbage men could take them..

The main reason, why my life sucks, is because I'm on SSI, and have been on it for too long, and can never get a job because I have no references. That's one of the main reasons why I'm so angry, and why I'm so upset with everything.

I do love certain things, Engineering & Science. WOW !! How Cool. But other than that, and this sweet laptop I'm using, Life isn't very great for me.

I did 8 Months in jail, and Never want to go back, I mainly sit in front of a Laptop, and don't bother anyone. Unless, like the dude messing with the cable wires goes and fucks with my shit, then I have to come out of my apartment, and see what the problem is.. Last time I did that, I got arrested. Because he was mouthing off to me, and told me to step outside little boy. I was like fuck you mother fucker, you really don't want to do that, you'd loose. So I walked to the other side of the house, and sat down on my 62 year old Gf's steps, he comes over, with the stick in his hand, and says, "So, you wanna go.." I was like Fuck off dude, get the fuck away from me, you're gonna loose. Yep, I beat the crap out of him, head butted him, put his head between my legs and gave him 1 good punch to the side of the ribs, let his head out, and cocked back my arm and gave him 1 good punch to the side of the face. DO NOT FUCK WITH ME. I'm so sick and tired of people fucking with me, I'm done playing with people. I head butted him, because when I got up, from sitting on the steps, I tapped him lightly on the chest then he came at me, and put me against the house, hitting me on the head with the stick with the key to the basement, I was like ouch ouch ouch, I quickly thought to myself, and came up with, "Headbutt to the face mo fucker" that got him dazzed and put a little room between me and him, that's when I bent him down, and put his head between my legs, and did what I already explained above. Was it self defense? Did he deserve what he got? Was he authorized to mess with the cable wires in the beginning? NO, But I ended up getting arrested, and he told his son and his sons friend to beat me up, That's a gang assult mother fucker, when two or more people are in the act of wanting to beat you up, or fight you. He was there too, plus another dude, so grand total, 4 guys wanted me to step outside in the back and talk, BULL SHIT, I was like NO FUCKING WAY !! you guys must think I'm fucking retarded or something, rocks in my head, I'm not going out there. Called the Cops, cops came. They told them to leave me alone. Cops told me to go inside, I did.. They left, came back outside, OMG, guess who's cars comes into the driveway, The two boys who he told that I kicked his ass, and told them to kick my ass. I ran inside, and called the cops, came outside, they were leaving again, cops came, They arrested me, because they filled a complaint on me. WHY !!!! WHY !! It's bullshit. The System isn't right, and if I go to fucking jail in June, ... I'm not gonna say anything, but I promise, they wont get away with false prosecution.

I have more to talk about, but there's really no point in talking about this shit.. there's not a god damn thing I can do.

I've been delt some odd fucking cards, and I want a re-deal, I want to start over again, I want the life I was ment to have.

The End.


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New Comment

By Cursed at 02,Apr,12 17:05

Dear Roy-
You sure do have a laundry list of hates. Most of them understandable. Your dad is a first class JERK. Just for killing your dog, makes me want to come after him! Beating on you and your mom, taking your money, ignoring you as a parent, not living up to parental duties and then starting a "new" family, well, just to list a few...
BUT- you have to have strength my friend! I looked up SSI as I wasn't sure exactly what that was- and I still am not sure why you are on it? Are you disabled? In anycase, whatever those circumstances are, it's never too late to go to school. YES, you can go to school without a car. It will be challenging, but you can do it. Mechanical Engineering is a great field! Have you ever worked as a machinist? So, do this- go to your local community college, and look into some classes. All this anger and angst can be channeled productively towards your classes. Start with a few to begin with- see if you like it, and then enroll full time if you feel like it's working...
There are ways to fund your schooling. Student loans, scholarships, and grants. Look into them- with your brand new laptop! Once you start using your mind for things that you enjoy- the "bad shit" will take a back seat. Right now your hyper-focused on all the negative stuff in your life because your bored. Get involved with making a positive difference in your life-
Yes, you were not dealt a "FAIR" deck. But once you become an "Electrical Engineer" it will be all the more sweeter because you EARNED IT ALL ON YOUR OWN! Forget about what your step brother and sister have- you can have it even better, because it wasn't HANDED TO YOU!
So, lets see you make it happen-
You HAVE THE BRAINS, the DRIVE, and the POWER, to change your life to the way you envisioned it-
YES it's going to take work. But you can do it!
SO get off your butt- and make it happen!
We're all waiting-
Keep us posted..
A big cyber hug sent to your way, you have put up with a lot...too much.

By Truth at 03,Apr,12 01:09

1. I hate the fact that your're alive
2. I hate the fact that apparently you can type
3. I hate the fact that I can't, immediately, punch you so hard in the nuts that your shoe size increases by 2.
4. I hate the fact that my goldfish can't fart on the tip of your nose.

1. I love the fact that I can find you via your IP freely address and do all the above to you, fag chicken ,mancunt.
By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 21:25

fuck you - asshole.
By anonymous at 21,Nov,12 20:30 Fold Up


By anonymous at 07,Apr,12 23:08

Bullshit. There's not even an ounce of truth to that story. But I do have a lot of respect for your imagination.
By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 21:25

It must be great to have the freedom t judge

By anonymous at 23,May,12 10:27

my mother too put me on ssi, if only to avoid having to find a job. my father sent all his money abroad and left us destitute. my family didnt like us because of out skin color. and now we are a fragmented bunch. but you know what? im waiting. im waiting for my mother to die so i can leave to california or elsewhere (i have no kids).

By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 06:27

By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 18:11

I hate the fact that my life has be like this

By anonymous at 08,Jul,12 18:12

I hate being me

By anonymous at 10,Jul,12 23:51

LMAO you are one fucked up little boy. i laughed when i read this.
By anonymous at 15,Oct,12 21:27

Really - no other reaction besides laughing at someone who is hurting. Fuck you and your fucking laughter asshole.

By anonymous at 06,Aug,12 23:05

I hate the fact that you have better spelling and grammar than me.

I love the fact that you are still living, even if your life is as you put it, FUBAR.

By anonymous at 24,Aug,12 22:11

almost same here bro

By miketheguyy at 10,Sep,12 16:35

1. Life sucks because I'm ugly and everyone picks on the way I look, and old friends have betrayed me to pick on me, and the so called "friends" I have now don't pay me any attention then use me when they need something done, and then a girl tells others to pick on me because of no reason at all, and why I have feelings for a girl who wouldn't and couldn't ever like me because of how ugly and how my body is proportioned, and why my family tell me lies to make me feel better just because they're my family, and why people look at me like I'm a big pile of crap or like someone just threw mud on my teeth and face and walked into the public to be embarrassed. .. and why everytime I pray to God, there are no prayers answered.
By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 14:12

Geez, man. I'm sorrie to hear that. But ugly is nothin'. I'm sorta ugly, too. So, what's the point being beauty is nothing its MUCH BETTER than being SMART. But it can be true by bein' smart if you're ugly. LOOK! FAWKIN' SERIOUSLY! I AM UGLY, BUT SMART YET! NOW GET TO THAT POINT! 8D Kthx. Good luck with my action.

By at 02,Oct,12 14:56

I hate being a cynic using excuses to my problems. I want to conquer the world even if I lose trying, I don't care about the useless emotions that drove me . I disregard emotions , they have caused more pain than anything. Now Define human with 'Logic' not 'Emotion'! Live Or Die . I Don't Give a Damn.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,12 16:52

you cant get a job because of ssi yet people drive ast you evrey day on the way to work , seems legit

By anonymous at 12,Nov,12 14:08

I'm sorrie 'bout your list of hating everythin'. But hey, I honestly hate my dad. Because he's no good husband. Actually, I really love my mommy and brothers more than my lousy, stupid-mind dad. :3

so, I hope you'll do your best to solve your difficult life by breaking down bit by bit. I'm only 17. I broke my life and started a new life by listening to the music into my ears to calm my brain. So, please DO what you CAN as you DO your BEST. :3

K, have a at least good day~

By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 06:11

I hate the fact that you made me turn around and look af my shitty life and realize, damn, maybe my dad did love me after all

Total respect dude

By anonymous at 23,Nov,12 06:20

I hate the fact that you have a nice ass compiter and internet and im sitting here whatching a movie that ont ive seen a thousand times cause I dont have cable typing this out,on my 4 year old smartphone

By anonymous at 24,Nov,12 20:35

Just keep on keeping on Roy. Shits deep and life sucks. I ha e dealt with all of the above except jail and my dad being a drunk. It all gets better over time. Still isn't on my end but what else is there to do? Just keep on going and living your life. You will be fine. And dont worry about what the fuckheads below are saying. They thrive from things like this BC they are cowards. And if it ever happened to them they would bitch and cry and want mommie and daddy. Mommy and daddy aren't always gunna come to the rescue. One day they will realize and think upon what they said to you. As well as the people in your life who have hurt you. In some way or another they will suffer. They will dwell upon what they have done and it will eat them up but yah know what?. You must still forgive them if not you will be no better, filled with hatred and remorse from a past dispute. You mustn't take any of this with you. Leave it behind. Begin your quest for happiness and love. Find what you know your heart wants. You will not be able to do that if you dont let go. Don't let people and things get to you so much, shrug it off tell yourself "fuck you you will get what's coming" but dont worry about that. Get rid of the thought of retaliation and getting even. It only makes you worse.

By anonymous at 07,Jan,13 03:26

wath is life , well first of all fuck life in the ass
i try my best to be happy but many fucking cheat kips happening that makes me get so fucking depress,
it seems that every day is the same dame day so full of crap
i hate me so fucking mutch that i sold my soul to the devil to see if it could get better but that was a wast of my fucking time so fuck life and fuck you if you hate me

By anonymous at 31,Jan,13 15:38

Hey roy, I reading of your life suck story. Oh please, come on! You re fuckin 29 year old for keeping being negative of yourself, and you always realization thinking bring your hatred past life...we re on forward present life make you lead take new life chapter get a real job, and went to college for goal your life what you want to be goal something in your own future life. I still use ssi fours day plus have part-time best job, and went to university college want to be automobile, and auto performance custom too..I'm let you know I am 22 year old and doing right need take right thing of something like respect to people, don't be jealous of yourself what you see those people have perfect/nice something, don't your ass sitting your chair everyday all day then get real fuckin job, and just please be positive and standed up with your feet go to searching job, and college...also met right people make friend with you..come on! You re fuckin 29 year real man!

By anonymous at 04,Feb,13 22:39

U guys are assholes. This is a sad fcuking life to live in

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By Elyza at 15,May,17 01:50

15 oktober 2012Wat een rat… ze hadden mij ook moeten bellen… ik ben ook neta8ief&#g230; Geweldig verhaal en met een glimlach/valse grijns gelezen  

By Keyanna at 15,May,17 01:53

This "free sharing" of inrmaoftion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

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