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my story

Posted by anonymous at April 10, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Juvenile problems  Meaninglessness

Hello, my name is Cameron. I am 17, dirty blonde. I am here to post my story. You see, I actually have it good but also bad. For home life, I have it okay. I live lower-middle class and I have a mother who loves and cares for me. My father was already long gone before the picture. I guess I only have minor complaints about life compared to you poor humans.

My problems life within life. I feel no purpose at all. All my life I wanted to accomplish something wonderful. I wanted to be the hero. I wanted to be the one to rid suffering from most of Humanity. But as my high school life nears and end, I have yet to find a good sign of me actually achieving something. I have considered simply working as a blue collar worker and playing video games forever in an apartment because for some reason I do not ever want a normal life...

As in social means, I have no enemies and I am not a person who is alone. However, I wish I was better at not being so god damned quite. I can receive information. But I can't really talk with much luck. It's very annoying and I am working on it now. I hope I can get closer with the group I supposedly follow. I look up to my second best friend. He is what I want to become socially. He also was the first to have sex :D

As for sex!! I have luckily found out that I am NOT down with browntown. Even if she is hot. And yes, I suck at sex. But that's cause I have only done it twice with a not so hot girl. With girls, I can get any girl below average. I have to work hard for an average one. But a hot one is only in the hands of luck. Sounds normal right? Haha.

As for me, I am luckily extremely healthy. I have no disorders. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me..except! I am to damn kid-like for my age. This bugs me too. I am 5 foot 6 inches and 125 pounds. So I am shorter than my friends. I slur my words for no reason some times. Damn it! I wish I was more social as a kid.

To be honest, my life is great. However, I am full of jealousy. I want to be my friends! I guess that's normal. I never thought about it that way...hmm. Typing this out was actually a damn fine idea! Wow. I feel better. Ima go have fun. Good luck everyone.


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New Comment

By Loocsinatas at 10,Apr,12 15:03

Everyone want's to be something amazing when they're younger. Which makes it sadder that most people are doomed to a boring life of a mediocre 9-5 job.

As for the awkwardness. Not everyone is good at talking to people. Myself included. But just remember the only thing stopping you is a lack of confidence.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 21:11

WTF you just let mainstream media brainwash you. you want to be a 'hero'? end all suffering? good intentions, but this isnt possible. this is the kind of shit miss universe says (not a good thing). it is impossible to make everyone happy, because they will always want more. and this in turn will eventually cause unhappiness for others. the universe wasnt made to cater to humans on this little blue planet. dont fool yourself and tell yourself otherwise.

By anonymous at 11,May,12 04:38

no diseases no allergies healthy. kid. you are too young. I was healthy at your age and now I have a shit ton of health problems and they started in my mid twenties. you have a lot to learn about life. Unfortunately the lessons can't be learned in books. You have to experience them yourself and believe me you will. good luck. I just can't wait till this shit ends so I can finally be at peace. Why are you even on here. You do know that this is about how life sucks. "brown town" are you kidding me.

By anonymous at 12,Jul,12 11:52

You think what you got are problems!!Let me tell you buddy, you know fuck all,
Go whine to the soldier who lost both legs, and half his face in Afghanistan, fighting to stop shits like you getting blown up at home, I`m sure he will be very understanding.
People like you make me sick, go do something useful with your life, END IT!!!!
By anonymous at 20,Jul,12 18:05

Wow man calm the fuck down the reason were over seas is for oil and the war was based off a lie so go fuck yourself.

By anonymous at 20,Jul,12 18:06

Why the fuck did you tell us your hair color?

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