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I hate my life

Posted by Suckest. at June 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Juvenile problems

You know, i just realized by now, MY LIFE SUCKS.
it's just that, i was thinking how my other popular schoolmates feel about themselves. and they feel good because they get like whatever they want(rich), they can get the girl/guy of their dreams(good looking), and they arent shy at gym class shower time. Man, i'd do anything to be them. I'm ugly, fat, and i know we arent that rich and i'm even lucky to have this mini notebook(yes it's a notebook, except its smaller). I just wish sometimes i wasn't even born, or i was born to a better family, you know, stinkin rich, good genes. I really just HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i'm just so sad and depressed. i dont know what to do anymore. I can't even point out a single good thing in my life. i just hate my life. i hang out with nerds, see all the coolboys either th girls or playing basketball an stuff, having a good time, while me and my friends just sit by the tree and do our schoolwork, them talking about some nery shit. i used to dont get why i hang out with them, i mean, i'm in the volleyball varsity team, i'm in the star section, i can play the piano and guitar but why cant i be cool? i was so frustrated. then i just turned to the mirror and knew, it was because i'm fat and ugly. fat and ugly im fat and ugly fat and ugly. i cant even dress properly because i dont have that much clothes. no extra money to spend on clothes. i even wear shorts like 5 times before they can be classified as laundry, shirts like 3 times and i just wear boxers and a shirt wth cut sleeves since i live in a tropical country and we dont have the money to effin buy decent short sleeved shirts. wow my life really sucks. cant even go to starbucks with my pals. i just hate being short on money all the time. my friends eat rice and meat at lunch but i just stick to a burger since it's cheaper. i live my whole life on a budget, cant even go to the mall and watch a movie and still be able to eat at a restaurant, its either of the two. cant even bag the girl that i like and i even lost him to another guy you know? i'm also not taken that seriously by my classmates at school, my opion doesnt matter and stuff. just hate being fat ugly an poor. FML!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* i just wish i wasnt born.
14 year old kid.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Jun,10 20:33

Fat and ugly? Get off your ass and exercise like the boys that are in good shape do. You can do something about fat! Ugly is something you have to live with. You probably have low self esteem is all. Everyone seems so happy, but I guarantee they are not. Looks fade, great people don't. Become great. I am!

By anonymous at 17,Jun,10 03:58

boohoo cry me a fucking river. you should step on a land mine u fucking baby. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
By anonymous at 17,Jun,10 12:05

fuck u!ur probably sum rich boy who has evrythin,shut up!!
By at 19,Jun,10 20:36

You'll have to ignore Mr. Anonymous 02:58 here. He is one of the many cases to be infected with "Needle-dick" syndrome, as God explained below. His dick is one-inch fully erected of pure needle-thin meat. He has to jack off to tweezers every night. He pokes holes in Barbie dolls, for it is the only action he'll get.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,10 05:16 Fold Up

well go fucking cry yourself a river bitch!! dont just come here to flame me, you can do that to your own shit.
By anonymous at 21,Oct,12 01:53

If you're on a computer, you're wealthy enough to be able to afford not being a ungrateful naive cunt whining about his life. To think otherwise is to fail horribly in ignorance while 3rd world children are dying for your seat where they'd undoubtedly be fucking huge winners in your self-forged fail life.

By at 17,Jun,10 21:31

I was super-nerd in high school. I was proud of it. I spent all my spare time in the Mathematics Lab. On my 40th birthday, I went to a Judas Priest (heavy metal) concert. I was dressed in my work clothes (white shirt, suit and tie) I loved every minute of it. Everybody else was in black leather with studs. Several "totally cool" people came up to me and asked me how old I was. I told them I was 40. They stood there in shock. After a moment or two, the told me that I was the coolest dude in the concert hall (the Cow Palace).
Coolness is all attitude.
You seriously need an attitude adjustment.
The bad news: it is all up to you!
Cool is, is what cool does.

By anonymous at 18,Jun,10 18:14

look op

kill yourself

life is unfair

Their life is great

God loves them more

Jesus loves them more

YHVH loves them more

thats they they have provided them with everything

and you? God hates you so that you can burn in hell later on for hating him for being ungrateful

tl;dr shoot everyone in your school/college
By God at 19,Jun,10 20:32

What blasphamy does thou speak-eth?
I suggest you cease your douche-baggery, or feel the cleansing, unholy might of your buttocks being cleansed! I know...You have a "special" syndrome...Needle-dick syndrome. I know its very hard for you, to the point where you torture others for your "special" case of needle-dick. I know your mother uses your needle-dick for sowing her mittens, for it is the only action thou will-eth ever get. (Besides from a chipmunk).

Thou know-eth of my love for others? I think not.
May thy buttocks be cleansed by thy father and thy needle-dick grow another micro-inch in the next 50 years.
By at 24,Jun,10 10:35

i love you.

By at 01,Jul,10 15:50

WTF??? Don't cry like a pussy... hueuuu I'm FART and ugly!! Havent you see fat people who are cool and famous??? It's the attitude that matters. You have two choices.. either stop complaining and live out, or go fuck yourself.

By anonymous at 19,Oct,10 07:35

i hear you mate i go through the same thing every week

By Renatinho at 29,Jun,12 18:13

What about just having a heart to heart with them and liettng them know that while progress has been made, that you're really struggling right now and things are getting pretty tough and you really feel that being back in therapy would be beneficial. The part where you talked about the sizes of the girls being different really struck a chord with me. I think SOOO many people worry about this in treatment and feel the same way and can relate to that.

By anonymous at 23,Apr,13 22:38

i feel ur pain. am a hater of the Alpha too. They suck and sell your opportunities to only benefit their own. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, I can barely go through an hour of clash of the titans without puking.

uggh! At least people who have normal technical skills can survive a
cold winter.

good luck and love yourself each and every day. "it gets better".

be well.

By crorkz at 23,Nov,14 18:16

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