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when this will finish ??

Posted by anonymous at June 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Loneliness

Hey ... i'm Joodi ...
i finished my study of medicine that year.. i spent all my life between books till now..
so i don't have any friends or any relations ... feeling myself socially stupid.. i failed in making friends or having a boyfriend cuz i don't have the talent of accepting people .. i can't talk freely with people, i always feel that all people around are lairs and empty .... even my family hate me, they always said that i don't know how to talk & they failed in raise me up ....
in-addition to all of that,, i couldn't continue my residency... no one university accepted my application.. i feel so bad coz i'm staying at home waiting any chance for residency anywhere,, while all my colleges have started their residency programs


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New Comment

By at 15,Jun,10 05:01

Is this a joke? Somebody who wants to get into the medical profession who can't spell or write a clear, coherent blog post? Let us all thank the universities that rejected you. I doubt that you could hold down a job flipping burgers much less doing brain surgery.

By at 15,Jun,10 09:25

Mr. Reality .... I'm Arabic, studied medicine in France, i talk only 2 languages Arabic & French .. English is not my mother language so u have to excuse me ..
thanks for your comment :)
By at 15,Jun,10 19:42

Your frequent use of the ellipsis (...) shows a lack of coherence of thought. This is a problem in any language.
You have no friends, you consider others are liars and empty, your family hates you. You also blame your family for not raising you properly, which shows the lack of responsibility on your part to make self improvements.
You must solve all these problems that I mentioned before you can even think of being involved in the medical profession.
All my friends and fellow students were pre-med students (pre-med is the classes you take which are prerequisites of medical school), so I know what I am talking about. I am telling you this now in all sincerity.

By anonymous at 16,Jun,10 09:16

don't give up. i think you need to study more. and there's nothing that can't be learned.the main thing is that you really what go for harder.believe in yourself! there are always hard times.just don't stop.take care :)

By anonymous at 16,Jun,10 14:12

@mr. reality : you r a big sucker than joodi.. I was regretting as my life sucks before reading ur comment.u need doc as u r highly frustrated even to hear someones frustrated story.. n so called ellipsis(...) means read between d lines ,some thoughts follow it..
By at 16,Jun,10 19:20

All of my friends and classmates went on the become successful medical professionals. None of my friends go on rants calling people empty and liars. If one of my friends meets a liar, they do not agonize over it, they just move on. The friends of mine that are successful do not blame others for their own problems, they admit their problems, take corrective action and move on.
I had problems growing up with my parents, so I moved out of state and reinvented my life. I am now a research chemist for a large successful corporation.
What else can I say?
Just go ahead and call me a big sucker again, if you think that insulting me will help out your situation.
As far as the ellipsis, I know that it means read between the lines. Excessive use of the ellipsis shows poor composition skills. I feel that good composition skills enhance your ability achieve success in your chosen profession.
By anonymous at 17,Jun,10 13:21

@mr reality: I appreciate ur opinion. but may be u r not aware of the intensity the problem.I myself faced immense opposition from my family to peruse higher studies and had to quit my job either under immense pressure.Now my life sucks as i am still struggling to find a way out whereas all my friends have reached their position.I struggled for 5 years like nything to get my previous cant be more unfair than this..!!!
By at 17,Jun,10 21:16

This may sound cruel, but life is not fair. Never was, will never be. Life is what you make it.
On my 18th birthday, I left home and never spoke to any of my family members again. It was the right decision for me. I later found out that all my family members were certifiably insane. Sad but true. My older sister finally mellowed out and I have contact with her.
Soon I will go mountain climbing in the Sierra Nevada mountains for two whole weeks. Nobody will see me reach the summit of many high peaks, but I will have fun anyway.
I do what I want. I live in a crappy apartment in a low rent part of town, but I am happy. I breed pet rattlesnakes because they are interesting to me. This hobby is highly illegal, but I do not care.
To summarize: make your own life. Forget about me, forget about your family. Follow your dreams. Have faith in God. Follow the "Golden Rule": Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
By anonymous at 20,Jun,10 07:41

re: well this is so cruel to me too..u r surely a man without heart.. there r all types of creatures in this world but I dont wish this type for me. So I just dont get ur path.
By at 20,Jun,10 13:01

My path is self reliance. It is the only system that has worked for me.
Follow the "Golden Rule". This has always worked for me.

By anonymous at 18,Jun,10 18:19

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