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American Beauty

Posted by EuropeanDreamer at April 15, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Philosophical  Society

I can't feel myself. I really, really can't. I'm only 21 years old, stuck in some godforsaken suburb on my own in Denmark. Now you think "Hmmm, isn't that a happy/rich country?". FUCK NOO because people drink, smoke, abusing prozac, overeating (ppl say the government should fuck off when told how to eat properly and then they come back crying and begging for gastric bypass operations) - basically, all the socially acceptable drugs... anyway I've already figured out how to live my boring life - getting a bachelor degree which probably will be worth next to nothing when I'm done. And i fucking hate people. Not in a bad way. I just become very observing when im among larger groups of people - especially in the metro. Oh man, that place is like hell! Most obscure place on earth. Man, fuck society. People are ignorant fucks only caring about their iPhones and their fake 500+ friend list on facebook.. TV and computers ruined my family, never had an interesting conversation with my parents, i was pretty peaceful during my teens, didnt feel the need to argue, now im struggling with my identity. What defines me? Havent found an answer yet.

Wish I could be more like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty laying down the fucking law like it's supposed to.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 21:00

So what is your complaint? You seem to have so many. Try cleaning up your potty mouth.
By anonymous at 20,Apr,12 11:09

Sorry for swearing.....FUCK NO!!!! listen here man if u cant say something good dont say fackall oky..its not like your life is perfect so PISS OFF.and have a good day

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 01:30

21? you're far too young to conclude.. i must say everyone has this kind of teenage angst, not just you.
just go find something u love and do it , it can be anything, as long as u dont get addicted or harm others.

By Feint at 16,Apr,12 05:29

Couldn't agree more with TV / the internet messing up relationships, there's something innately messed up with people who rely on a pixelated social life although I'm guilty of it too. I went to write a friend a letter the other day and it took me 3 tries because my handwriting was so messed up from lack of experience...

As the person above said you're still very young and can do a lot with your life. After your degree if you have the money you could try travelling and get away from a plugged in life if only for a while, there are many places I'm yearning to see, and ironically Denmark was one of those places ^_~...

Identity is a big subject to get into. I hide a lot of my thoughts / actions and try and act normal, mostly because I'm afraid of being perceived as abnormal, but how long do you have to act a certain way before those fake actions define you? To help with your own definition I find it helps to ask yourself what you would do if you had the freedom to do anything. If laws / money / location didn't constrict you so much what would you want to do with your life and how would you want to act? Dream of freedom, base your opinion of yourself on that image then accept what kind of person you are. Then just hope one day you can work towards it. And I love American Beauty, and not just for the tits =P

If you need to talk I'm at

By anonymous at 20,Apr,12 11:06

you know what??fuck what every1 else thinks.fuck this guy who said that u should clean up your potty mouth too.FUCKER.i understand how u feel,just wish that something exiting and out of the ordenary could happen and change the way you see life and others...

By anonymous at 09,May,12 12:43

i feel you dude, you say things about your fellow danes that I totally see happen here. ever heard of George Carlin/Bill Hicks?, well, all those accusations he pours on his fellow americans aren't that different either. cheer up Euro, don't let the shit get to you, you've seen it. This is where we are, not who we are. The things we crave for, the things we desire, the poison us.

By anonymous at 19,Aug,12 15:31

I hate people too. Society is full of selfish uncaring assholes. People are people no matter where you are and Denmark is no exception and has its share of miseries and problems as everywhere else. This world is a sick cruel fucked up joke tragedy travesty and horror.

By anonymous at 02,Sep,12 00:27

And my final comment to you dirtbags who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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