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Depressed and anxious

Posted by anonymous at April 17, 2012
Tags: Anxiety  2012 April  Juvenile problems

Im in 9th grade. I feel i should be enjoying myself and all but this weird feeling is popping up more and more. I keep feeling more sad and angry. I cant go to sleep at night because I am too busy crying and resenting my past. I know I should look in the future but the stuff I did in the past are the cause for my future. I screwed up in Geometry, so I think my dreams of majoring in science at columbia is tarnished. I really like this girl and she even talks to me ( I do not have much friends who are girls) I dont think she likes me though, she is just too nice. I feel I am getting more dumb as well, I am barely sticking in there in school and put in twice the effort. Everyone looks so happy around me but it just makes me feel worse. All of the crap Im babbling about may sound petty, but if you really know how depressed I always felt through my entire life for no reason, you should understand that it feels ten times worse when there are actually situations to be depressed about. I want to live like an ordinary kid and feel happy but I always come out short and feel more depressed. Is this highshcool I am experiencing. If you couldnt guess by now I am one of those shy kids in public, loud around my firends ( and when I try to impress this girl I like). I would call my self a nerd, but I have decent not the best grades. THis is the first time I spoke my feelings so I am sorry if it is hard to understand


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 21:01

I went through the same thing my ninth grade year sucked. Almost all the same stuff you discrbed I went through. I think I was depressed because I lost a certain female friend close to me she moved away. I was also reading more and more about the world I became pessimistic. Just hang in there it gets better I'm going to graduate now I am a little happier than I was when I entered high school it I am suffering from my own enternal problems you will probably be more happy and more socially aware then I was when I entered high school.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 22:01

It's just high school...I think alot of ppl feel like this esp In 9th grade...the girl problem part I was like that too. I dnt have problems with girls now (22) but the only real way to solve that is to talk to girls. I'm dead serious about this, go to Walmart and just go up to a random girl that's by herself that you feel is cute, and just talk to her and ask and see if she would like to hangout sometimes, if she get her number and boom ur confindents is up. Now throw her number in the trash and find another girl and do it over and over. Some girls will diss you and some girl will be friendly, the key is to move on to the next. U keep doing this and trust me ull be good. Hardest part is to talk to the first girl, have courage and keep going. But again it's high school ull get over it on college like I did. Bit long sry

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 22:09

O and who cares about geometry. It's one class in 9th grade dude. Trust me colleges look at ur cumulative grade in all 4 years of high school and also that one test, forgot wat it's called, not sat but the other One. So yea u messed up in one class, big deal do better the rest of the way. My high school grades were shit, but I got into a cOllege and have a degree in criminal justice. So really one class wnt mean much just work harder next time.

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 22:22

O and keep us posted on ur updates!

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 22:45

Just wait life gets shittier dude. Sorry to give you the bad news.

By at 19,Apr,12 11:56

i feel the exact same way dude. im in my freshmen year, and i hate this school, i was so shy in class but the loudest with my friends. soon i started crying all the time and felt constantly down. i stopped talking for three weeks. nothing i did helped, i wanted to smile again, but i felt so lost. I have 'help' now but i cant help but think what did i do wrong? everybody says i didnt do anything wrong, but i still feel guilty for no reason. the stupidest things make me cry and it hurts even more when i think that i have three more years of this hell hole

things get better, you'll only get stronger

listen to Lullaby by nickleback, helped me a lot, or keep a journal to let it all ou

By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 18:26

im in the 9th grade also and i'm not lovin' it either

By at 19,Apr,12 22:51

i feel exactly the same way! i think about suicide often, but can never bring myself to ti...ughhh. i hate my life and i understand 100%

By anonymous at 20,Apr,12 20:13

Well I hate to update bad news but it seems that I forgot to include my household. My brother has this annoying shit known as asbergers ( i bleive he is misdiagnosed because my parents never tell the physcologists about what he really does and they dont know that he is really social with his friends) Anyways my parents like to baby him ( hes a senior in hs) They let him off with everything and let him run the damn house. Lately he has been triggering me to get very angry, I really hate him, I want him to die because he always puts me down and expects me to slave over him. He smells like shit, NEVER CALLED ME MY NAME IN THE PAST 10 YEARS, he refers to me as fucker or bitch. for an example i am not aloud to use the bathroom in thehallway because it is 3 ft closer to his room, i have to take a shower in my parents room and walk across the house in the midddle night when i have to pee. He stays up til about 4 o clock while he stomps around the house and flickers the lights to keep me up (ihave to keep my bedroom door open cuz my dogs constantly come in and out.) ANything he does now makes me furious, im on the tip of the ice berg with him, last week he pushed me aside as he walked to the kitchen the only place he goes besides the bathroom and his room because he is a fat bastard and I was enraged. My parents dont help they really take his side and my grandparents who live up the street and just criticize. Not only that but my fucking shit of a mother wants to keep in at community college for two years. ENough time to make more insane than i am. I want to have him taken away by the police when he turns 18, he already has 2 strikes. He is one of my main problems, if you havent noticed i am the kid who wrote depressed and anxious but im giving a detailed update
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 11:23

and i thought my younger siblings were annoying!

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:08

and my final comment to all of you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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