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We are rarely to blame for our crap lives

Posted by Alexander at April 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Life Story  Society

basically when I was 15 I moved high schools despite being in all the top sets and a module pupil, when I moved I was put into lower sets despite my excellent record when I complained they refused to change my sets, the only people who got into high sets were the popular, shovenistic bastards who used to needlessly pick on me and make my life a mysery because I used to read and keep to myself and be myself, the people at that school (if it can be called that) completely disgusted me and with the way they victimized me made me angry and quite bitter really and I often ended up lashing out at them and plotting against them, I became very quiet and introverted and because the teachers did not like me they put me in a low sets which meant I had to take low standard tests and could not get the qualifications I needed to get into a military college so I had a brake down and I was unfairly expelled (at 17), I left home and tried still to get into the Military college and train as an officer as well as various other colleges but because I did not have the qualifications they turned me down despite the fact I was superior to all the others trying, I ran out of money and could not find work and it ended with me living like a homeless person infact among the homeless.
Luckily though I did find work as a manual labourer and gathered the money to take my GED and enroll at Community College where I studied Physics and found a cheap room where I could move into and I managed to find a job by the time I was 28.

but it's not how I worked for life I intended to go strainght from my lower middle class family and a nice school to a military aviation and engineeing college and get a good degree and rank and enjoy a life of eliteness and culture, a life where I had an easy time and a good home and insurance but it took me 11 years to get even close to achieving my goals.

but I don't blame myself, I am not to blame, I blame:

The goverment for failing education in schools and having nowhere for the homeless
the teachers for their lack of discipline causing the students to torment me.
the teachers also for going on favouritism not ability
the pupils for there torment

I understand that I am lucky compared to many, yes I spent years as homeless and being bullied and victimized but some people have suffered sexual abuse and disability, things we cannot overcome always and many people I read about have much worse situations than myself, I came out luckier than most and I am grateful but I often resent that I suffered in life, I wish you all the strength and common sense to work up to the top and beat your terrible lives and to be happy so no longer must you post on this sight.

Thankyou for reading, god bless you.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 03:49

Fast speed lighT year!

By anonymous at 19,Apr,12 05:15

If you were really smarter than all those people you would know how to spell chauvanistic, and who wants a life of 'eliteness'. You're a fucking pompous ass

By Cursed at 19,Apr,12 15:42

Dear Alex-
It's funny, people who excell at math are usually pretty shitty spellers. So what! I think it's wonderful that you have aspired to be the best that you can be- AND you're right, alot of other people have it alot worse than we do-I am truely grateful that I have what I do-
In anycase, thanks for your story... It's nice to see people "making" it. Hope your life continues to go in the direction that you intended-
Good luck-

By anonymous at 20,Apr,12 08:00

I'd agree with the comment before me. I, myself, also am good at math but how i suck at spelling! LoL. other than that, i think you're one bloated windbag who just deserves a crappy life! Get a life, tonto

By Dood at 20,Apr,12 16:02

You misspelled misery genius.....

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