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fightin for what i worked for!

Posted by gar at April 19, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Job  Relationship

so i worked my ass off and had a wife just got my farm paid off when i found my wife was doin my boss for yrs, well messy devorice, sold my house in the city to pay the ex out,and made a deal to subdevide the farm property to finish paying her out, i have put out my self over 280 thousand in bills with lawyers feees and such, i have worked my ass off and paid off everything myself, no help ,, everything was looking good finally after 7 yrs i was paid off, ,,, then i got a rash it covered all of me, and itch like crazy night and day, doc could not figure out what it was,becuse of not getting much sleep , i lost my job due to the rash, and there is not much for jobs here, just what i need, threw other testing from the doc it was discovered that i had a liver issue causing the rash, like exema symtoms ,then there right after ,doc tells me my spleen is enlarged,so great,what next, well there i was shoppin in a store when i got this pain in my chest sweating in a daze, i get my self to the hostpital and here im haveing a hart atack,,, i got threw that, finding out also i have copd,,, like for fuck sakes!! i need to go back to work,and now i can,t work,, im not abil to ,so here i sit on my farm screwed,, no girl ,, goin broke no nothin can,t evin sell the farm becuse the exs name is still on it, till she gets paid out and ill be fucked if i stoop to her level,,i hope to god i can get threw this and get back to work soon, but the way it,s looking is not good . sometimes id rather just give up if yo uknow what i meen, but i worked hard all my life and desirve better,, what the fuck would you do, im comin to a loss here


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New Comment

By Cursed at 20,Apr,12 14:31

Dear Gar-
It isn't fair. I don't understand why your ex gets anything, since she is the one who was unfaithful in your marriage? Must be the state you live in? At this point, it doesn't matter- since you've already gone through with the divorce. What I would do if I were you- is get your health in order... Screw the hospital bills. Take care of yourself! You're damn right you've worked hard- life just isn't fair! Take care of that spleen before it kills you- go have surgery, claim bankruptcy, get out from under your bills, and finally find the peace that you deserve!
I am so sorry-
And I still don't understand how she could get away with cheating and still get everything you have? Fucking marriage is useless!

By at 20,Apr,12 15:23

good day chap. May a thousand midgets with cricket sticks attack you in front of a virgin record store and beat some brains into you. I truly hate your face, jamrag. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 18:56

But I need some brains my friend. Don't give up and don't give the bitch the satisfaction of seeing you fail!!

By at 20,Apr,12 15:48

If I were you, /i would tie her up to something in the farm and burn the whole thing including her ofcourse down to the ground to show her that I'm that generous and let her have th whole farm. Then get a machete and slice off the boss' dick off, shove it in his mouth and then cut his head off and shove it up his ass. Then I'ld go to the hospital and with my shotgun I'ld make a hole in the doctor's head and tell him to fix that...
Then I'll be taken to court and I would claim insanity and be sent to a mental hospital for many years. But at least I would sleep like a baby with the medication and the fact that everyone got what they deserved.
The End
By Cursed at 20,Apr,12 15:57

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 04:36 Fold Up

Fuck you smartass. Get a gun and blow your fucked up brains out, you pathetic fudgepacker!
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 18:58 Fold Up

I think the one that needs help is you.....still it's not a bad idea
By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 19:45 Fold Up

i like the you think ....

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 17:23

Run away, become homeless. Go on Social Security Disability. Join the ever growing ranks of loser in America. Don't worry us working taxpayers will pay for everything. Drugs too, nice...

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 23:56

Kinda funny, you worked your ass off and your boss was fucking your wife's tight ass off, with his fat cock, ha ha hey been there done that, you"ll get over, first this a man needs in this situation is some loving from a women, go meet someone no strings attached believe me it helps to get you over the hump.

By anonymous at 16,May,12 03:50

No good deed goes unpunished. That's why there is no such thing as karma and god is not there to help you he doesn't care. Stoop to her level take what is rightfully yours somehow find a way or give up. The bitch even stole your health god damn divorce laws, one day things will change.

By moncler heren branson gey benede at 02,Nov,14 01:57

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