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hate ma life

Posted by anonymous at April 20, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Family  Poverty

I was born into a low income family. my dad was always a bad tempered person but when he lost his job he went completely mad. he would hit my mum and me and my twin sister all the time and kept us locked in the house the only time we were allowed out was were for school. At 14 my dad pushed my mum from the stairs and she died. he told the police the she fell and got away with it he treatened me and my sister that he wold kill us if we ever told anyone. About a week later my sister and i ran away from home. we survived in the streets for about 6 months. one night a women found me sleeping under a bidge and took me to a to house and when i woke up a social worker was their to get me the women had not brought my sister she siad she only found me under the the bridge. i moved into the a care home and about a month later my sister was found. at first i was so happy but that she was ok but soon found out that she hated me for leaving her there in the streets while i was in a nice warm house. she made the rest of my care home life misrible. now we're 25 and shes a rich successful accountent lives in a hugh flat and is getting married to i guy i was in love for about my whole uni life. an me i have an averge paid job i live on my on in a small rented flat trying to find a reason to live. my sister hates me she didn't even invite me to her wedding. i applogised so many times but she wont forgive me, its noit my fault i didnt leave her in the street that night i was asleep but she doesnt f-ing understand that. i hate my life i hate her.


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By at 21,Apr,12 21:40

I can see why your sister hates you. You're a whiner and a pain in the ass.
By anonymous at 25,Apr,12 11:23

shut ur crap ur just a sado whos alone too so u like to give ur shit comments to people cause it make u feel better.
By anonymous at 12,Mar,13 13:44 Fold Up

I think this site needs to get a moderator or something. There seems to be a lot of ten year old kids who get a kick out of making rude comments. It's like internet vandalism.

By Srotriya at 12,Mar,13 13:51

I think that is an amazing story and thank you for sharing it. I wouldn't worry about your sister though. She doesn't sound like she has a very good character if she can't even understand a simple thing like that.

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