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Ur life isent worse than mines...

Posted by belli at April 20, 2012
Tags: Anxiety  2012 April  Juvenile problems 19 & just now about to be out of high school. not goin to my graduation( becuause i dont have really anyone who's gonna cheer me on & otha ppl from my school are bringing like their whole family & i dont want to look unknown & retarted when they call my name & no one clap i also dont have any money for a dress). Not going to my prom becuase i have no date & no friends..theres no reason for me to go & look like a complete dumb ass and spend my night in the bathroom crying my eyes out. my dad died when i was 10 and my mom is disabled and not able to drive. we have no car, no money no anything..i really has been attempting to look for a job but no luck yet..even if i find a job i have no way to get there. i cant ride the bus becuase i have BADD anxiety and very much afraid of people and fear ill be ran over or raped. ive been trying to get into better shape so maybe i can be a stripper...but im ugly so no one would even pay me to aunt use to drive me places but now for some reason she hates me & let that be pretty much hopes foe college are pretty much on hold for in need of money bad..thinking bout joining the military...maybe they will send me to iraq & my horrible life will end..suicide is something i think about daily..but iam afraid to kill my self. and i dont wanna leave my mom..people talk crap about me daily and just dont understand what i'am going threw and how much i'am hurting..well..i guess god will direct my life the way he want it to go...i dont even know if this will make it on the site but if it do..always remember no matter how bad ur life is..someones wayyyy worse..OHH & ON TOP OF ALL DAT.. I HAVE BAD ASS ACNE & ME STRESSING IS MAKEING IT WORSE...FML


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By at 20,Apr,12 23:32

Military is not a bad idea , it will get you strighted up and itlll put a nice amount of change in your pocket annnd you can go to college for Free cause they'll pay for it, as long as u pass ur class :). Look in too it.

Just my advice.

By anonymous at 21,Apr,12 17:14

Right, at least the military will help you with your bad ass acne.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 16:00

please dont be a stripper!!!!! if u feel ur life sucks at least u can say and be
proud u never stoop low and degraded yourself...
Join the military if u can and itll be a much better experience for you..

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