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from sara with love

Posted by justme at April 21, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Relationship

For 2 years, we have been apart - my boyfriend in the US, myself in Europe. Now I guess he does not love me anymore. He seems to think I'm a bad person, selfish and only math-smart. Maybe he is right on that, sometimes I don't like myself that much either... My education, as high as an Ivy Mount Everest, does not stop me from being depressed.

I still love him, still love those memories of us. He is kind and cute and funny. He says silly things in that american way that makes me smile. So I'm sure that, no matter what, I will always care for him. And miss him.

I'm sorry about the rant, I know it doesn't compare to many of the truly sad stories I have read here, but I just needed to get it out.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 08:59

get a brain Moran
By Cursed at 22,Apr,12 16:03

Learn how to spell- MORON, MORAN!
Just Me- you will find another love, trust me-
Good luck dear-
By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 13:45

Thanks Cursed...

By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 06:07

By justme at 23,Apr,12 13:50

Not being my expertise, I would say it doesn't really matter. There is a fixed conversion rate between both units, you see? However, in your particular combination of small-penis-small-brain, you might be happier with the illusion of higher numbers in the metric system. I hope this helps.
By anonymous at 24,Apr,12 08:20

well said or just me being a truly sad case too give answer to that ? ths though lmao@ you

By anonymous at 26,Apr,12 19:56

Though I'm simply gauging your personality through what limited information I have, I've decided that you are a person I'd love to know. Intelligent, witty, and equipped with a sense of humor, I can relate. I'm headed off to a great university next year, my future is just starting, but I feel like this boy has already got me tied down. I'm starting to think I won't be happy at the college because no else is like him. I can't move on. Is this how you feel?

He loves another girl who I find similar to myself-only better. She is an all around BETTER version of who I am. There's nothing I can do when she simply does it better. Maybe time will heal this, but I want to live in the moment. I'm not the type to procrastinate, and I can't stand waiting for something. I'll miss him so much when we head off to different schools next year. If you're in any way like me, I feel for you.

Sometimes it helps knowing you're not alone. I hope I've helped.
By justme at 03,May,12 16:54

I don't know if you are back to read this, but if you do know that your post made me smile. So thanks, you have helped.

This other girl cannot be a better version of you in everything. People are not iphones, so she is not your improved upgrade. She is just different, she can have better things than you - but she also has flaws.

Similarly, you won't find another boy like him in college since no two people are the same. With time you will find another boy, the one who will love you for who you are. And then you'll be glad the first one didn't really work out...

I'm very much like you and I hate to wait, I want everything done for yesterday. Having said that, if you give time a chance, it's not so bad... I can assure that, despite of what you feel now, you are going to a great university and you are going to be happy there.

You should not keep ties, just keep good memories okay? Good luck.

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