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It's Never Enough

Posted by Downward Spiral at April 21, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Relationship

I left the military to finish school, but ultimately to be with a woman who was also an officer in the military.When I got out we got married. Things were up and down and alot of pressure was on me to finish early, so I could get into gradschool, ultimately on a paid scholarship through the military.

When it started looking like I may not get in and put all my eggs in one basket, she started cheating on me. I actually caught her red handed, but in the midst of it I had to break the law, I also got my ass beat in the process. Then i didn't get into the program. I cant really report her, or they'd probly prosecute me which would make it difficult to get a good government job back. It also makes my part in negotiating the divorce really weak, but regardless I dont want a divorce.

Here I am trying to finish 33 hours of college in one semester but I can't focus because I'm trying to win my wife back, I'm giving everything I can to make it work between us and her idea of trying is not seeing the guy, who is still trying to pursue her. She works with him and she cant really change jobs so she's always there. I seriously contemplated killing myself multiple times through this semester. Some times I just wish I had been killed overseas.

I took the idea of this marriage really seriously, and even though she treats me like shit I cant imagine life without her. I watch things like The Secret, and have been aware that it works but it doesnt seem to be in this case, I keep trying but I feel like I"m just banging my head against a wall. I'm writing this to hopefully dumb the negative energy.


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By at 22,Apr,12 11:30

Been there, done that. Time to get the whore of your life. Move on, do your thing, progress.

By Cursed at 22,Apr,12 14:34

Dear Downward Spiral-
Gosh, I hate to be the only one on here to tell you this, but I think you better prepare yourself for more dissapointment...
It doesn't sound to me like your wife is the least bit sorry for her actions? If she is willing to cheat on you once, what's keeping her from doing it again? The only reason you found out about this one, was because you "caught" her. What about the gazillion times you didn't "catch" her? Or won't catch her in the future? Just because you are a student, shouldn't give her the green light to cheat. Sorry. You probably ought to either go to a marriage counselor, or file for divorce now... Do you think that she will love you more if you make more money? Do you think all your problems will evaporate when you start earning the dough? Highly doubt it. Best to face the issues now, so when you do start making the money- she doesn't take it all away from you in the divorce... Just my two cents-
Good luck,

By SgtSlim at 23,Apr,12 10:30

Nothing helps. It's her not you man. I'm trapped myself. Stuck to my ex who taped her escapades with the neighbors and thought it was deleted. I was in Iraq when that happened. My kids were in the same house asleep I hope. If you have kids the courts will always go in her favor. If you don't then take this as a warning. I forgave my ex twice before I realized there was no changing her and now I'm having to fight to keep my joint custody. I am stuck with her for 16 more years and she holds all the cards. Trust me, it only gets worse from your pos. Extract as quick as possible.

By Trix at 27,Dec,16 18:48

Cotrtagulanions!! I am craving alone time with my man. We also have no real family local. so short paying a fortune for a babysitter, we don’t get to go anywhere. 4 kids is a lot. But in TWO MORE YEARS, the oldest will be at babysitting age. WOOHOO!! yes, I AM counting down. And I’m not ashamed to admit it!Amy recently posted..

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