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Sometimes I hate the world

Posted by Australienne at April 22, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude  Society

Hi. Sometimes I hate the world. I see sick people everywhere in the news and I hate them.

I hate gossip magazines and porn. I think its a form of human trafficking. I cannot see any social benefit in these things. They tear people down. There's nothing positive about these things save that they make money. This isn't necessary a positive thing either.

I hate child/human slave traffickers. If I were rich I would use the money for paid assassins to go and take care of them all. Its frightening what I would do if I had money.

I hate thugs. I hate people who damage others and their property. I hate stupid, ignorant assholes who think of noone but themselves. I hate their lack of understanding or compassion. Their utter selfishness is a death sentence to everyone around them. I want to explore the world, then I read the news and think about becoming a hermit in the Himalayas.

I have a lot of contempt for the people around me. I see their selfishness and both pity and hate them for it. I often wonder if eugenics based on IQ and human compassion is a rational option for humanity. I've been told that 80% of people in the world are selfish assholes. The other 20% are alright. I wonder sometimes which group I'm in. I do good things. Sponser a kid. Do favours for friends and help people where I can. Donate. Volunteer. Etc. But sometimes I think my hateful, contemptuous attitude puts me in the 80% group.

Sometimes I wish I were as ignorant and stupid as the rest of the world seems to be. Then I wouldn't be so friggen aware of how horrible humanity is in general.


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New Comment

By at 22,Apr,12 10:40

I can relate to this. I feel your typical monotonous factory work cannot be seen as something positive ether.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 11:16

Welcome to the real world. This is it, probably worse than you wrote. Life sucks.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 12:29

i feel you

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 17:19

Dear Australienne,
just don't watch all that negativity on the television and don't read that crap in magazines. Try thinking, feeling, looking, smelling, touching, listening for once. don't watch and read what others tell you to, watch and read what you want to. Be more selective, and enjoy the good stuff. Or at least the bad stuff you choose, not what others(tv, politicians etc) choose for you. Hope it works for you as it works for me. Wish you the best, Cheers!
By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 22:08

Yes don't give up surrender, put your head in the sand.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 19:15

its okay they probably hate you aswell and no it doesnt make you different from anyone else

you're just a piece of shit like everyone else
By anonymous at 11,Feb,13 09:03

You're part of the stupid 80%

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 19:48

Exactly how I feel

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 23:36

You're just fucking awesome. It's about time someone talked about this stuff, but talking wont solve them. Us decent people have an obligation to rid the world of scum.

By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 07:05

You don't have to wish to be stupid cause you already are. And you're more than that. You're ignorant, dimwitted numbnuts who thinks she/he is better than everyone else. Get help, you shitbag. You're obviously doing worse than most of us here.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,13 09:05


By at 23,Apr,12 22:54

Smoke herb and burn down babylon.
In America. You only talk, mostly like hypocrites.
If this troubles you so badly give your life to help every single person that you can. That will make you happy, I promise you that. No you can't change the world but you can change alot and if everyone would stop seeing the world as hopeless and would give a little things would get much better.
-One love. Jah's love.

By teniskortuuzerikapat at 08,Dec,12 14:03

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By anonymous at 11,Feb,13 09:13

Well i can totally relate to what you have wrote and whenever you talk like that people are just gonna put you down and reciprocate what you said about them onto you because you are right. Anywho , it's not really fascinating to list the deeds you have done to the world because by doing that you become just like them.

By best pron at 15,Apr,19 11:49

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