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trusting homeless people

Posted by Zach at June 22, 2010
Tags:  2010 June

9 months ago, when I was much more naive, I let a guy who worked in the kitchen at the bar I worked in crash on my couch because he didnt have a place for a weekend, which turned into 3 months, he invited people in, broke stuff, and I finally got the nerve to kick him out. However, there were a couple other homeless people I met because of him, and I let them crash at my place because they seemed reasonable. One of them brought a girl who slept on the floor. In the end I got the nerve to kick them all out, 4 months ago, and thought it was the end of a dark period of my life. I was wrong, the police came to speak to me last week for reasons I was oblivious to, and ended up arresting, and charging me, with sexual assault of a girl whose I did not even know. It turns out, that girl my friend brought to my place and I kicked out has a little sob story about being visciously attacked in her sleep, and even identifys me by name. She drew a picture of what my house looked like and everything. Now I got lucky, it turns out this isnt the first time she was caught lying about this, but I say this. Do not feel sorry for them, because the street walkers are there for a reason.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 21:03

No you are not a massive faggot. The guy that uses that term is. No proper gay man would be stupid as to do something like this. We are much smarter than breeders and we don't rape homeless bitches like you two do.
By at 27,Jun,10 23:19

Proper gay? I was ass-raped by my high school gym teacher. Nobody believed me. Coach "Jimmy" Clark died of AIDS last year. Even though my gym coach was the only sexual contact I have EVER had, I now am dying of AIDS. I was dating a junior varsity cheerleader at the time, she married some football player and I never even got a chance to kiss her.
FUCK OFF, proper Faggot man!! Butt Pirate, pedo loser!
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 17:36

Oh now we have two pedophile closet homos attacking the gay man. You guys like gay sex, admit it. Come out of the closet now....
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 17:39 Fold Up

HaHaHa. Raped, yeah sure...wink...wink. Guess that will help you stay in the closet with your self hate. You consented & enjoyed the ass fuck. Admit it closet boy.
By at 30,Jun,10 22:29

As if AIDS is not bad enough, I was also infected with crab lice. Do you have any idea how annoying crabs are and how difficult they are to get rid of? Because of rectal injury, I had to be taken by Med-Evac service to a proctological specialist Chicago to repair my rectum. I was acute pain for two weeks!
By at 28,Jun,10 21:29 Fold Up

Was Jeffrey Dahmer a proper gay man or was he just another homosexual cannibalistic pedophile?
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 08:51

Leave jeffrey alone, he was just a hungry dude, he did have a nice 14 yr old asian chicken, which was healthy for him :)
By at 02,Jul,10 15:52 Fold Up

Jeffrey Dahmer told 14 year old Konerak Sinthasomphone that he wanted a "skull job", what then were Konerak's last words?

"Eat Me!"
By Zach at 29,Jun,10 23:26 Fold Up

hey, i dont mean the word faggot as a refrence to gays, I apoligize if you were offended. As for homeless people, because they are so fing attractive. Also, I am not a breeder, part of the reason why the case was so ridiculous.
By at 30,Jun,10 22:31

That is really ghey!

By anonymous at 15,Jul,10 03:10

Not all bums are bad bro. There are a small amount of homeless people that are truly descent people that lost more than they can handle by no fault of there own. My friend has a half crippled old man living in a shed in his back yard and he is okay. A good man he is.

By at 12,Jun,11 19:24

Hahhaaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 04:00

Saying that all homeless people are "bad" is really no different than being racist, or bigoted in any other way.

And still, man chooses stupidity over compassion.

I long for the grave.

By Lia at 28,Nov,12 02:14

Will my online freidns give up being curious about how I’m doing and checking the blog for new content?If your blog ever gets too depressing, I'll probably stop reading it just because I don't like being depressed. I don't want to read it if it's going to bring me down. It's nothing personal. If I didn't care about you, it wouldn't bother me.

By sid at 28,Nov,12 19:49

I may not leave many comments but I do check up on you. Over the years, siacadprolly at times, I have stayed in touch. Yes I worry about you and hope you are doing well or at least OK. That why I usually sayTake care and thanks for the smiles

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