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yup it fucking sucks

Posted by Justin at April 27, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Childhood  Money

Well all my life have been abused physically and mentally by my dad, although i do love my mother she just backs him up most of the time because i believe she is afraid of his abuse. So the abuse pretty much marked my childhood and teenage years. Made me really withdrawn and just a loner pretty much. the relationships i've had with women have all ended with me being cheated on. I hate my family minus my mother, she's about the only one i can talk to. The childhood and teenage years of abuse pretty much caused me to turn to drugs and alcohol, got a dui and some other drug charges that will stick with me for life. I told myself things cant get worst and quit the drugs and alcohol which was very hard with the situation i was in. Then at the beginning of this year my dickweed brother got in a fight with me and broke my wrist, also had 250 cash stolen from my wallet at the hospital which was nver recovered. So i told myself it doesn't get any worst than this, but on the way home i ended up hitting a deer minor damage to the car but about 1000 dollars to fix it. Then few weeks later on the way to work got ran off the road by another car and ended up rolling my own car, yet i got ticketed for not maintaining lane control(fucking piglet) totaled the car, insurance covered most but it went to the bank for the loan i had on it. Got a rental car for 30 days from the insurance. Didn't have it a week and and another car hit and run, so i didn't want to make another insurance claim so im going to pay for the damages myself because there minor and my insurance deductible is 500 dollars so for another five hundred the damn thing could be fixed. So yea right now stuck without a car and im hoping and praying things don't get worst but as they say history does repeat itself. Well thanks for listening.


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New Comment

By Cursed at 27,Apr,12 11:30

Dear Justin-
It isn't fair that you have an abusive dad. Abuse makes us feel worthless, sub-human, and can probably directly correlate with why you have low self-esteem. Money sounds tight, but if you could find a reasonable therapist that you like, I would bet dollars that it would help. All the anger and frustration you must feel for your dad- is justified. More than likely, his father abused him, and so the cycle of abuse continues. It is really important that you stop this cycle. The only way that I know of to cure deep seeded issues such as yours is through therapy... When a chain of shitty events happens, like in your case, we feel like we're being targeted by the universe- "WHY ME?" and I have no answer for you- except, that you have to roll with the punches... It all depends on you. Only YOU have the power to change your situation and outlook on life. My advice- take your mum and find a safe place to live. Get out from under your dad's control and abuse. Between you and your mum, you can live in peace. Be strong, get up, go to work, take care of yourself, take care of your mum. Life will improve, for anything, because you are no longer having to suffer from being mentally and physically hurt by your father...
I wish you luck Justin- and I am so sorry for all the hurt that you have suffered...
By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 19:40

thanks brother advice was taken to heart
By Cursed at 27,Apr,12 21:01

You betcha kid- but I am a woman.

By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 11:56

i knew a guy name Justin with the same drama as u.... how weird if ur the same Justin as a I know... but hey keep ur chin Up and know God is with us
By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 19:41

much appreciated and i really appreciate it, i do need it through these times

By at 27,Apr,12 14:13

Hey Justin.... i just want you to be strong and understand yourself,i have been in this similar problem of yours,my dad always see wrong things in anything i was doing,he always make me look guilty and that got me upset because i loose my mother when i was 6 years and have nobody to shear issue with,i cried all day why did he hate me,but my contact with the really change my life,he did some spiritual spell casting for me and everything changed,he told me i was been disturbed by some spirit,everything he did for me really changed my life,i now control the family business and i am also happy my dad is always by my side. Justine just explain everything to this spiritual healer he can also help you.
By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 19:50

that shits a scam dwelling upon the weak and broken hearted but thanks for the response.
By Cursed at 27,Apr,12 21:05

By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 23:58

i cant take a grain of salt of what your saying seriously for the simple fact you mispell any words use your magic and you get the hell off this site. I'm not a fucking scammer like you im just simply trying to get some advice and share a story as the website is intended for.
By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 21:07 Fold Up

FreeMercy scam time.

By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 17:42

I have been in a similar situation. The beatings I received from my father were brutal. He didnít care that I was a girl in fact he beat me harder than my brothers. My brothers didnít like me either so I could only talk to my mother. When I finally had enough I decided to leave my house. I sold everything I could and threw the rest away. I wanted my mother to come with me, I even asked my brothers to come, but they didnít want to. They chose to live that way so there was little I could do. I moved as far away as I possible could and it wasnít easy. I got mugged many times my job and apartment are shit but Iíve never been happier. It hurts a lot less when it's someone else who is hurting you then when itís your own blood.
things are slowly starting to get better. I do miss my family but they made their decision and I made mine.
Good luck Justin
By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 19:49

im really sory to hear that but it seems you were able to remove yourself from that situation which im simply not able to do, yea i've pretty much came to the conclusion that i do need to get away but i just simply dont have the funds right now, but in time it will happen, i've told him if he lys another hand on me that i will call the cops, since having my wrist broken by my brother i seriously cant put up with it anymore.
By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 20:03 Fold Up

i do appreciate the response i do think at this moment the only option is leaving although i do need a vehicle to get that started because i simply dont have many friends at all. sorry to hearof your abuse yea it does degrade you and make you feel worthless. but it seem made the right decision and are doing better for yourself. I'm sure i'll miss my mom but she chooses to put up with this crao while im simply tired of it.

By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 20:10

Get the hell out of there, move away and forget your familiy. I know it will hurt however they are treating you like shit, don't be around them.

By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 11:46

Leave, sell your body part time.


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