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The world is fucked up

Posted by Something's wrong at April 28, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Philosophical

Societies so manipulative, and it's so unreal... Atleast if your going to create this society you should take account for people's happiness and spiritual well-being.

But no. Life sucks because were all pawns in this huge game that nations and governments play. And that's war.
We used to have war with taking lands and resources from each other but now has more to do with international business.

We fuck up our environment, and it's proven that living in an urban setting makes people more distressed, angry, and anxious but they don't give a fuck about us.

Like how they use us as bullet bags in war, they now use us as machines to be worked and freedom is only an illusion.

The companies need as much money as they can, because money gives you influence and power to get more money.

It's a huge rat race and we all have to participate in it or be used as slaves, to survive.

But truthfully this world should just be about family and happiness, caring for nature, and living off of it. We've become so greedy, manipulative, and fucked that the whole world is getting toxic off us.

Yet nothing will happen, and we're making a very strange world to adapt to...


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New Comment

By at 29,Apr,12 10:57

Welcome to life. Party more, let loose. You do too much pycho-babbling thinking. Get laid.
By anonymous at 02,May,12 04:09

Yes, relax as we slowly kill you with all the stuff we put in the water and food just grow old pay taxes and when the euthanisation police come accept it.

By anonymous at 29,Apr,12 13:33

I think what you said is true, but probably only a tiny handful of the people who hear it will believe it. Even fewer will do something about it. The rest will just go on with their consumption and entertainment (bread and circuses).
By anonymous at 11,May,12 05:28

yeah its true all right.

By Cursed at 29,Apr,12 14:57

The United States is the greatest country on earth because we stand for freedom. We are free thanks to the men and women who fought for our independence. Think about how much better our lives are compared to others? We can say what we want, without being thrown in jail. We can believe what we want without being persecuted. Our streets are not full of sewage and filth. We have clean drinking water. Just about everyone drives a car, lives with a roof over their head, buys groceries when they want, and can make a better life for themselves. Take a good look at what you do have- and appreciate it. Because outside of the U.S. there are people who are not as fortunate. In my opinion- Americans are spoiled. Entitled. And have forgotten what it's truely like to go WITHOUT!
By Something's wrong at 30,Apr,12 00:37

I've heard that reasoning before. Yet some of the countries high up in GDH (Gross domestic happiness), like Bhutan or Vanuatu or poor as hell yet they're happy.
In Vanuatu 93% of people don't have jobs, yet nobodies homeless. There's just a lot of food that's around there.
By anonymous at 11,May,12 05:29 Fold Up

The water is not clean. There are poisonous chemicals in the water.

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